Meet My #LumiaSwitch Team + Nokia Lumia 830 Review Thursday 19 February, 2015

**I am a #LumiaSwitch Project participant and I received a loan of a device from Microsoft to post my opinions about Lumia products.** 


I was given the opportunity to participate in the Windows Phone #LumiaSwitch Challenge. I received my new Lumia 830 to try out for 6 weeks with full service. Now let me tell you, I have been an avid iphone Girl and you know how #Teamiphone lovers can be. I wanted to join the #LumiaSwitch project though because it’s always good to explore other technological avenues and see the comparisons between a Window’s Phone and an iphone. No the Lumia is NOT considered a droid. This phone is set up just like a Windows computer. It’s basically a handheld computer at your fingertips.

So being apart of this project, I also have four other team member. I want to thank Marcia of for letting me be apart of her team as she is the team leader. Each #LumiaSwitch team will participate in a series of challenges to upload and post during the week. Below is one of the first challenges:

How was the process of getting your Lumia up and running was it to get your phone up-and-running? What were your initial impressions of your Lumia – look, feel, style? What features are you most excited to learn more about?


So immediately on retrieving the phone I felt it was fairly easy to get started. I already had a Microsoft Office account, so all I had to do was log-in and basically that was the bulk of the installation. When the phone went to the homescreen, I seen a beautiful and color display of blocks which are the different apps and important prompts to utilizate the phone. That is itself was intriguing to me and visually appealing!


playing with the apps!


more app play!

Of course I wanted to play with the apps first. Everyone’s favorite social media app was already installed as you can see good old FACEBOOK!


Picture taking time!

So the next thing I was extremely excited to try was the camera! What blogger doesn’t want to check out the camera quality of a phone? That is like a prerequisite on phones now…camera quality and pixels. I had this cute little photo set up so I can test out the quality…


Photo taken with the Nokia Lumia 830

I will say I am highly impressed. Already the Nokia Lumia has beaten my iphone 5 camera quality. This image was very sharp, and this is unedited or filtered in any shape or form!


Another photo with the Lumia 830


Another photo taken with the Nokia Lumia 830 unedited. This time I added a cold press juice I am featuring on the blog real soon. I was really just experimenting with girly elements so dont ask me why I thought this arrangement was epic. It’s just a concept don’t mind me…


The back of the phone – detachable backing to change color of choosing

The phone is really cute and sleek. Very light weight and it even has a detachable backing if you watch to change the color of your phone. I was provided with a lime-green backing. I will definitely be able to find my phone with this bight element!


nokia-lumia-team (2)

Follow the #LUMIASWITCH Dream Team!

Marcia @ciasays

Ashley @LifebyAshleyJoy

Shonna @shonnacoleman

Joanie @crayzbess

Kiwi @kiwithebeauty

 I’m excited about participating in this campaign with these ladies. Watch our fun on social media by follow us and our hastags #LumiaSwitch!

My participation in the #LumiaSwitch activation is #‎SponsoredByLumia‬

Have you heard of the Windows Nokia Lumia before? What kind of phone do you have? kiwithebeauty-signature1


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