Miss South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi Defines Universal Beauty | Miss Universe 2019 Monday 16 December, 2019

I had the honor and the privileged to be a press corespondent for the 2019 Miss Universe competition. It was a very monumental night, for one, this competition is the first year being held at the new Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA.

This competition I have always said is the female version of the Superbowl. Lots of excitement and adrenaline as we watch who will be the new Miss Universe for 2019. This competition is always a highlight of what that year standards of beauty and grace is for not only the countries, but for the “universe”.

The standard of beauty lets be honest, can be cookie cutter for women. You have to be a certain height, weight, perfect teeth and yes even down to their straighest and most volumest hair or even fairest of skin. “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?’ has been ingrained in pop culture and many young girl’s childhood of the Disney’s classic Snow White. In the Snow White classic, even that was beauty related. Is it about the fairest skin? Is it about the straightest hair?

Press Junket for the 2019 Miss Universe competition at Tyler Perry Studios. Atlanta, GA

As a curly haired girl myself, I was highly excited to see so many women who embraced their natural hair. Even Miss USA was a curly girl. I was so proud to see just that alone in the pagent world allowed so many natural tresses to be apart the new standard of beauty.

So it was an amazingly beautiful sight when Miss Africa, Zozibini Tunzi, was crowned as the winner of Miss Universe of 2019.

,  Newly crowned Miss Universe 2019 South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi poses during a press conference after the 2019 Miss Universe pageant at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia on December 8, 2019. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP)

Do you understand why this was so monumental? For the first time in history, Miss Universe is a woman with natural hair.  Zozibini won the crown with her beautiful short, natural course textured hair, breaking the standards of beauty with that aesthetics alone! Did you know that  Zozibini Tunzi  was told by “a lot of people” that she should wear a wig? That is the power of Zozibini Tunzi and a beautiful representation on why she deserved to win. She confidently wore her hair natural & short and broke the standard of beauty immediately by not conforming to the industry standards, even if it meant potentially not winning the crown. Her risk was her reward!

Outside of Tunzi’s groundbreaking pagent aesthetics, she soared and won the judges over with her inspirational response to a question from host Steve Harvey about the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today.

“I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today is leadership,” she said. “It’s something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time. Not because we don’t want to but because of what society has labeled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity, and that is what we should be teaching these young girls, to take up space.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Frank Micelotta/Fox/Picturegroup/Shutterstock (10495087bv)
Zozibini Tunzi
Miss Universe Competition, Show, Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta, USA – 08 Dec 2019

“Society has been programmed for a very long time that never saw beauty in a way that was black girl magic, but now we are slowing moving to a time where women like myself can finally find a place in society, can finally know they’re beautiful,” she shared with us at the Miss Universe press junket.

Tunzi’s win comes South Africa’s third Miss Universe crown, having won in 1978 &17. Miss Puerto Rico Madison Anderson was runner-up, while Miss Mexico Sofía Aragón came in third.

It also marks a milestone: for the first time, black women simultaneously hold the titles of Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America, with Tunzi, Cheslie Kryst, Kaliegh Garris and Nia Franklin. What does this mean? It means the standard of beauty is finally shifting and it comes in all complexions, hair textures and culture backgrounds. Historically black women have be outcasted in the standard of beauty for many years and even centuries. It proves a great deal that as this decade closes, 2019 ended off as the year of a beauty recognition with melanted women. We are not at the bottom of the beauty pole, we can be raised to the top and be ourselves.

Miss Universe is a pageant for all.  Beauty is universal, it doesn’t have to look one way. Tunzi’s win is proof that it comes in many forms and we dont have to be stuck with what we have been programmed for year what beauty looks like.  Regardless if Zozibini Tunzi is African, with shorter hair and darker skin, we can all agree she is stunningly beautiful inside and out!

What do you think about how society views beauty is it changing?

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