Healing Benefits On Why You Should Be Using More Ginger Wednesday 04 January, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! I wanted to do a more health driven post to start of the year because honestly, I am really getting more health conscious. I know that is like a buzz word now but seriously, I find myself going the natural and holistic route to my everyday life and I want to share some of my finding.I wanted to start off my first new year post with how I am going to be truly sharing with you all how to make yourself beautiful from the inside out with more holistic beauty postings. The beauty industry is booming, so is the health industry but its deeper than make up or being gluten-free (no offense). This year I will be showing many ways to heal yourself holistically and adding natural ingredients to add your beauty routine.

I really want people to understand that the ‘beauty is only skin deep’ quote is in alignment with what you put in is what will come out ideology. Beauty should be about improving your health as well. What you put in your body it will glow outward. Caribbean and Asian countries ultize  and know the benefits of this super roots and now  I would like to share some of the healing powers of Ginger


I love drinking Ginger Ale but lets really get to the root (literally) of ginger. I was NEVER a ginger fan until I Googled one day how I could get rid of menstrual cramps naturally, and low and behold ginger was an easy solution.Since that first holistic remedy, I have weaned myself off of traditional menstrual relief pills and added ginger to my monthly regimen. Not only that, but now I am truly obsessed with using the root regularly. There is not a better feeling than the feeling of healing yourself naturally.

When researching about ginger I realized it is like a super root. There is literally a plethora of healing benefits of using this root and I am so excited to share it with you all. Check out below the healing benefits of why you should be using more ginger.



Go ahead and pin this information for later. This is only some of the amazing holistic healing benefits of ginger. I have ginger stocked in my house at all times! You never know when you need some pain relief or a sudden sickness come around. Not only that I make daily ginger teas to help detox my body and help with reducing my belly boat. Hello we are trying to really be thinner and trimmer this year! Again as stated earlier, I will be doing several post throughout the year on how you can incorporate this into your food, drinks and even cool diy beauty regimens. You would be surprise how many ways you can use ginger.

The best part is that ginger is super cheap! For now just simple get the ginger root from your local farmers market (I got a pound for only $1.40 so affordable). You can also go to the farmers market and get it in the powder form (I got mine for .40 cent in a container).The powder form is cool too when you don’t feel like cutting up the ginger or a long lasting way to keep ginger at hand without it going bad. You can even slightly use ginger powder as a seasoning in addition with your salt and pepper (depending on your food selection). Ginger is also always paired great with lemon and honey!


Ginger is always paired great with lemons


Ginger is also great in its powdered form too

I highly recommend you stock up on this amazing root. It is very underrated but it could put your body in great health and a stronger immune system. A lot of pain and aliments can be healed by the earth and Ginger is the holistic medicine root we all need to keep handy at home. I am trying to use it more and more daily. Seriously if there was something that you knew could prevent cancer and remove other toxic things in the body naturally, wouldn’t you want to keep this in stock at home? I will be doing plenty of actual recipes and remedies for specific things to heal us naturally outside of ginger too, but stay tune for the Ginger posts. This is the beauty I want to share with the world Natural healing is beautiful.

Do You See How Ginger Can Be Beneficial To Your Life?

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