Where to Stay in Atlanta: Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel Monday 24 July, 2017

I know you all have been seeing post of my recent travels but I am back in Atlanta. I did have a great vacation, I got some R&R in another city but sometimes a sweet staycation can seal the deal to complete a long term trip. I got an opportunity after attending the grand opening of the new Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel as few months ago, it was a perfect stay in my home city.  This isn’t your ordinary hotel, as Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel as a strong Business Unusual mantra under the Renaissance Hotel brand and is all about taking the business out of travel.

I don’t know about you but the more I travel the more I appreciate a great thought out hotel that brings life into it, instead of just standard services and rooms. If you are a traveler to the Atlanta area whether this is for business or fun, you will definitely have a unique hotel experience here.

The hotel is very uniquely designed and touches of funky details are laced all over the hotel. Although this hotel is apart of the Renaissance brand, it will give you a feel of a modern boutique hotel.  Here these are painted rustic styled roman numeral digits that is by each elevator floor. I stay on floor Seven.

On each floor before you turn the corner to your hotel room, you will see big quotes that are motivational, travel related and some just to encourage rest. Each floor has a definite saying. Mine was meant for me because after a 3 week travel trip and being in 4 different places in one week, I definitely needed lots and lots and lots of sleep!

This is also a cool design element I appreciate that is on each hotel floor. You will either be on a floor with your door painted with a mega question mark or an exclamation mark. You can interpret this however you like but it brings even more mystery and flair to this not so average hotel.

A modern design aesthetic inspired by residential Southern charm awaits guests in each of the hotel’s stylish and sophisticated guest rooms and suites.

Let jump right into the room designs. You instantly know you are in a travel themed inspired room. It was so trendy and modern and so many cute little touches that makes you feel at home and that you are traveling. Since it is right by the airport so many cute little momentos of travel mixed with a bit of Atlanta charm gave the room character.

Oh and I know this is by the airport, but you will be happy to know that all of the hotel rooms are soundproof in the interior so no need to worry about hearing flights take off overhead!

Modern framed art above the bed

As you can see the TV is mounted on the wall that show off of the complimentary design of the work area. We live in a world where basic cable television isnt our only option so the flat screens have available connections to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Youtube and more if you want to have more of a smart tv experience.

Minimalist deco work station shelving

I love this touch with the mini sitting area

Light by the bed which is in the shape of a movie reel that gives a silent ode to the growing Filming Boom in Atlanta

The light in the room where also cool because they had control panels on the wall of the entrance and bed to smart trigger multiple types of room lighting without having to get out the bed.

Pop of green and this minimalist styled trendy rug gave the room vibrancy and design and another seating area for comfort for you or guest.

This bathroom was very posh designed wit this amazing wall mural which will question whether this is your restroom or a mini art deco gallery.

ATL SkyTrain ride

Now what makes this hotel different from any hotel is their ATL SkyTrain. The SkyTrain connection is an advantage and can take you from airport to hotel without calling a cab, uber, bus when you stay here.  This also takes you from the airport to Georgia International Convention Center and Gateway hotels, as well as to the airport rental car center. It’s a convenient form of transit for travelers to the Atlanta area and for rental cars or other transportation to get from the airport to their hotel or the convention center and back. Its definitely complimentary as well.

As you can tell already the Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel has a strong travel theme in the room but it definitely continues throughout the rest of the hotel as well. The modern designs continues to flourish and fanfare all over this location. This spot is a frequent travelers dream and with each turn and route onto the property you will see something to catch your eye.

Award-winning interior design firm Rottet Studio, with stunning artwork by Atlanta natives: Ryan Coleman, Matt Herbermehl and Sarah Emerson, the Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel entices travelers to look and look again at every turn. From the whimsical porch swing to the digital art projections and larger-than-life mural depicting an abstract world map located in the lobby, the hotel creates a sense of arrival before guests check in.

Lobby ceiling decor of dripping floating bulbs

The Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel will offer all of Renaissance’s unique experiences, including Evenings at Renaissance, where guests can experience the locale through programming including local artist performances, interactive painting, cooking classes and wine tastings, among other experiences. The brand’s signature Bar Ritual will also take flight weekly, bringing travelers together enjoy a cocktail and encourage guests to take time for their “5 to 9.” That is a perfect way to make sure the hotel keeps things #BusinessUnusual.

Their Navigators can be your guide to unlock the best indigenous discoveries of Atlanta, and go to some trendy locals spots. Location affords easy access to the Porsche Experience Center and the Delta Flight Museum.

The lobby area has a mix of stationary and swinging lounge couches for a unique lounging experience. The swinging couches is an ode to the southern feel of porch couches.

Hickory & Hazel Southern Table and Bar

The bar and dining area did not stop with their distinctive hotel decor spacing. You are welcomed Hickory & Hazel Southern Table and Bar with this peculiar drink display that floats above the bar in a huge crate. Cant miss this and definitely an uncommon but extraordinary element to this area.

Led by Specialty Chef Blake McDonald, Hickory & Hazel Southern Table and Bar brings the local flavor from New Orleans to Atlanta and is the epitome of southern hospitality. From fried green tomato eggs Benedict and shrimp and grits to a 13th Colony BBQ Brisket Sandwich, guests can indulge A modern design aesthetic inspired by residential Southern charm awaits guests in each of the hotel’s stylish and sophisticated guest rooms and suites. (Courtesy of Isaac Maiselman) A whimsical, larger-than-life mural – one of 11 original murals found
throughout the hotel.

Fresh Mint Lemonade + Tanisha’s Hushpuppies bourbon cider glaze

Cheese Cappelletti fresh tomato, spinach, black garlic, basil, shaved Parmesan

Southern Sweet Tea Brined Chicken & Waffles bacon butter, spicy maple syrup

With 11 original murals found throughout the hotel, the ambiance is inviting and relaxing, yet spirited and youthful. A twist on the traditional business center, the hotel adds a hint of humor to the flexible collaboration space with an assortment of seating and drawers that encourage guests to write notes about their travels for other guests to read along their journeys.

The Magnolia Patio at Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel.

The The Magnolia Patio at Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel is also a great addition to this hotel. A spacious outside area for those who want some fresh air outside their room and lobby this is a beautiful area. Plenty of seating of lounge chairs and shaded patio furniture for you to take a break outside. And yes since this is not too far from the airport you will occasionally see some plane take off overhead.

This place was spectacular for multiple reason and I hope you can see how you can get a boutique feel right near the airport. The Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel is memorable and makes Business Unusual for Global Travelers to welcome them into Atlanta. As a local I loved this area but if you are not from here this is a great Welcome to Atlanta hotel straight from the airport!

If you are interested in this hotel and will be visiting Atlanta in the future please pin this image! 

For more information, please visit http://renho.tl/ATLAG.

Renaissance Hotels:
At Renaissance Hotels, part of Marriott International, Inc., it is Business Unusual. Each of our over 160 hotels, located in 35 countries and territories around the world, is unique and every stay offers unconventional programs that help business travelers discover rich, local experiences. We promise to feed the curiosity, fuel the imagination and excite the senses of our guests, who see their business trip as an exciting opportunity for new, interesting and sharable moments. We offer signature events in our lobbies, bars and lounges designed to showcase emerging talent in music, the arts, mixology, gastronomy and more. Renaissance Navigators are neighborhood experts who are ready to assist guests in discovering true local flavors and activities. R.E.N. Meetings offers groups an experience beyond a traditional meeting, rooted in creative sensory meeting design and custom-curated local Navigator excursions and networking events. At Renaissance Hotels, we strive to ensure that every trip is transformed into an eye-opening, unforgettable journey. Renaissance Hotels is proud to participate in the industry’s award-winning loyalty program, Marriott Rewards® which includes The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®. Members can now link accounts with Starwood Preferred Guest® at members.marriott.com for instant elite status matching and unlimited points transfer. To discover more visit www.renhotels.com. For upcoming events visit www.renhotels.com/events.

Which Detail About this Hotel Do You like the Best?

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  • robin rue says:

    That sounds like an amazing place to stay! I hope to get to ATL one day and will stay here if I do.

  • Stacie says:

    I love the Renaissance Atlanta. It’s such a gorgeous hotel. It’s super comfy, too!

  • Bill Sweeney says:

    This looks like a great hotel. I always love to stay in a place that really lets me relax when I travel. Awesome.

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    This looks like a really nice place to stay in Atlanta. I will keep this in mind when I am in town visiting my mom and brother.

  • Kristi says:

    I love the artwork and the simple colors and design of the whole place. A perfect place to relax and vacation!

  • Maureen says:

    This is a gorgeous place to stay and looks pretty comfy. I Love when you can find good locations to stay that help you between flights to be comfy and get some rest. I will have to check this one out next time I am in Atlanta!

  • Pam says:

    I love the travel element at this hotel. The swinging couches in the lobby are a really cool touch too!

  • Kita Bryant says:

    I live in Atlanta and love so many hotels there. This one I haven’t heard of! Looks and sounds amazing!

  • Joely Smith says:

    Dannng that’s like not even a HOTEL! Thats lifestyles of the rich and famous looking! Heck yeah i want to stay at a Renaissance Hotel!

  • My Teen Guide says:

    Fantastic hotel! What I love most is the framed art pieces and the bathroom wall mural. That is so unique and I have not seen anything like that in all my past travels!

  • Liz Mays says:

    Wow, I’d definitely be comfortable staying in a room like that. Even the lobby and the restaurant look amazing. What an awesome hotel for travelers!

  • This looks like such a gorgeous place to stay in Atlanta. I need to check it out the next time we are in town.

  • Jeni says:

    What a fun and funky hotel to stay at! So many design elements that make it really stand out from other hotels. I love those ceiling decorations, and that booze above the bar is to die for.

  • Marysa says:

    What a unique and modern hotel. I love the decor and style that it has, not just around the hotel but in the rooms too. And plenty of great amenities. I haven’t been to Atlanta, this would be a perfect place to stay.

  • ricci says:

    Dude that hotel looks AMAZING!! I would love to try a Renaissance Hotel one day!! And I LOVE me some ATL!!

  • Jillian Fisher says:

    This hotel looks incredidable! I love to stay there if we are ever in the area. The food looks so delish as well.

  • Wow that looks so nice! My husband and I love to travel and I will have to keep this in mind.

  • What a beautiful place to stay. The room looks very comfortable. I would definitely keep this in mind when we visit Atlanta.

  • It sounds like the perfect place for that much needed vacation and alone time for a mommy like me! It’s so beautiful out there and the food sounds amazing!

  • Tim B. says:

    I normally try to avoid staying at the on-site airport hotels. This place though looks very upscale and worth a stay!

  • Brianne says:

    I’ve stayed in this hotel before and loved it! It’s the perfect hotel for visiting Atlanta!

  • This is the kind of hotel you’d love to stay in! It’s really awesome and the decor is just perfect. Modern has always been a favorite of mine and this hotel nails it!

  • Jennifer Van Huss says:

    What a fabulous hotel! I love all of the artwork. They make the room look inviting and comfortable!

  • uprunforlife says:

    This hotel looks amazing and very relaxing. I love their decor. While I am on board with the modern look, I just think too much white with kids is not a good idea if you know what I mean. 🙂

  • kristin says:

    This looks so refreshing, I love a good place to stay. I always have wanted to go back to Atlanta.

  • sara says:

    This room is so cute! I love all the at home touches. Looks like you had a fabulous stay.

  • Rosey says:

    Everything does look great! The art on the bathroom wall is pretty cool. I’ve never seen a wall like that one.

  • That looks like an awesome hotel to visit! I would love to stay there sometime.

  • Agnes says:

    What a beautiful hotel! The beds look super comfy and the decor is on point.

  • I flew out of the Atlanta airport today. I didn’t even know about this hotel so I’ll have to check it out when I fly back home. It looks like a wonderful place to stay and relax which is what I will want to do when I get back to GA lol.

  • Makeba Giles says:

    I’ve never stayed at the Renaissance in Atlanta, but from the looks and sounds of it, I’ll definitely have to stay there the next time I visit!

  • Tomika says:

    I absolutely love this hotel and just recommended that a few friends stay there in a few weeks. I will definitely share this with them.

  • Tomiko says:

    I really love this hotel from the decor to the bar. Not needing to Uber sold me as the place to stay in Atlanta. I’m actually going next week so I’m going to try to stay there! Great and detailed review.

  • Sage says:

    I love Renaissance hotels! I stayed at one in Bangkok and I’ve been hooked ever since. The hotel was in a great location, the room was gorgeous, and the service was second to none. And the breakfast! I still talk about the breakfast buffet 6 years later!

  • Eva says:

    The detail that I liked the most was the bathroom wall with the black and white drawing of the face. My goodness – this hotel is all kindsa beautiful!

  • Kristin says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!! The artwork, quotes, and furniture definitely gives a home feel! I’m headed to Atlanta in November, will definitely be looking to stay here!

  • Beautiful Hotel! I love the room and the artwork! I haven’t been to Atlanta in a while but I will definitely check this hotel out next time I go!

  • That is a lucky hit for you to get to go to a grand opening. The interior designs remind me of one of the hotels I stayed at in Berlin. It has a lot of typography displayed throughout.

  • lisalisa says:

    WOW, what an amazing hotel!! I love the view and the Mural is so cool. I’m headed to Atlanta soon, I would love to stay at the Renaissance.

  • Ayak says:

    wow I haven’t been to ATL in years. The decor is so interesting, especially the movie reel light fixture.

  • Sue Reddel says:

    The Renaissance always does such a great job with all their properties. I especially like all the design elements on this Atlanta hotel. I’ll be sure to check in there when I’m back in Atlanta.

  • Taya Elery says:

    Well this is an excellent post to stumble upon. The Beau and I are traveling to the ATL this August to visit his cousin for her birthday. I love the décor of this hotel! I’d really love to try out that bar! It’s very unique. But that did answer the question about the travel arrangements. We’ll check into the SkyTrain connection, thanks!

  • Amanda Kee says:

    The over all look of this hotel is amazing. It’s very simple and modern which I love. I am absolutely in love with that map that is painted on the wall but its like runny. Amazing! If I ever come out to Atlanta, I will definitely be interested in staying here. The food even looks amazing! I also have to say, even though I don’t drink, I love the bar set up!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel looks absolutely beautiful! I have never stayed in a hotel like this before. I love the chic, modern style and the modern art featured at the hotel. Bonus points to Renaissance Atlanta for featuring a bar and dining area. When I travel, sometimes it’s frustrating trying to find a place to eat. I love it when hotels offer their own dining area because it makes things so much easier. Beautiful hotel!

  • wow this looks amazing. I want to visit atlanta so bad at least now I know where to stay! My sister has actually stayed here and she loved it!

  • OMG I absolutely love the decor in this hotel. I’m planning a quick trip to the ATL soon so this m might be the spot! The food looks amazing as well, and a girl loves room service 🙂

  • Katherine G says:

    This hotel looks fabulous! I would stay there any day. It looks so comfortable and well designed. I hope I get to stay there one day.

  • karlyn cruz says:

    Wow! These pictures are beautiful! You actually captured so much that it made me feel a bit like I already knew the place! I am a visual person and this post really helped me see exactly the beauty you were talking about. I love their attention to detail with all the beautiful designs and all the special touch they had to everything like the little desk area. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • When choosing an accommodation, I don’t only look at the basics but I also look at its ‘personality’ or ‘character’ for it to be a nice choice. After all, I like those that feel like they’re a home away from home. This one looks perfect for it!

  • Kita says:

    This Renaissance looks beautiful. I do love the Renaissance overall. I will have to refer some friends here when they come down to visit.

  • Catherine Sargent says:

    This looks like a really nice place to stay. I will keep this in mind the next time I come up to visit my mom.

  • Shell says:

    That sleep quote is my life! This looks like a great place to stay.

  • I don’t live in America. However, I have a friend who lives in Atlanta and every time I see it I swoon. Such a gorgeous place.

  • I can stay here for days, forever, if I can. It’s really beautiful out there and I love the decor as well. It’s such a nice place to stay at when you’re in Atlanta!

  • Mitch says:

    What a great hotel. I love your pictures, they make me want to fly down right now and stay there!

  • Theresa says:

    I really like all of the homey touches in the rooms. Makes you feel more relaxed. The quotes on the walls are a fun touch too. This definitely looks like the place to stay when traveling in Atlanta!

  • Pam says:

    The food looks so much better than normal hotel food. I could go for those chicken and waffles.

  • kristin says:

    Oh fun, this looks like such a nice place to stay. I totally want to visit here!

  • Tess says:

    Wow! I really want to go there! A very nice place to stay.

  • Toni | Boulder Locavore says:

    I love the ceiling decor at the lobby. I would love to stay here in the future.

  • Cinny says:

    Oh, I love their decor and design tastes. I will have to look into staying there the next time we visit.

  • travel blogger says:

    I love the funky modern design! This looks like such a great place to stay. I love that is has a Sky Train too! I need to keep this in mind the next time I am in Atlanta. Very nice!

  • Mary Ann says:

    What a great hotel! I love Atlanta, but haven’t been in 20 years. I think I need to book a trip!

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