Mizani Takes on Texture at Bronner Bros Winter Showcase Thursday 26 February, 2015

bronner-bros-be-blown-away-winter-2015 Bronner Bros is back again, this time for it’s Winter showcase. I have blogged about Bronner Bros before, my first time attending for the Spring and now its the winter edition. I feel really bad because there was a blogger luncheon I was supposed to attend for this, but immediately when I was in route to the place, I got severely nauseous! No blogger luncheon pictures, I missed out on that completely – but Bronner Bros is a 3 day weekend affair and I did get a chance to cover something from the convention. I made sure to visit the Mizani booth -where the brand talked about Textures and Professionalism working in the industry.

mizani-bronner-bros-2015-showcase MIZANI, the professional authority for all  curl  textures continues to  lead the professional industry with best  in class education and tools designed for salon growth at the Bronner Brothers International  Hair Show. I attended this showcase specially to learn more about the brand and how professionals can grow their salon presence and use these products. Although I am not a professional hair stylist, I have used these products in the past on my hair in which they are good for all textures straight, curly, fine and course hair. I love how they set up the stage like we were in a real professional and upscale salon – giving a true feel of the session.

mizani-bronner-bros-2015-showcase2 mizani-bronner-bros-2015-showcase3 mizani-bronner-bros-2015-showcase5 mizani-bronner-bros-2015-showcase6 mizani-bronner-bros-2015-showcase7

The Mizani models shashayed on the stage with the flip of their hair and bouncing their curls. They showed off the sheen, shine and overall health and movement of their hair with the help of the Mizani products. All of the models got their hair done with the usage of only Mizani professional hair care line.


The firece Mizani Models


Master Stylists Carlton Thompson + Evie Johnson headline this presentation

Master Stylist Carlton Thompson  (Sacramento, CA) &  Evie Johnson  (Marlboro, MD)  presented  educational class techniques for salons  such  as  Texture  Management,  Raising  the  Bar  with  Signature Service,  Extended Manes and an  Interactive play-stations using Lacers and True Textures. Both master stylist gave revenue building tips, customer service tips and overall how to utilize the Mizani products to enhance the hair of their clients for all salon professionals.


Evie held a discussion on building revenue with clients and salon etiquette. Some salon professionals aren’t as professional as they seem, not engaged with the client, not conscious of the client’s time, and overall do not give a client the polite customer service they need to keep and retain returning customers. I have had my share of salon horror stories and the feeling of being uncomfortable at a salon which made me not want to return, and these tips were excellent for hair care professionals.  mizani-bronner-bros-2015-showcase13 Carlton did a live demo of a model who wanted to know how to care for her hair after the salon. We all have went to the salon and left the chair  with our hair looking amazing, but what do we do when we get home? Carlton explained in detail what he put in the model’s hair, showed her the products she should take home and how to use it for continued upkeep and maintenance of her curls. Carlton also stressed than many salon professional should be teaching their client how to maintain their hair between visits as well.


Evie + Carlton did a mockup demonstration of a salon professional and client relationship inside a shop on the do and don’ts. Again, stressing the importance of client relationship and professionalism to retain a business and working relationship. It’s not enough just to do their hair, be kind and talk to them with respect and concern for the health and grooming of their hair.  mizani-bronner-bros-2015-showcase9

There was a social media contest to win a huge Mizani gift basket. I won! I can’t pass up an opportunity to do a contest via social media and it was a selfie contest. Simple enough and I did win so yay!


Mizani Gift Basket


The Mizani gift basket goodies

These were all the products in the gift basket. Lots of professional hair care products from the Mizani line and I am really excited about my curling wand. I am excited to use that in the future along with the products provided! Products galore (Time for me to open my mini beauty supply store). I enjoyed attending the Mizani booth and learning about what to expect from a salon service. It shouldn’t be anything less than excellent if you are paying for it.


Mizani is for all hair types and you can learn more about the products on the site Mizani.com


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