Sophia Amoruso Tells Atlanta How to be a Girl Boss! Monday 18 January, 2016

sophia-nasty-gal-girl-boss-glam-university-sleepover-1 Who run the world? Well Beyonce says girls and I agree as I got a chance to do my first media coverage for Glam University’s Girl Power Sleepover featuring Sophia Amoruso. Sophia Amoruso, New York Times Best-Selling Author of #GirlBoss and Founder of popular fashion retailer Nasty Gal, was the keynote speaker and special guest at the third installment of Glam University’s ‘Girl Power Sleepover’. This event is an overnight business boot camp, focused on educating and empowering women in a more relatable way. Held at Atlanta’s popular W Hotel downtown, female entrepreneurs from across the country joined together to learn valuable business advice, strategies and tips from some of today’s powerhouse women in business.


#GirlBoss Decor for a powerful session with keynote speak Sophia Amoruso


The view and decor of super successful event waiting for Sophia Amoruso for the key note speaking engagement


Sophia Amoruso (Nasty Gal founder +#GirlBoss author) keynote speaker at the 2016 Glam University Sleepover

The highlight of the evening was an intimate Q&A with New York Times best selling author of #GirlBoss and Nasty Gal Founder – Sophia Amoruso. This hour-long segment moderated by Sabrina Peterson, went into depths of Sophia’s journey from an aspiring entrepreneur to a multi-million dollar cultural icon. Sophia shared her personal marketing tips, various books and videos to read for financial and business insight, the do’s & don’ts of venture capitalism and more with the audience. 

sophia-amoruso-nasty-gal-girl-boss-glam-university-sleepover-4 Miss Girl Boss herself gave us all type of nuggets of wisdom for all the women in the room ready to absorb her knowledge. In her late twenties she has already accomplished a lot as a brand that once started off as an online eBay vintage store to now a multi-million dollar brand with Nasty Gal. A true American rags to riches tale from a millennial who showcases at a young age what its like to become an female entrepreneur. Not only is she an entrepreneur, but a NY best selling author of the book #GirlBoss, in which now has turned into a social cult following for young women across the nation to become girl bosses of themselves!

She prides most of her success currently to social media, in which she says it is the new word of mouth. She states social media communicates to her customers and able to bring them into her world. Blur the lines a little bit by mixing personal lifestyle and still generating sales.


Sophia Amoruso + Sabrina Peterson (creator of Glam University) at the #GirlBoss session

I am so grateful to all of my experts, sponsors, and most importantly the lovely ladies who attend my sleepovers. With this being our 3rd, it never ceases to amaze me to see the Girl Power Sleepover’s growth and development. Saturday was a bucket list moment I thought I would only dream of, and to have an icon such as SophiaAmoruso come to Atlanta for the first time just to support Glam University, our mission and to share her personal journey with aspiring female leaders, is the TRUE definition of ‘Girl Power.’ With last night being such a major success my brain wheels are already turning, so stay tuned for the Girl Power Sleepover 4!” – Sabrina Peterson (creator of Glam University Girl Power Sleepover)


#GirlBoss aka #CurlBoss Mahisha Dellinger CEO of Curls natural hair care line


Myself + CEO of Curls natural haircare brand Mahisha Dellinger. We are #CurlBosses

After Sophia’s speaking engagement there was an After Party Meet + Greet with her. The Meet + Greet was sponsored by Curls (natural hair care line) and provided by #GirlBoss herself Mahisha Dellinger of the brand. She is actually a #CurlBoss as the natural hair industry is booming with so many of CEO and she is one of the successful ones with her products in stores across the nation! She set up a cute Curls Candy Bar theme for the Meet + Greet which was uber cute and colorful!


Cute decor sponsored by Curls for the Sophia Amoruso Meet + Greet


Me + Sophia Amoruso at her Meet + Greet

It was a pleasure meeting Miss #GirlBoss Sophia! I love her chill spirit, even though she is a multi-millionare! Look I am rubbing shoulders literally with a young woman who is my peer. So I was definitely very inspired by her story and how she built her brand from the ground up. It just goes to show you that when you brand yourself accordingly, you can be beyond successful and thrive not matter your age or gender. She is still very young and down-to-earth I think that’s what I love the most about her and her speaking engagement. She is still normal, she just building brands and teaching women how to become their own #GirlBoss. We are in a new era, it’s not longer about getting the corner office and the big window that overseas the city; you own the building that has that corner office that overshadows the city! We are allowed to be our own boss and own our brand. Thats why I love being a blogger, I am my brand – and yes a #GirlBoss myself…I’m owning that!


If you haven’t checked out Sophia Amoruso popular book #GirlBoss you should here. Also be on the look out later this year for her second book Nasty Galaxy. Can’t wait!

Learn more about Glam University and their annual Girl Power Sleepover here if you are in Atlanta.

Are You A #GirlBoss? What Makes You One?


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