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So it’s Spring, the sun is out and it’s time to see what are the new trends for the season. A clothing article that will never go out of style is a great pair of jeans, and I got the opportunity to learn more about the innovative jeans of PZI Jeans.

The problem with jeans that it’s not always fair to all sizes, that all sizes fit accurately and it can be quite frustrating to find the perfect pair of jeans. I think I can speak for all women that there is a pair of jean in our closet that is our FAVORITE because it fits us properly, while the other jeans just not fit as well.

PZI Jeans has made a discovery…CURVES come in all shapes and sizes! Why did it take so long for someone to finally realize that? Women can find short jeans, tummy tuck jeans, skinny people jeans…but what about jeans for women with curves? Finally women are relieved that they can buy a pair of jeans that fit their curves and they don’t have to feel like they are wearing the really high waisted ‘grandma’ jeans or wear a belt just to keep their jeans from gaping at the waist.

Here are some cute looks from the Spring 2014 Collection that are my favorite!

pzi-jeans-2014-spring-collection-kiwithebeauty-1 pzi-jeans-2014-spring-collection-kiwithebeauty-2 PZI Jeans are available in sizes 4 – 18 and caters to short, regular, long AND extra long legs.


PZI-3-10-14 _01311

PZI-3-10-14 _01510

Nia Moore (also reality star on MTV’s The Real World Portland)


My verdict: So I actually got to tour the PZI Denim Suite for myself and tried on 4 of the Spring/Summer Looks from the collection. I know I look like a slim girl, but I have HIPS! So when I tried these jeans for the 1st time, I was thoroughly impressed. Each pair of jeans I tried in my sizes felt like they were contouring my hips, rather than squeezing them in and forcing my shape into jeans. The worst part about ALL jeans for me is the back gaping (where the back of jeans gap – almost revealing a plummers bum).

Seriously my entire life, since forever, I have had back gapping in mostly all of my jeans. Because of my slim waist and wider hips, I usually buy jeans to fit my hip size and not my waist because that is the only way I can make my jeans fit. Back gaping happens due to most jeans are made to fit your waist size, but since I can’t shop like that my jeans will mostly always have room in my waist area. With the PZI Jeans, it made to fit curves perfectly and it definitely doesn’t gap. I don’t know what kind of jean construction sorcery they’ve invented – but it literally is the perfect fit. All my jeans felt at home on my body!  So as I’ve said on the video, I want ALL of my jeans to be PZI Jeans in my wardrobe, and I meant it!

Check out the rest of photos from the PZI Jeans Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book



For more information about PZI Jeans or the Spring 2014 Collection visit the website at www.pzijeans.com

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