{Good Deed} Alliance of Dreams Non-Profit One Year Anniversary Thursday 11 December, 2014

I know you all think I am the event go-to girl but this celebration is way different that what I usually post. I was grateful to attend the 1 year Anniversary of the non-profit organization Alliance of Dreams, celebrating a year of service helping homeless men in need. This is a real unique non-profit as it truly is a giving organization that goes above and beyond to help those in need. I was happy to be in attendance and learn more about what they have accomplished within a year. I know this is the season where people are feeling more charitable and tis the season to have a giving heart, but this organization is for year round service to not only provide items but to help the homeless get on their feet and stable again. It goes beyond a few charitable initiatives, its an entire programs that helps them completely and is life changing for all involved.


co-founders of Alliance of Dreams Naeemah Jade + Al Sneed

The co-founders Naeemah Jade and Al Sneed, were friends and opened up this non-profit because they realized there was a serious issue with the homeless being on the street and there wasn’t any programs to help them efficiently enough. I know around the holidays we are mostly conditioned to think service is only really amplified during Thanksgiving in the form of food or providing clothing and items during the holidays because this is the season to be in a gift giving mood. What about beyond the holidays? These people will still be on the street, hungry, cold and no one to give them a helping hand besides the temporary assistance. Naeemah and Al wanted to change that immediately. During the event, it was great reflection of what both of these young adults have accomplished and hearing the testimonies of some of the men in the program was touching. They created Alliance of Dreams mission statement based on serving individuals by providing effective programming with safe housing, nutritional meals, sober living and services that foster personal responsibility and healthy lifestyle resulting in self-sufficiency and dreams fulfilled.   alliance-of-dreams1 alliance-of-dreams2

ALLIANCEOFDREAMS (1) alliance-of-dreams3 alliance-of-dreams4

Meet this man. He is one of the homeless men currently completing the Alliance of Dreams program. He was at the event to speak about how he went from being incarcerated to having no where to go after being released. He touch a very touching story on how a few life choices ended him in jail for 30 years, and upon release he didn’t have a place to start his life. Alliance of Dreams found him, and ever since he has been going down the right path. Funny enough, he kept references Naeemah + as parental figures (even though he is old enough to be their grandfather) because he felt love, cared for a guided by them within the program. The program has provided a safe haven to keep him out of trouble, regular steady meals, lot of clothes for all season and educational and job assistance for him to get back into the field of working. He is professing that once he is out of this program, he will be in another environment to have his own housing situation and ways to make his own income again. He even got emotional because he never thought he would get a second chance to live his life normally again. At his age and criminal background he admitted that society and systems turn their back on him, he couldn’t get proper clothes to go on an interview and without proper shelter he wasn’t able to be as hygienic to society standards to be accepted anywhere. This is why being in this program is important – it offers him stability and assistance to get himself back to normal. He is very grateful for the program and definitely wants to be a walkin testimony on how to go from the streets to back on his feet.  He said it’s never too late to get your life back in order.


Meet this young man. By first appearance he looks like an ordinary young guy with his life steady ahead of him. What you may not know by first glace is that he is 21 years old and was homeless a few months ago. Yes 21 yrs old and homeless. He started with his story on how he came from a pretty stable home, was going to school and making almost six-figure income by the time he was 18. He got his own house, a few car and was living a pretty lavish lifestyle uncommon for someone his age without college. He was working at AT&T in sales and worked his way up to a upper management position and then quit to start his own business. A few years later he had a business partner that conned him out of some money, which lead him to lose everything. One thing lead to the next and he was on the street with no where to go. Al Sneed saw him, handed him a flyer and said “Are you tired of being homeless? Read this.” He had no idea how he knew he was homeless but he signed up immediately and has been with the non-profit ever since. He is a great example that homelessness doesn’t have to have a certain look or age. You can be young and homeless too. Everyone story is different but the outcome can be the same one decides to be in the program. Alliance of dreams is also helping him get on his feet, giving him job assistance and suits for upcoming interviews and he will be a normal young man in his 20s again. He is also grateful for the program because without it, he thought he was going to have to give up on life, or worst doing illegal things to survive.

AOD-253-L AOD-257-L

Listening to the stories at this event was really eye opening. I will admit I had my own preconceived theories about how homelessness look like or didn’t think past what kind or organizations were out there to really help the homeless people off the street. It’s also true that their are more programs to help women and women with children, than men at the current moment so this program is definitely necessary. These are men who are someone’s son and even fathers. A lot of stories of people who are without home starts from having a lack of support system, and everyone isnt fortunate enough to have a family that will help one get on their feet. There are minimum programs like Alliance of Dreams that truly care and take the initiative to create foundations to help the homeless men get a new life. If a person is willing to truly make a change and start over on the right foot, I am happy that Alliance of Dreams exists in Georgia.

More Pictures From the Event


Me + co-founder of Alliance of Dreams Naeemah Jade (dont ask what ‘on fleek’ means lol).

AOD-228-L AOD-192-L AOD-156-L

If you are interested in donating to Alliance of Dreams you may do so here.  Donations will go towards funding the safe haven housings, food, clothing and shelter accommodations along with the expansion of adding more programming to assisting men to become self-sufficient and preventing homelessness in the future.

Alliance of Dreams, Inc. {AoD} was founded in 2013 as a long term and vital solution to combat homelessness, unemployment, and inadequate nutrition for men on the belief that every life has value and purpose. Our purpose is to assist every man that we come in contact with to find his own purpose. Numerous men have found themselves in an undesirable situation due to poor choices in their past. We strive to help them turn things around and overcome the adversity they are faced with as a result of these choices. We accomplish this goal by guiding each man on a journey to self-sufficiency and not being the enabler that many men in these situations have become accustomed to depending on.

What is your perception of homelessness? Do you help out beyond the holidays for any charitable act?


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  • Masshole Mommy says:

    Tough one. Generally I feel like more homeless people should be trying to help themselves out of that situation instead of begging others for their hard earned money. Unless they are mentally Ill of course.

  • Yes agreed and this is exactly what this program is for. As I stated in the blog, there are some who do want help, but they get turned away due to societal judgement based on criminal records or even hygiene. Many homeless people do not have the resources to even get help at all and that is why Alliance was formed. They truly help them, its beyond giving them change…they change them to be better people and self-sufficient when they complete the program. This program gives them a second chance.

  • Pam says:

    This is such a great program. I love things that help those who need it most.

  • JEANINE says:

    I feel the same as masshole Mommy above. However, I still generally feel awful. I feel like I help a ton and wish I could help everyone but it isn’t possible. This is great info.

  • Billie says:

    I live in a relatively small area of Iowa, but we do have homeless people here. I feel that there should be better programs for them such as Good Deed Alliance. I truly think that the only time you should look down on somebody is when you’re helping them up.

  • Kecia says:

    It’s great to see a program that helps homeless men. As I read about the Alliance, I realized that most shelters are for women and children. This is a great way to reduce those that are without a home and give them a way to get back on their feet.

  • This looks like an amazing program. I always try to help however i can. We donate sleeping bags and blankets to the local Police and they hand them out to the homeless.

  • Theresa says:

    This sounds like an amazing organization. You are right. The need goes far beyond the holidays. We should be doing all we can to help those who want to better their lives.

  • Debbie L says:

    This is a very good program. I worked in the inner city for two years. I now have a totally different opinion for the homeless. I give to the intercity all year long. There is one incident I will never forget – one day when leaving work I noticed a homeless man with insulated drapes. Right away I thought “Wow he hit the jack pot” insulated drapes in Wisconsin is huge to stay warm in the winter. I immediately gave him the Thumbs Up – he smiled back and gave me the Thumbs Up. Then I stopped at the store and bought a dozen pair of insulated drapes and delivered them to the shelter. I feel my role is to help each homeless person survive not to judge.

  • Shell says:

    This sounds like a great organization to be involved in. You are very right in that the need is more than at the holidays. Thanks for sharing this information!

  • Debra says:

    What a wonderful organization to be working with. It’s wonderful when people care enough to help out others!

  • Christie says:

    That;s such a great organization to work with. Glad you’re spreading the awareness

  • In America we are big on sending donations to help out other countries, and medical issues here at home. Often, the homeless are on the bottom of the charity list. It warms my heart to see that someone out there is trying to change that.

  • Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love stories of how people turn their lives around! So glad to read some refreshing news!

  • It sounds like a great event. It’s nice to see you supporting it!

  • Sue says:

    Homelessness is almost epidemic. Bless these people for helping. I try to help out many local charities, and organizations that help the homeless are included.

  • Rosey says:

    The stories are so touching. It’s nice when things do work out, and kudos to those who step in to help make that difference.

  • Shell says:

    Such a great program. People can become homeless through unforeseen circumstances and just need a little help to get back on their feet.

  • Amanda says:

    Happy one year anniversary! I love learning about great non-profits!

  • I am a huge supporter of taking care of our homeless. I wish more attention was paid to caring for our homeless.

  • I was homeless and want to get more involved .

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