How To Get Sponsored For a Blogger Conference Wednesday 02 November, 2016

Hi everyone, I am getting myself for a fun-filled 3-day blogger conference that will be here in Atlanta. Blogalicious is going on their 8th conference and I am attending my first one! This is actually my second conference, but technically my first big one as this will be going on for a few days. I’m excited and preparing myself, and if you are a fellow blogger you should know the importance of attending a blogger conference.


It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a 10 year professional blogger, there is always something to learn in this forever evolving industry. it also a great networking opportunity to meet likemind blogger and definitely to connect with brands. There are so many benefits of going to a conference but I understand how some do not get a chance to attend like they would like. Blogger conferences aren’t cheap! its definitely an investment. But it’s easier said than done, hey life happens, bills are real and getting the finances to attend one is sometimes not an option at the moment, but you really know you could benefit with your brand to attend.

I am actually getting sponsored to go to my 1st conference this year thankfully by a company who I have worked with and build a relationship with. Everywhere Society and will be sponsoring my attendance to this 3-day conference. I will be a brand  ambassador for the company and will be promoting them throughout the conference. Reaching out to a brand/company you have worked with in the past is one of the best way to get sponsored for your next blogger conference and I want to show you some tips on how you can get sponsored too.


1. Create a sponsorship pitch/proposal letter to brands you have worked with in the past. The letter should indicate professionally why you would be interested in attending the conference, the benefits of your attendance, the estimated cost of the attendance and what you can do in exchange for their sponsorship. It should never be about just asking for the brand/company to pay your way to the event, but a mutually beneficially relationship and how you can promote the brand while you attend. Proofread your letter and even let someone else check it as well to make sure it is a professional sponsorship letter to get a positive response.

2.Follow up with brands that you have had personal relationship with first. They will be the best ones to reach since they know you, your work ethic and it would be an easier email to conjure due to your personal relationship. It is possible to reach out to companies you haven’t work with before, but in my personal opinion it’s best to stick with the connections you fostered and worked with.

3. Reach out to your potential sponsors early! Definitely do not wait until the last month or so to pitch your request. If you get sponsorship early you can even get discounted ticket, and the cost could be dramatically different can can assist the financial cost of your attendance. Early pitching is also very important if you are attending a conference out of town to pre-plan flight arrangements, hotel accommodations and more if that will be include or if at your own expense.

4. If you are reaching out to brand that you haven’t work with yet, find out which brands will be at the conference. Be bold and confident in your pitch and reach out to them for sponsorship. Let them know you would be willing to be a brand ambassador or even work an event booth! Be creative with your introduction and show them your worth and work and how their brand fits with your platform to attend.

5. Express brand ambassadorship. This should be in your proposal letter but make sure you highlight how you can be a brand ambassador for the conference. Will you pass out some marketing materials? Will you display and marketing products such as wearing a shirt? Definitely write a blog post (or a few) for the brand prior and/or afterwards and definitely include social media sharing during the event with hashtags. You can even seal the deal more and let them know you would be interested in a long ambassadorship that can expand outside the conference.

6. If you receive a yes for sponsorship, take many hi-resolution photos during the conference. Show them off. Be their biggest fan. Be creative and definitely tell your blogger colleagues in person and online that brand has sponsored your opportunity.  The biggest thank you a brand can receive is your enthusiasm and gratitude for your attendance.

7. If you receive a no for sponsorship please keep reaching out to other brands who would be an option to sponsor you. Don’t get discouraged, keep sending to great potential brands and if you are asking early enough you should keep a relationship with the brands you are working with so you can ask later. Continue working on great campaigns with brands, building personal relationships with them and knocking your post out the park so that people can see the value of your blog and can see the benefits of sponsoring you when the time comes.

I would like to thank Everywhere Society + Domain.Me for sponsoring my upcoming event. I have been working with the agency for year and have done a few Domain.Me Campaigns in the past so it will be fun to promote them while I am at the event since I am familiar with them.





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