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Well lookie lookie! Look who shows up again every month…the gift that keeps giving…our period! Aunt Flow aka Month nature has returned! On the blog I have talked about several ways with coping with her, and I am here for another solution! So back in the days, women would have time off to cleanse themselves and actual seclude themselves from the world during the period (also known as Moon Time). During a womans moon time, it was literally her personal time to re-energize, tap into her creative ideas, and just be in tune with herself. Having a period wasn’t a dread – it was a joy! Imagine if all of us women had our period each month and didnt have to go to work, school, watch the kids, etc…all because we were celebrating our MOON TIME (learn more about Moon Time here)! Yay sounds awesome right?

Well its 2015, and I don’t think any new laws or rules will be set for all mentrating women to start having person PTO for their periods. Darn it! Too much equal rights and independ womenhood going on these days…you know we can’t make our male counterparts jealous even though we still make slightly less than them and it seems fair – but I digress that rant for another day! So no Moon Time…we are still parading around like nothing is going on each month working through craps and all. But damn it I like the sound of moon time! So I have a Moon Time alternative! pamper-your-period-jar-kotex-1 Make a Pamper Your Period Jar! Yes this will give you a little feel of your own Moon Time in this time period. Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. You may not feel like spending the extra money for a massage or mani/pedi – plus its something theraputic about doing these things on your own right?


How about a Pamper Your Period Jar?! I’ve made a You’re Going To Be Okay, Period! Box here, but this is more defined. You deserved to be pampered on your period each month and I hope creating this jar will give you a little piece of moon time. So what to put inside your Pamper your period jar?


1. Face Mask

2.Bath Sponge

3. Manicure/Pedicure Tools

4.Facial Scrub

5. Body Wash

6. Nail Polish

7. Bath Salts

8. U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® With Xpress DRI Pads

Now all these cute dainty items fit beautifully in a large long mason jar. Yes mason jar aren’t just for cute blogger drinks and food combos. You can put your pamper period items in here too! All of these items should be travel size and fit perfectly in the jar. Put the body sponge in there first for cushion and then assemble the rest. 


Pamper Your Period Jar essential items all found at CVS

The star of the Pamper Your Period kit for me is the U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® With Xpress DRI Pads. They are so colorful and when you put them in the jar they look so pretty, no one would barely even know they are a feminine product! I also got all of my items from CVS to put in the jar. 


Extra idea* You could buy another Large Mason Jar and just fill it with the U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® With Xpress DRI Pads. Another feminine product storing idea!

pamper-your-period-hero-3-U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® With Xpress DRI Look periods are going to be around for ever (well until you get pregnant or menopause). It’s a way of life and even through the world wants you to keep going, cramps, discomfort and all – you deserve your “Moon Time”. Remind yourself these few days of Aunt Flo visiting, you can pamper yourself and relax. If anytime you need your solo moment, its these time and hopefully the Pamper Your Period Jar will be the instant monthly reminder you need to give yourself the Confidence Your Deserve during that time of the month! I’ve been using the U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® With Xpress DRI Pads for months now, and these are what I genuinely suggest as a feminine product.

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Do You Set Away Personal Time for Your Period to Pamper Yourself Each Month?

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