{Product Review} REvive | Vitality in a Bottle Friday 13 September, 2013

Looking for an alternative to the everyday energy drink? RE is a new drink that will give you the energy REvival you are seeking without the crash!  It boast being Vitality in a bottle! RE is NOT an energy drink; there is a new category called Vitality Drinks; RE is the leader in the category.

Vitality drinks differ from actual energy drinks because it doesn’t have the usual formulas of synthetic caffeine and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

My Verdict

I will be honest. I am not an energy drinker {even though its not an energy drink} but I am funny about what I ingest period. I didn’t know what to expect taste-wise and I didn’t want to cringe drinking.

So after I drank RE, surprisingly it wasn’t nasty but it wasn’t what I considered delicious either. I think this is supposed to be taken as shot form. I didn’t do that either. I actually blended it in a smoothie form and it was better and I did see a difference in my energy levels.  Check out how I made my own REvive Smoothie Drink.


There is lots of information about each of REvive’s 21 fabulous super-fruits on the RE website (www.drinkRE.com). The drinks have no chemicals or artificial ingredients; they are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. Best part about it, its compact enough to take on the go!

If your health conscious, but still need a boost RE Vive is the drink for you!

RE drinks are available at Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, H-E-B Markets, Sprouts, Raley’s,  also available online at Costco.com and Amazon.com

Like RE vive on FB (www.facebook.com/drinkRE) – and retrive a 1$-off coupon off the product.

Love, Grace and Kissy Face,

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  • GoodLooknOut says:

    Shot form? Ewwww, I hate those nasty shot thingy’s like from the 5 hour energy bottle. I never thought about doing it in a smoothie. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes I am not a 6-hour/12-hour energy drinker. Yuck…yes I got innovative and put it in a smoothie because it already had 21-superfruits in REvive, so I said why not blend it to make a fruit smoothie? I also did feel an energy boost after drinking it.

      Energy Smoothies are the way to go! 🙂

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