It’s So Fetch! Kenya Moore Hosts Exclusive Mean Girls (2024) Screening in Atlanta – Recap and Movie Review! Friday 12 January, 2024


It was a special influencer screening of Mean Girls in Atlanta, and it was an exclusive event where we all dressed in pink!

As we mark the 20th anniversary of the original Mean Girls film, it’s truly surprising to realize that I was a teen when it was released, and I still relate to it like a teen girl (even in my thirties). Lindsay Lohan’s performance in the 2004 film was a game-changer, making it one of the most iconic teen movies of the 21st century.

A memory struck me: Mean Girls was actually the focus of my first movie review as a teen. I recall being at the mall when a representative asked for my thoughts on a new movie trailer. I shared my opinions on the 2-minute trailer and received a gift card in return. That experience was an early indicator of my future blogging and reviewing career, so Mean Girls holds a special place in my heart.


The You Can Sit With Us styled exclusive MEAN GIRLS screening in Atlanta featured a fun and vibrant drag show with a Beyonce Renaissance performance. She shashayed down the movie aisles and gave us all a personal show to give us a preview of the theatrics to come for this musical version of Mean Girls.

Kandi and Kenya from Real Housewives of Atlanta were also present at the event. Kenya Moore, known as the original “Mean Girl” of Real Housewives of Atlanta, she is the embodiment of the original Regina George, while serving as the MEAN GIRLS moderator for the evening.

Kenya, often tagged as “mean,” exudes beauty and sophistication. She embodies wealth, class, and a bit of shade, but her face card never declines. She did an excellent job moderating the event and even led us in reciting some famous MEAN GIRLS quotes before the film began.


Checking out the new MEAN GIRLS was like stepping into a time machine set for my high school years – same burn book, fresh faces, and all those songs added a new musical twist. The magic of Tina Fey struck again, giving us a remake that’s got her signature all over it, twice over.

Tina Fey as Mrs. Norbury (MEAN GIRLS – 2004)

Tina Fey as Mrs. Norbury (MEAN GIRLS – 2024)

Tina Fey, the mastermind behind MEAN GIRLS, reprised her role as the iconic math teacher Mrs. Norbury for both the original and the reboot, not changing a single thing about her character. Similarly, Tim Meadows returned as Principal Duvall, bringing the same energy to the role as he did twenty years earlier. Their performances remained as timeless as when they first graced the screen.

It looks like movie musicals are having their moment, with “The Color Purple” joining MEAN GIRLS in the spotlight of reboots and musicals on the big screen. Both have done amazing on Broadway, so it’s no shocker they got the movie musical treatment – and both will bring out a transgenerational crowd!

The latest MEAN GIRLS is packed with the good old drama, now with show tunes and an updated cast that shakes up the classic scenes we loved. The diversity’s on point, and while the halls have changed, some things never do – there’s always that one girl who “doesn’t even go here!

So, if the 2004 MEAN GIRLS was one of your classics, throw on something pink and dive into this new version. And for the newbies, catch the original first – it will make sense to follow the original before the new version trust me. “That’s so fetch!” Oops, still trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. Has it caught on yet after twenty years??

Mean Girls will be so fetch in theaters Jan 12th

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