Disclaimer Alert: If you think this is some twisted The Help extended generational revenge, you might be half right. I think it was brilliant to cast Octavia Spencer as “Ma” as we seen a glimpse of her revenge antics in the high acclaimed movie based off the book “The Help”.

Ma is a 2019 American psychological horror film directed by Tate Taylor, who co-wrote the screenplay with Scotty Landes. It stars Octavia SpencerJuliette LewisDiana SilversLuke EvansMcKaley MillerMissi PyleCorey Fogelmanis, Marjay Ross, Gianni Paolo, and Dante Brown, and follows a group of teenagers who befriend a lonely middle-aged woman who allows them to party in her basement, only to have strange things begin to happen.



Ma is one of those films, where from the trailer alone you are intrigued! I definitely got freaked out and shared it with all of my friends because it disturbed me. I have to hand it to Universal Pictures for stepping up their thriller movies as of recently. They are paving the way for more diverse thrillers and concepts with African Americans as the leads since the highly grossing blockbuster film “Get Out”.

Since Get Out, another highly well received movie, Jordan Peele’s US, did amazing in the thriller/horror genre this year too opening up another diverse film where black people can show a little crazy too! So following US, we now have MA, and Ma is something else!

Look at Octavia Spencer’s eyes! She plays Ma with ease, a woman who seems to be having a supreme mid-life crisis and befriends several teens to be the cool “Ma” of the town.  Ma is the anti-parental figure. She isnt baking you cookies or offering you a seat at the dinner table! No, not this Ma!

She is the definition of a cool mom!

I grew up in a era where 90s teen flicks where repetitious with a standard house party scenes. The scenario is always the rich kid parents goes away and the teen throws this mega party in a huge lavish house as their folk are away. It’s always filled with lots of booze and underage drinking, and you wonder – how is every movie the exact same like this?I love that Ma took a different spin on the typical teen house party scenario, and made it to where not only will she buy booze for teens but she host the parties?! Now that is rare.

Ma not only pays for the booze, host the party in her basement (which isnt lavish at all), but she gets down with them too! The teens love “Ma” because she is everything their parents arent and is discreet! She wants the kids to have fun, party and be their friends. This is definitely mid-life crisis vibes but the kids doesn’t seem to care at first.

The movie gets really weird soon, as of course it should. What does it look like for a grown middle-aged women to be partying with teens? It’s sketchy in more ways than one. It seems when she starts hanging out with the teens she even gets herself wrapped up in teen drama. Then she snaps!

The teens get suspicious of Ma antics and many of them don’t want to hang out with her anymore, but in teen fashion Ma is the life of the party – she is the party! But when things go left, Ma will make it right with revenge. Deep rooted revenge like you’ve never seen before. If you looking for a teen scream thrasher film, Ma is a little more clever than that.

I enjoyed the film. It’s different and I feel the industry has stepped away from doing less teen horror flicks as of lately so this is a nice return. It takes typical teen drama and flips it upside down with the villain being someone that most people should trust, a mother figure – go figure! Ma takes Mommy Dearest to the next level of crazy. Just remember, “Don’t Make Me Drink Alone” should be a subliminal warning to all teens you probably should wait until you are of legal drinking age of 21. Buy your own drinks and party with your own peers for your own safety!

After seeing this film, you might want to actually go run home to your own Mommy!

MA hits theaters May 31st #MAMovie

Will you be seeing Ma?

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