Netflix release See You Yesterday, a film directed by Stefon Bristol, co-written by Fredrica Bailey, and produced by Spike Lee. This is another time traveling movie, but with a serious twist. First and foremost the protagonists are young black intelligent teens from the Bronx,New York who actually create a time machine.


Adapted from Bristol’s 2017 short film by the same name, See You Yesterday is a nod to inspired 80s film, Back To The Future. Michael J. Fox even makes a cameo as a high school teacher!

The film follows the story of an ambitious science prodigy C.J., who uses her prowess and capabilities to create time machines, in order to save her brother from an incident that claimed his life. As she tries to alter the events of the past, she will eventually face the perilous consequences of time travel. It stars Eden Duncan-Smith as C.J. Walker & Dante Crichlow as Sebastian Thomas.

I loved this film a lot. For one, I love to see two young black teens starring in movies. We do not see it often, let alone the main characters are teen geniuses thriving in STEM. It is also realism as it makes sure to bring you into the current events of a world that is marginalized still effected by #BlackLivesMatter movement. This movie thats the movement and personifies it in a fictional way but touches on real life events of police brutalty, profiling and tragic life events we have seen on the news way too many times. But the movie theme raises the question, can you go back in time and fix it before there is a tragedy?

These two teens take their intelligence and come up with their own time traveling hi-tech device that travels them back to the day before. Every decision into the past can effect the future.

What is also powerful about this movie is the lead character is this young lady. I also love that her name is C.J. Walker who was a hair innovator, so a beautiful nod to a historical black woman creator!! Thank you Netflix for another movie with a Strong Black Lead. Anyone who watches this film, will enjoy it and possibly demand and part 2!

See You Yesterday is on Netflix streaming now!

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