{Movie Review} The Wedding Ringer with Affion Crockett + Will Packer in Atlanta Thursday 15 January, 2015


It’s movie review time and Kevin Hart is starting off the year with his new film ‘The Wedding Ringer’. Seriously I have said this a million times on the blog, Mr.Hart doesn’t sleep. Every time one movie is over he has another one lined up! The busiest man in Hollywood. There was a screening here in Atlanta and also a press dinner. There wasn’t a red carpet per say this time around, but they treated the attendees very It was an intimate movie settings and the director Will Packer and co-star of this movie, Affion Crockett was there to get the energy from the Atlanta attendees.


Synopsis Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is a lovable but socially awkward groom-to-be with a problem: he has no best man. With less than two weeks to go until he marries the girl of his dreams (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), Doug is referred to Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), owner and CEO of Best Man, Inc., a company that provides flattering best men for socially challenged guys in need. What ensues is a hilarious wedding charade as they try to pull off the big con, and an unexpected budding bromance between Doug and his fake best man Jimmy.Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment

My opinion What can I say this was indeed a funny film. This movie was a male version of Bridemaids, mixed with Hangover and maybe a little bit of Wedding Crashers. I want to emphasize that this movie literally had me in tear, this is not an expression of speech but real tears rolled down my face. In many romantic comedies, its that obvious humor – but this film really payed attention to what would make the audience members get a real good belly laugh. Kevin Hart is the star of this movie, but I can honestly say this was a different kind of humor from Mr.Hart. When you think of K.H, some people say he has a signature kind of humor and even people will assume – “Oh it’s a typical Kevin Hart movie”. Well I promise this is a slightly different Kevin but extremely funny. What I also loved about the film is other than Kevin, everyone else in the movie is a breakout star. They weren’t overly glamorous cast, as what Hollywood seems to cast mostly the same look – but this cast was built on super quirky and goofy characters. Even the leading lady of this film, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, was refreshing to see because she isn’t the overly skinny modelesque women for the main woman role.

What I loved was the perspective of marriage from a male’s point of view, because most movies are always center around a woman’s troubles. This showcases the stress men have to go through to have a best man and groomsmen. Women have these things figured out by junior year of college, but if men are like Doug, the main character , and too much of a social reclusive to even have friends where to you get some for the big day? That’s when Kevin Hart and his Wedding Ringer services comes in! This film was universally funny, as there were no stereotypes or certain types of humor. It was funny for any type of person (an adult person). This is a great bromance film that teaches the lesson of friendships and even the value of marriage. I laughed until I cried and Will Packer did it again with a film that will definitely be a box office hit when it debuts! I loved it!

Atlanta Press Dinner

THE WEDDING RINGER-PRESS-DINNER-ATL Immediately following the screening, myself and press members headed over to STRIP at Atlantic Station to have an intimate, 45 minute conversation with Affion Crockett and Will Packer. The blogger conversation included a Q&A with Will Packer and Affion Crockett about the new film and upcoming projects. Attendees had the opportunity to take photos after the Q&A to share our excitement about the film’s January 16th release.


Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Uptown Magazine

A select few of us bloggers, social influencers and media outlet got a chance to be literally up close and personal with Will Packer and Affion Crockett over dinner. I always love press dinners because it truely gives us a chance to ask questions and get the scoop on the filming processes and even concepts around the movie.


Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Uptown Magazine


Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Uptown Magazine

Will Packer loves coming to Atlanta to premiere his films because he said we are the #1 city that shows the most love for all of his work. He loves the Atlanta energy and the growing appreciation of the film world in the city and always makes sure to give media the inside scoop of his workings. He brought a co-star of the film, Affion Crockett, which you might recognize from MTV’s hit comedy show by Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out!


Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Uptown Magazine

It was a real good conversation between the media and these two men. Will Packer always come out with some mega blockbuster hits such as Ride Along, About Last Night, Think Like A Man (series), No Good Deeds and more! He is a director who wants to make sure he has a universal audience no matter the background or the color. He wants to change the standard of old school Hollywood thinking when it comes to producing films and just make great movies for all people to come together and watch.

One of my favorite quotes of the night was “Comedy has no color” said by Affion Crockett. Comedy should have a color and it doesn’t matter if it is a white or black lead for the film – movies should bring all types of people together and that’s what Will Packer keeps aiming to do! Going to the movies shouldn’t be a segregated thing it should just be about the good quality and content – and the Wedding Ringer definitely provided all of that. This movie was racially diverse and the entire time I did not feel certain jokes were aimed for certain groups of people. It was relatable and funny all around!


I’m the only one looking in my camera lol!


Wedding Ringer gifts – inside joke shirt!


Wedding Ringer gifts – Madlibs!

This was a really great film I highly recommend it. If you need a really good belly laugh and possibly see the male version of Bridesmaid…this is the movie for you! I really want to see it again! *Also I received some really cool items from the press dinner I love great marketing swag!


Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Uptown Magazine

the-wedding-ringer-poster The Wedding Ringer is in theaters nationwide January 16  #WeddingRinger

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