Happy Birthday To Me Woop Woop! Friday 06 February, 2015

Today is my birfday (spelled like that on purpose). Woop Woop!! I am blessed to see another year! Wow I can’t believe my birthday is back again already. I rather not disclose my age (I like to keep people guessing) but lets just say it’s the last of the mohicans + Forever21 LOL!

I’m still in my 20s and boy this had been a decade I tell you. I have been through so many emotional changes, dating life, work life, seen friends come and go…and yet I am still here. I can honestly say I finally know who I am! I am not guess or searching…I am pretty clear on myself now. Yeah I still have a journey but I have found myself on the way and taking myself on a ride to success and happiness.

I actually make really big deals out of birthdays! If its mine or someone elses I am a HUGE bday person! Today I actually have a few things planned, first is my birthday ritual. To get all glammed up and take pictures! Below are the last two birthday themed pictures!

Birthday 2013


My #HelloKittyPretty Theme Party

Birthday 2014


My blogger glam birthday shoot!

I love photos as I am a photographer myself and today will be no different. I will showcase my pictures from this shoot when I get them. All I can say is that I am grateful for another year and to have another chance to do something great with my life. Birthdays are no longer about the gifts (although I still want them lol) it’s just realizing my growth. I can honestly say I have seen the shift in myself and I am definitely a different person than I was 10 years ago for sure!


giphy (1) jaws-1416673977 muc3yv 25q8wgw iknowucare-1416675304
I know you care (well you dont have to lol)


Well if you are reading my blog, thank you for getting to know me and if you feel like it, wish me a Happy Birthday on social media + comments!



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