Take Off To Martinique Island For Affordable US Round Trip Flights Monday 10 April, 2017

Hey world! I want to talk to you all about this beautiful island of Martinique. It’s one of the smaller islands, probably one many Westerns haven’t heard a lot about but I am here to share some cool information about it. I actually would love to visit Martinique. Martinique is a rugged Caribbean island that’s part of the Lesser Antilles. An overseas region of France, its culture reflects a distinctive blend of French and West Indian influences.


I once knew a guy who first told me he was from Martinique a few years ago. At the time I didn’t even have my passport, but I just remember him showing me how beautiful his island was with photos and gave me a glimpse of his culture. He also spoke French as his first language,which was unique to me as I didn’t think people from the island spoke French.

Fun facts about Martinique:

You can sleep in a bubble (Sphère de bulles, or Le Domaine des bulles)

You can paddle at night above stingrays

The first coffee plant of the new world is from Martinique

Most Expensive rum in the world: Clement, 100,000 euros


Martinique is considered a French vacation island destination in the heart of the Caribbean. It is bountiful of rich cultural heritage, an array of diverse handicrafts and its delicious cuisine, whose varied spices and unique flavors will titillate your taste buds. It is considered a very affordable Caribbean vacation destination, in which Martinique island offers a wide range of accommodations for tourists; such as intimate or luxurious Caribbean French hotels, villas, apartments, cottages, etc.


The best part about a potential vacation to Martinique this year is the affordable flights! Who is looking for a great airline deal to go on a tropical vacation this year (points to self). Well I’m sold. I always have friends and family that ask me often how to do I travel like I do? For one I make sure I find really great flight deals. Thankfully, since Martinique is still a new flight destination for American tourists, Norwegian is making it super affordable to plan your next vacation if you live on or travel to the East Coast.

Affordable flights on Norwegian Air – Non-stop service to Fort-de-France out of New York, Boston, Baltimore/Washington DC starting at $79.

Enter the sweepstakes to win two round-trip tickets to Martinique to experience the “Caribbean Island With A French Flair here.


I am already sold on traveling to Martinique and now I am even more excited of the potential to visit the island. I’m traveling more than ever and this would be an amazing experience to see this country for myself. I might be doing a Travel Guide on the country sooner than later so stay tuned.

This post has been sponsored by Martinique Tourism Authority. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Have you Heard of Martinique island before?

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