Fogo De Chao Review | Dunwoody Location Friday 09 December, 2016

Ever been to an all-you-can eat Brazilian Steakhouse? Fogo De Chao is one of Atlanta’s most upscale Brazilian steakhouses and it just opened it’s second location in Dunwoody. Ready to drools guys? I am going to give you all a little disclaimer now this next review should not be read on an empty stomach, so read at your own risk. Ok? Check out why your next Atlanta meal should be here.



Well Kiwi The Foodie is back (yes that’s my food alter ego) and I got a chance to review the new Fogo De Chao location in Dunwoody,GA. Now this is a special place and I have always wanted to dine here. This is not your average restaurant at all. Fogo De Chao is an upscale Brazilian steakhouse that is an all you can eat dining experience. I wouldn’t call it a buffet at all, because it’s not. This is for all of my meat lovers out there (so if you are vegetarian and/or vegan sorry).  There is a salad bar so if you don’t eat meat, you will have options I do want to put that out there.


I have always wanted to go here, its a perfect date night place. I had ex-boyfriends and people I’ve dated stated they would take me here in the past, and somehow we never made. It’s romantic, its classy, but most importantly its an experience!


What is cute about this place is that there is a separate bar/cockatail area called Bar Fogo. You come here to start off on your Brazilian-inspired small plates, cocktails, wines, and beers before you get seated. Can we say new happy hour spot? It was so cute.


THE BRAZILIAN MARTINI – Bringing you the best of Brazil with VEEV Açaí Spirit, mango purée, passion fruit juice, Brazilian orange juice, limes and Brazilian guaraná extract.


Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail Six – plump jumbo shrimp served on ice with a spicy malagueta cocktail sauce.


PASSIONATE CAIPIRINHA – Brazil’s national cocktail with a passionate appeal.

This was my cocktail of choice for the night. It was so different than anything I ever tasted. Definitely a taste of Brazil a blend of exotic and citrus flavors. This will be my go-to drink when I return to Fogo De Chao.

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This is the Salad Bar section. So before your meat presentation arrives, you can get an array of fresh salad options and veggies. Design your own plate by handpicking a mix of crisp vegetables and salads.I was very impressed with the options, so if you are going to skip the meat selections you will not be disappointed. Honestly this could of been my dinner, it was so many options – but I had to save room for the Meat Show (my own term lol).


ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH SALAD (SEASONAL) – Oven-roasted butternut squash tossed with cranberries, feta and a touch of honey.

This is only my second time having butternut squash in my life and I am sold. Fogo De Chao’s option from the marketplace was so delicious. I am literally drooling at the thought right now because it was so good. There were other soup options, but hands down you should try this!


Once you are seated at your table you can opt to get some of Fogo De Chao’s house wine. I tried their red wine blend and it was smooth. Next time I will order some to go home for my collection (to order home, you must open it on location).


So what makes Fogo De Chao a unique dining experience is the non-stop food serving. They give each person a double sided colored coaster that will be green and red on either side. Green is for ‘Yes,Please’ keeping serving me. This means you will have numerous servers coming to you constantly bringing you different meat selections for you to try. They literally will not stop until you flip it over to red. Red obviously means stop. Make sure you flip it over as you are eating, because I forgot at one point and they still kept coming. I felt a little gluttonous but so worth it lol.



Seasoned Leg of Lamb

My favorite selection of meat for the night. I got several cuts of this lamb. The way it was marinated and seasoned, I got more than seconds and thirds. When I return I know this is the one I will be requesting multiple times.







So as you can see its a variety of beef, lamb, chicken and pork. I am so happy I go to try so many varieties except for the pork. I don’t eat pork, and when I let my servers know that Im opting out, they made sure not to continue to serve me any. They also pay attention to which type of meat cooking you like. Medium Well for me each time. As long as your green ‘Yes,Please’ coaster was turned upright they would continue to serve and present you with meat. After a while I had to stop myself because I knew my eyes were beating my stomach. I definitely was full from all of the tastings. Never had so many meat options for dinner.


Turtle Cheesecake

And then I had the nerve to want to get dessert after. How did I ever find the room. Well I am a cheesecake girl and I had to try their Turtle Cheesecake. As you can see from the photo it is plated very pretty, but I promise you the taste will blow you away. I made a great choice choosing this cheesecake flavor and I enjoyed every bite. I enjoyed this so much when I finished it, I was made I didn’t have anymore.


There are Fogo De Chao chains in multiple locations across the nation. This is the second location in Atlanta. If you come to Atlanta, please try out this Fogo De Chao location in the Dunwoody area. I would highly recommend this location if you are looking for a romantic night out or a chic birthday celebration. Full Churrasco Experience :Includes Market Table & Feijoada Bar Lunch $34.95pp/Dinner $46.50.

Fogo De Chao | Dunwoody Location Address

4671 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Have You ever been to an all you can eat Brazilian Steakhouse?

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