From The A to LA: BeautyCon LA 2014 Experience Tuesday 09 September, 2014

I am delayed with this post but better late than never. Exciting news, I went to BeautyCon LA and it was amazing! This was my absolute 1st time going to LA, and if you know me, you know I basically been obsessing about visiting this place since I was a little girl and I finally went. I went to BeautyCon on the behalf of the magazine publication I write for, Sheen Magazine, to get all the beauty scoop, trends, and more as their representative. That was such a huge blessing and let me tell you, it was definitely beauty overload!

beautycon-la-kiwithebeauty1 I went to BeautyCon VIP style, the upgraded admission entrance which included all access to the VIP exclusive lounge (yay)!

beautycon-la-kiwithebeauty2 If you’ve never heard of BeautyCon, it’s short for Beauty Conference. Similar to DragonCon or ComicCon except its not for comicbook peeps, its for the all the people who love beauty, brands and to link up with some beauty Youtube gurus. Let me tell you, YouTube celebrities are the new celebs! They really are! Sorry I don’t have any clear pictures of the Youtubers (just too many people and I couldn’t get real close) but some of my favorites in attendance were Shameless Mya, SunKissed Alba and Its My Raye Raye. What was shocking was how young some of the attendees were. I am well into my 20s…and there were girls in attendance to the conference as young as 8! Wow..I will talk more on that later, but yes there were definitely a variety of ages in the building. The theme of this conference was definitely photobooths, hashtags and freebies! Lots of that!


Fellow Atlanta blogger China ( and I at BeautyCon LA


Another Atlanta blogger/celeb makeup artist Mimi J was there as a Shea Moisture rep! Congrats girl!


I had to get this shirt! BeautyCon LA designed “I woke Up Like Dis” tee!



There were so many beauty brands and vendors with interactive stations and visuals. This one was the most creative to me. Carefree, the pantyliner brand, was there creating screenprint panties! Yes you can get your own custom made panties here! I’ve never custom made my panties before, but that was an innovative concept so kudos to them for that! #MyMorningBeauty


Don’t I look like a Cali Girl already?

beautyconla-luckybrand-kiwithebeauty2 So this guy was like my best friend for the entire event. I went to BeautyCon solo, and so did this guy. His name is Johan and he is a community manager at every blogger’s favorite social community, BlogLovin! Wow I love the BlogLovin’ movement so I was excited to meet him! He was my perfect wingman, as I came alone and he did as well so we kinda stook together and looked out for one another. He went to BeautyCon on behalf of BlogLovin’ so it was interesting as a man to attend a beauty conference, but he actually had a ball (as you can see in the picture above). How ironic that I made besties with a guy at a girly event? #StandOut



Aqua Spa was another innovative station for their brand with a creative concept. They had a fun male model enticing the ladies to come over and have some bubbly fun! My fellow blogger friend based in LA Lashon ( + I had fun with the model and this cute drawn makeshift bathroom. This was so fun!! #2DreamWithAquaSpa

Panasonic Beauty has the cutest photobooth hosted by Flixel! It’s a moving picture…if that is not innovation I don’t know what is! I loved this so much! #PanasonicBeauty


Wardrobe by Celeb Stylist: Melvin Styles

My attire for BeautyCon had to be special. I am not the fashionista people think I am, but I knew I wanted to do something cute and extra girly for my 1st beauty conference and show out for LA! I loved my cute little outfit and I want to send a special thanks to my stylist, Melvin Styles (@melvinstyles). He just gets me so thanks!


As you can see I literally had a ball at BeautyCon


*This has to be said. What I was shocked an applauded by the most at this event was the age range of girls at the events. Teenagers I can understand, but no one under the age of 13 should of been at this event. That is way to young to expose girls to beauty and expose them to utilizing beauty products to enhance their looks. I did start wearing makeup at 13, but I was NOT ALLOWED before then and for good reason. It’s too young and shouldn’t be encourage. I know YouTube is making it easier for girls younger and younger to get into beauty, and I know some of them was their to meet their favorite YT stars – but still it opened my eyes to the big question. Are we exposing young girls to beauty too young? Are young girls self-esteem being effected and a younger age? I had to talk about that because it’s important to teach young (and older) girls that beauty does not rely on makeup. Makeup is an accessory, and definitely shouldn’t be used by girls who are not yet teenager. My honest opinion.



Overall I adored my experience at BeautyCon. It was everything you can think of in the name of beauty. I went home with so many cool products such as NYX Cosmetics, Shea Moisture cosmetics, Stila cosemetics, Lusters teeth whiteners, Panasonic Beauty products, and more! So many photobooth pictures, cute swag, but most importantly a memorable experience. I will be honest, it was an overwhelming massive amounts of people at the venue, so much that alone was exhausting just people overload and lines but hey girls are consuming beauty by the masses and this was the manifestation of it.

Once again thank you Sheen Magazine for sending me on the beautiful trip! Many of the brands will be featured in future upcoming issues of the magazine and lots of beauty trend inspiration as well! photo

BeauyCon La was beautiful, being in LA was amazing, and a follow-up post of my experience in LA is up next!

Love Social Media-lite,



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