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I don’t know about you, but I have to have something on my lips all the time. Lipgloss, lipstick, lip balms I can’t have naked bare lips at all! I know I am a “beauty blogger” per say, but I don’t like wearing makeup all the time at all. I am pretty simple a lippy, foundation, and blush with mascara and that’s how I will walk out the house (sometimes no mascara). But if nothing else…I have my lips covered! I love my lipsticks, lip gloss is a dying art for me…but you know what I have been obsessed with? LIP BALMS! I can say that I am truly addicted…I am serious…so does that make me a balm-a-holic?

There is a new lip balm in the industry called Balmaholics for all lip addicts like myself who is looking for something of quality to put on their lips! Balmaholics is an all-natural, handcrafted lip balm mad with ingredients derived naturally from the Earth, free of man-made preservatives and parabens. Their motto is “I’m The Balm” (like the 90s dated slang -the bomb) but it’s their statement because they believe you are what you put in your body!


Balmaholic products comes in 4 flavors to choose from: Pure, Mint Condition, Whats The Tea and CocoLoco. Look there comes a time in very adult women’s life where you have to put down that Lipsmacker’s balm and get you some grown & sexy balm. The Balm-a-holic product look like a graduated and adult-version of Lipsmackers, and each flavor has it’s own distinct taste! Below are the breakdown of the different variety of Balmaholic’s balms.


1. Pure: A balm that is the cosmetic purist. There is no scent or fillers, strictly moisturizing ingredients such as aloe butter, Vitamin E, coconut oil and beeswax. This is definitely for the minimalist who don’t care for flavor, just lip moisture.

2.Mint Condition: A balm that has a bit more complexity and a mint tingle at the very end. This balm is packed with antioxiants such as acai and cranberry exracts, along with cocoa butter and beeswax. A mint flavor is always a great choice near your mouth – gives you that fresh feeling!

3. What’s The Tea?: A balm for those who love green things in life! This is a combo of green lovers favorite things such as green tea, a splash of hemp and a touch of eucalyptus. There is also a drop of citrus for good measure! So whats the tea? It’s buzzing on your lips!

4.CocoLoco: A balm for those who love all things chocolate, but without the extra calories! This balm is silky smooth, containing chocolate butter blend and a smidge of sweet the end. You can get a temporary chocolate crave fix when you apply it on…yum!




So I tried all the flavors and I genuinely love it. It goes on smooth, not gloppy and it left my lips kissable soft. So speaking of kissable lips I am loving Usher’s new song “Good Kisser” and I just wanna know you all’s opinion is the art of kissing dying? Look I have kissed a few toads in my past some great and not so great…I have some stories to share with you all but I want to hear from you and giveaway a set of Balm-a-holics for you all!



Balm-a-holics: Good or Bad Kisser Contest

Balm-a-holics: Good or Bad Kisser Contest


Just share with me your worst or best kiss story and you could win all 4 Balm-a-holic products for yourself! Don’t be shy, enter the contest and comment on the blog you best or worst kissing story! Was it sloppy mouth Michael from 7th grade, or was it butter lips Luke that made you melt? Share and win!

Overall I love Balmaholics. It’s in my beauty arsenal and I will admit it, I am addicted. I am a Balmaholic and I need lip rehab. Like right now…it’s to the point where I just reapply on my lips just to feel the product glide over my lips (am I the only one who do that)? If you are a lip addict like me check out Balmaholic.com and get you some balm’s for a super affordable price!



Whats your worst or best kisser story?

Enter the Contest & Comment Below!


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  • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I am a lip balm addict, but I have never heard of this brand. I will have to get some 🙂

  • Debbie Denny says:

    Best story…hmmm when hubby drove 6 hours home from his job just to give me hugs and kiss when I got some bad news. I had told him not to come (but I really wanted him to). He was so sweet.

  • I love kissable lips!Looks like this is a hot collection. I think the art of kissing may be a dying one..seems like people give out more virtual kisses these days.

  • I’m like you- I must be wearing something on my lips at all times. While I have graduated from LipSmackers, I AM always looking for fun, new lip balms to try. The CocoLoco would be my first choice! 🙂

  • These look wonderful! I’ve never heard of this brand. I would have to think of my best or even worst story to be honest hahah off hand I haven’t a clue!

  • Terry says:

    Because candida can cause dry lips, I used to always wear some thing on my lips. Now that I have the candida under control, it seems I don’t use a lip gloss as much. But, I still use them and like using them .

  • My sister would love these. She’s definitely an addict.

    Best kiss story? Kissing the hubby on our wedding day after not seeing him all day!

  • My best kiss moment was the first time that I kissed my now husband. It was one the butterflies in your tummy kinda kisses.

  • Maria Oller says:

    i am addicted to lip balms my family makes fun of me because I keep them stashed everywhere: office, car, nursery, kitchen, bathroom and I mean it everywhere

  • Angela S says:

    I am the same way, applying lip balm or gloss non-stop all day long. I’ll have to give these a try!

  • Chrysa says:

    These look awesome! I have to try the CocoLoco!

  • I’ve never heard of Balmaholics lip balm before. The “What’s the Tea” blend sounds interesting.

  • Rosey says:

    I haven’t heard Usher’s new song. I’m curious now. 🙂

  • teresa mccluskey says:

    Usher has a new song?!? Heading to youtube! This lip balm sounds and looks amazing! I have got to try it! ASAP

  • Pam says:

    I don’t think I have a worst. Probably my best was when I was proposed to or at least it is the one I remember the most. 😉

  • I’m totally a lip gloss junkie! I’ve never heard of these before, thanks for sharing!

  • Brandy says:

    I wear lip balm every day. Without lip balm my lips crack up and I hate it. Will have to look into this kind, sound like a great product!

  • Christina S says:

    Haha! Worst kissing story? I had a boyfriend in high school and the first guy I ever really “made out” with, but it was so gross and just downright messy- like slobber!

  • Mary Edwards says:

    I don’t leave home without lip balm! I can’t wait to try this lip balm!

  • I’m a totally lip balm addict and lvoe trying new types. 🙂

  • Melinda says:

    i’m a lip balm hoarder. i love these flavors

  • Favielle Garibaldi says:

    Worst kiss hands down had to be when I was in the 7th grade
    Truth or dare was the game back and of course I had to play always dare
    never truth I keeps my secrets to myself lol anyways I get dared to kiss
    an older boy for one and for two very handsome =}}. So im in shock
    but im ready thinking it was going to be the best kiss of my life !!!.
    WRONG so wrong it seemed as if we where both stuck on stupid lol like
    dogs trying to eat peanut butter !!!!. His lips went to the left mine went
    to the right slobber all over my mouth cheeks and nose. His glasses flew
    off because I had to grab his face to stop him from doing a horrible rotation move
    my arms went flying in panic slobberd all over him as well lol. Needless to say
    it was horrible but we are still friends to this very day never kissed again

  • Kiwi says:

    See what happens when you speak elaborately about your worst kissing experience? See your worst kissing experience was actually an award in disguise!! Congrats darling I will be contacting you for your Balm-a-holic prize pack!

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