{Fashion Forward} Glamor + GQ Magazine Presents Look Book Live at Lenox Square Mall Monday 27 October, 2014

Simon announces LOOKBOOK Live, a joint fall fashion program spanning print, digital, social media, and live events in collaboration withGlamour and GQ magazines.  Kicking off inGlamour‘s and GQ‘s all-important September issues with a 9 page custom-shot Simon LOOKBOOK insert, LOOKBOOK Live translates fall’s hottest fashion trends from the runway into real life and shares where to shop the trends at Simon malls and Premium Outlets nationwide. 

Glamour is the unmistakably all-American fashion brand reaching one in eight women nationwide,” said Connie Anne Phillips, Vice President and Publisher of Glamour.  “We’re delighted to leverage our reach and access to the industry’s hottest talent to create elevated content and programming with Simon that will inspire consumers as they shop this fall.” look-book-live-lenox-square-mall-kiwi-the-beauty-1

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Simon and our sister brand Glamour for LOOKBOOK Live,” said Alice McKown, Associate Publisher of GQ. “Through this unique cross promotion with Glamour, we are able to deliver compelling content for both men and women across multiple touch points and to motivate our GQ guys to get out and buy at Simon centers this fall. By leveraging GQ‘s broad ecosystem, we are bringing our brand to life and driving meaningful traffic to malls across the country.”










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What are some of your favorite looks from this showcase?



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