Its May the 4th, so its safe and fun to say May the Fourth Be With You for all of the Star Wars super fans out there! May will be marked with the debut of Disney+‘s latest contribution to the Star Wars saga, Star Wars:  The Bad Batch.

Disney + on May 4 with a special 70-minute premiere episode. The second episode of the series will then air three days later, on May 7, 2021, and will release new episodes every Friday, just like previous Disney + series. The MandalorianWandaVision, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


A press conference was held via Zoom recently, in which Dee Bradley Baker (voice of The Bad Batch,) Jennifer Corbett (Head Writer and Executive Producer,) and Brad Rau (Supervising Director and Executive Producer) spoke briefly about the characters of Bad Batch, and more about a world in a post-Clone Wars galaxy.


Baker on voicing all the clones:  

BAKER: Clone Force 99 is kind of another step beyond what I’ve been asked to do in the Clone Wars series.  The Clones are…the tricky part for them. The differentiation is much tighter between characters.  Although it has to be decisive, it has to be clear. 

The Bad Batch are actually much further apart from each other, which oddly makes it a little bit easier to jump from character to character to character.  I mean, for me it feels like I’m jumping from rock to rock on a stream.  I can see the rock.  The writing is clear.  And that’s what I  jump to…it actually helps that they’re further differentiated vocally. Also in terms of their personality and their mood, shall we say?  So it comes off looking more as a magic trick than it does maybe with the Clones, but it’s still a really fascinating process as a voice actor to have these scenes where I’m just talking to myself, just switching from character to character to character as we go through the script.  Which is typically how we do it–we just go straight through it!  It’s fantastic fun.  It’s really an interesting project.

Jennifer Corbett expresses working with Filoni again on another Star Wars story:

CORBETT: I got to work with Dave on Star Wars Resistance, which was such a great experience, and getting the chance to develop [The Bad Batch] with him, it’s kind of like a master class in writing Star Wars. With this being a sequel series of sorts to The Clone Wars, it was crucial that he be involved in this process very much – because these are characters that he’s created and it’s the world that he knows. Every day, every script is a learning experience.

What makes this show so unique from The Clone Wars or Rebels?

CORBETT: This time period is one of the reasons I got so excited about this show, other than this oddball group of characters. We’ve seen the Clone Wars where it’s the height of the Clone Troopers doing what they’re meant to do, and what they were created for. The question became, “What happens after the war is over? What happens to clones who all they know is being soldiers?”  Especially for the Bad Batch who do things differently as it is with the Republic and how they fit in once it becomes the Empire.

Getting more details on the characters.

BAKER: All right, well, of the team, you’ve got Hunter, who’s kind of the leader of the pack…he’s got tracking skills and…kind of this heightened sense that helps him gauge the terrain.  And then you’ve got Tech, who is very technically oriented–always has like, a handheld device that he’s working on and is super cool, super calm, and competent with all things technical.  Then you got Wrecker who, to no surprise, is the muscles of the group, who’s got incredible strength.  Who else do we have?  Crosshair.  Crosshair is the sharpshooter of the group who’s kind of a contrary character and quite interesting in the dynamic.  And then you’ve also got Echo, who is a modified clone–an android clone from The Clone Wars episodes, who was brought on board with the Batch. 

And that’s the gang, I think.  And together they are a force to be reckoned with. 

RAU: When we do get a chance to get a character to fit into this storyline, I mean we freak out. It’s so fun just talking about it, it’s fun bringing it to life. So much effort was spent, technically, to honor the legacy of any character that we’re familiar with. And that is not only from a casting perspective but the musical cues we use, the way it’s animated, the lighting, the way that all comes together. But we do make sure that someone who doesn’t know who that character is could still follow along. But if you do know who it is, you might cry, you might laugh, maybe both, all of that.

Are you ready to celebrate Star Wars Day Star Wars Day 2021 with The Bad Batch? An exciting new move for Lucasfilm animation, the premiere episode is 70 minutes long. Lets enjoy Lucasfilm’s next animated series from a galaxy far, far away with STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH

FYI: The Book of Boba Fett will not arrive until Christmas 2021, Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the main source of new Star Wars and to help celebrate Star Wars Day!

STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH is streaming exclusively on Disney+ on May 4th.  It will debut with a 70-minute special episode. New episodes air Friday thereafter.


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