I Co-Wrote a Book! – From Blank Space To Blogging Brilliance EBook Friday 17 April, 2015

So guess what? As you can see by the title of this post I co-wrote my first eBook! This is a book, From Blank Space to Blogging Brilliance A Step By Step Guide to Start & Grow Successful BlogI collaborated with several beautiful blogger in my group called The BLMGirls where we created 21 chapters and 12 action oriented resources to help anyone build up their blog brilliance! 
BloggingBrillianceBook-Kiwi-The-Beauty I’ve had so many people over the years ask me how do I get started blogging? Where did I get my start? How do I make money? How do I network with brands and other bloggers? The real answer is I am learning as I go, it wasn’t like I went to school to be a blogger. Well actually I kind of did, I went to school for Mass Media Communications with a concentration in Public Relations in which I had to continuously write, work in the media and pick up journalistic attributes so inadvertently those skills did help me be the blogger I am today. I am lucky that career path is in aligment with blogging, but again I am still self-teaching myself and learning as I go.

I am also reading books, other blogs and asking questions from my peers on how I can do better. This book that was created is even helping me out! I co-wrote it, with my chapter on Building Your Blog Karma, but I am taking notes myself with all 21 chapters. Speaking of chapters, my chapter on Blog Karma is pretty interesting.


Blog Karma is a concept I came up a while ago because I had so many people ask me how can they get more engagement on all their social channels? Engagement is very important in the blogging world, for it helps when getting brand opportunities, it motivates you to create better content on your blog, but most importantly it help you connect with the readers to are sharing your information with. Everyone wants engagement on their platforms and I have a few tricks and advice on how to build your momentum with your blog karma.If you want to learn more about Building Your Blog Karma and my contributions to the book here. We could all use a little blog karma…trust me we do!

This book is for the newbie blogger, experienced blogger + business blogger who want to educate themselves to be a better blogger! A lot of valuable information in a book that can help you grow into your craft. Most importantly this book was created by real life bloggers who grew into their success and giving you the resource that help them. I know a lot of people love going to conferences, but if you want to be prepared and ahead of your peers trust this book is great. This e-book retails for an affordable price of $9.99.


I never thought blogging could potentially build into a business. A few years ago these opportunities for us wasn’t even possible. I am always learning and grow and my longterm goal is to be a super professional blogger who grew her brand into a six-figure business. It’s possible and now I am seeking many resources to make this possible. If you are a blogger, I wish the same for your blog growth. I thank you in advance if you are interested in purchasing the book from me. I genuinely hopes it help you on your blog journey!

If You Are A Blogger, What Are Some Things You Would Like To Know More To Help Build Your Blog Brilliance?


About the Blogger - Kiwi the Beauty

Kiwi is the free spirited blogger and content creator of KiwiTheBeauty.com. As a digital influencer, she produces creative inspiration around beauty, lifestyle, media and travel leisure. Her life mantra is to make manifesting fun! When she’s not blogging, she is eating trendy hipster food, carrying crystals, making it rain at her local farmer's market and binge brunching. Follow her on her blog and social media at kiwithebeauty.com + @kiwithebeauty

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