I had Me Time & a Mani #ArtisanFlavors Thursday 18 June, 2015

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I am a back from Cancun and it’s back to reality. Back to work, to Atlanta and I have been on the go ever since I came home! You ever went on vacation and came back and it seems like everything has picked up and things have piled on more than usual? Well in my world it has! I had a beautiful time in Mexico for the first time, I will blog about that soon…but today I just wanted to catch you all up on something.

I have a confession. I rarely get my nails done anymore…like I don’t get them professionally done. First because I usually do them myself, and secondly I sometimes hate the cost of what a mani is, and for it to come off in a few days anyways. So I usually do them myself. But lately I haven’t had the time…I am always on the go! Sometimes I even try to do my nails and hope it dries in the car (I usally mess them up this way too). So I made a decision while in Cancun that I was gonna come back and treat myself to a mani! Let someone else do my nails and evn get a cute design.  mani-nails-atlanta-design-essie

Yay got my nails done! This is the first time in a super long time I have pampered myself with a mani + design! I love it. My nail tech did a great job, I told her to do what she wanted and this is what she came up with this festive aztec design that reminds me of my past Mexican trip! LOVE!  me-time-mani-artisan-flavors-haagen-dazs-kiwi-blog

After my mani, I treated myself to some ice cream! Do you know how hot and humid it is in Atlanta?? I thought Mexico was hot…but ATL is worse I promise. So since I don’t have a beach to cool off to at the moment anymore, I decided to try this new . See even my food wants to remind me of my Mexican experience lol!


So a Mani and Ice Cream! Sounds like a good way to come back and unwind. Like I said earlier…I came back with email alerts and text messages from people checking on my return and my next business moves. I needed to literally chill out and get a mental getaway again…too bad I can’t just hop on a plane and leave again!


This new Nestlé® Häagen Dazs Artisan Collection is so rich! The Artisian Collection made it seem like I spend big bucks and a fancy resturant for my dessert option. Haagen Dazs has always been a great brand but they took it up a notch with this flavor. This is definitely grown and sexy ice cream! This is ice cream for adults (that doesnt mean it has to have liquour lol). It’s ice cream with a mature flair I love it! Chic!


Oh and you can get these at Walmart! Frozen Ice Cream section and they have other flavors there too such as HÄAGEN-DAZS® Artisan Collection Spiced Pecan Turtle Ice Cream, HÄAGEN-DAZS® Artisan Collection Chocolate Caramelized Oat Ice Cream, HÄAGEN-DAZS® Artisan Collection Banana rum jam Ice Cream and HÄAGEN-DAZS® Artisan Collection Ginger Molasses Cookie Ice Cream.

HaagenDazs-ArtisanFlavors-Mani-Me-Time-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty4 HaagenDazs-ArtisanFlavors-Mani-Me-Time-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty5

Häagen Dazs  Artisian Collection is a collaboration with My Sweet Brigadeiro (a NY dessert shoppe). Brigadeiro is traditional Brazilian sweet treat, similar to a cupcake but sweeter, and flavors from the Häagen Dazs line is inspired by these flavors! Once again I feel like I am back in South America!


Cancun take me back…but since I can’t just yet…I will just have some Tres Leches Brigadeiro!

Häagen Dazs #ArtisanFlavors Contest If you are into winning a great prize, submit your own original idea for your signature ice cream flavor and the name of your ice cream #ArtisianFlavors.

HaagenDazs-ArtisanFlavors-Mani-Me-Time-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty8 HaagenDazs-ArtisanFlavors-Mani-Me-Time-Blog-Kiwi-The-Beauty6 So even though my work has piled up, friends and family need my attention upon my return, I still found a way to escape for some me time. Sometime simple as ice cream and manis can do the trick until you plan your next vacay. Stay tuned for my travel adventures and more to come…

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