Thanos Demands Your Silence and Mine! | A No Spoiler Preview of Avengers: Infinity War Friday 27 April, 2018

Ten years in the making in one of the most epic super hero collaborations of all time, the Avengers: Infinity Wars is finally here. I came, I saw and I seen it…don’t know if I conquered what I saw. Let me tell you, this movie is so mind blowing I am not even going to do my standard review. I am still processing. I really might have to go see it again to reprocess what happened. No seriously.

Saw a pre-screening within this week before the movie came out and I was stoked. I am still on the high of Black Panther and as you can see on my shirt you know who’s cameo I was really thrilled to see again this year. It was my boo from Wakanda, Mbaku! Yes it is that serious to wear I wore an M’Baku tee to the screening! I am VERY aware M’Baku isn’t an Avenger, and if you didn’t see Black Panther have no clue who he is (in the comic books he is known as Ape Man). But he is my favorite person from Wakanda, he is also helping the good fight with the Avengers in Infinity Wars…which somehow is in Wakanda in parts of the film. Check out this special featurette of the Avengers going to Wakanda (makes wrist cross each other for the #WakandaForever symbol)

Avengers going to Wakanda FEATURETTE

M’baku, O’koye, Shuri and yes of course the King, T’challa will be in Avengers:Infinity Wars. You all have to see this fight go down in Wakanda.

Other Scenes from Infinity War

Wow so much is going on in this movie. It was just amazing to see so many character from the Marvel Universe come together and finally meet. Ten year of the digital masterpieces of Marvel Studios that finally personified these characters that have been around for decades to create an amazing ensemble of a film. Again, I refused to say what I want to say. I refused to even review it, because I feel what I will say will ruin it for you in some way shape or form. You know it’s a fight. Thanos is the enemy. He is a jerk. He destroys many worlds. And yes to answer your question, one or more characters die in this film.

I will say who you think might die wont probably, and who does die will make you upset and shocked. Yeah, that probably wasn’t helpful at all. I am not even helping myself. The ending through me, and everyone for a loop so bad that we all left that movie theater mad and just in freaking shock! I am just going to give you three letters to how I left that theater…WTF!

Shaq, yes the basketball player was in my movie theater, I know random and even he looked like he left upset and discombobulated. I don’t blame you Shaq…not at all. Questions that don’t have answers is all I am going to dish out. If you see this film, please feel free to come back to me and share with me your concerns. Maybe we can have some Avenger therapy together. Overall it was beautiful to see the Avengers come together the way they did.

Debuts in theaters July 8th, 2018

Just know up next is Ant Man and the Wasp that debuts this summer. In Marvel fashion maybe there will be some hint as to what is next for the Avengers, within this film. We will see in a few months!


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Are you going to see Infinity War? Who is your favorite Avenger?


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  • Theresa says:

    I heard that some of the characters would not be returning for another movie, so I can see where you might have been left with questions unanswered. We can’t wait to see the film. This is such an amazing franchise.

  • Brianne says:

    My son is literally busting to see this movie. I can’t wait to take him this weekend!

  • I’m seeing the movie this weekend and I’m so excited. I appreciate the review without any spoilers. Now I’m just so psyched to see the movie.

  • Holly says:

    This movie is awesome. I love the Avengers movies and the characters. I think my favorite is Hawkeye!!!

  • karamel_kc says:

    This is on my to watch list. I love all the super hero stuff =] Thanks for the review

  • Andrea says:

    i have a friend who was super excited about seeing the movie. i know he was going to go to today, I’m pretty sure he went to see the movie today. and now after reading your post i totally wanna go to.

  • Heather Reed says:

    Oh this seems to be amazing! Can’t wait to watch this with the kiddos. Your blog is amazing!!

  • Fely says:

    I am so excited for this. After reading this I want to see for myself and see what questions I’ll have.

  • Alaina Monster says:

    I’m so excited for this movie! Have to wait until next weekend to see it though … But I’m excited to see how they all come together!

  • Suzanne says:

    My hubby is dying to see this LOL, I bet it was full-blown entertainment!

  • Nina Bosken says:

    That’s cool that they brought a lot of characters together for this film. It looks like quite a masterpiece! Thanks for not spoiling anything!

  • Jessica Taylor says:

    I have mixed emotions about this show! I may have to see it again to fully grasp what is going on lol.

  • Thank you for not spoiling it lol. I have been dodging social media posts because I won’t see it until Saturday.

  • Gosh, I am so hype for this movie! Going to go see it on Sunday and cannot wait!

  • Stacie says:

    Yes, we are big Marvel fans so we will definitely will be seeing it soon. I think you know who my favorite is! 😉

  • Kita says:

    It was a good movie but I am mad. I need for a certain character not to be dead. The end.

  • I LOVE Marvel! I cant wait to watch this. We should be going this weekend. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  • Kim says:

    My sister spoiled it for me and told me that Wakanda is destroyed. I’m pissed she told me. I am going to try and see the movie this weekend.

  • Olena says:

    My son got to see this movie a 2 days ago and told me a little but I am ready to see it myself. I absolutely loved Black Panther and my youngest son has made sure I am a Marvel Comic Mama! I LOVE your tshirt and your hair. Also I have a feeling once I see this movie I may need to have Avenger Therapy myself!

  • Valerie Robinson says:

    I have a date to see this Friday! Wasn’t able to fully dodge spoilers, but still excited nonetheless! And I love you MBaku tee :).

  • Carissa says:

    I am very interested in seeing Infinity Wars, we haven’t had time but I am looking forward to it soon!

  • Ola says:

    I haven’t made plans yet to see this movie, but it sounds like it’s going to be awesome!

  • Sanaa Brooks says:

    I can’t wait for Antman! And I totally peep that Adorned by Chi shirt! I see you. Lol

  • Marcie W. says:

    I have heard nothing but amazing things about Avengers: Infinity War! Even diehard Marvel fans are saying this one tops them all.

  • Sarah Bailey says:

    EEkk thank you for this and thank you for making it spoiler free, I don’t do the cinema as I get very sore, so we have to try and miss all the spoilers until it comes out to rent. But I love hearing spoiler free “abouts”.

  • I am sad that somebody might die in this film. I have not seen it yet so I will have to take my son and daughter who loved Black Panther.

  • Bill Sweeney says:

    After seeing Infinity War, I too understand that there a lot of unanswered questions, about what happened, and where does it go from there. If you read threads from Facebook groups, you’ll read many different scenarios of what’s to come. All of them make sense to a degree.

  • Myrah Duque says:

    I have yet to see it, and so looking forward to it!

  • I’ve seen the movie and I honestly think it’s the best one yet! We’re left with so many questions but this movie is very beautifully made. I like the twists and turns!

  • Toni | Boulder Locavore says:

    This is such a great review! Makes me want to see the movie!

  • Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I saw the movie last weekend and I would say I had the same reaction as you. I still can’t get over it until now. My husband jokingly said, “Watch it again, maybe you’ll get the ending you want.” Haha. Best movie I have seen this year.

  • I have not seen it but I need to see all the loose ends get tied up if possible. There are so many great stars in the cast so it will be a lot of fun.

  • Patranila says:

    They got Shaq too! LOL! I haven’t seen it yet, I’ve been so busy but I’m dodging spoilers like a champ.

  • Heather says:

    The kids and I all love the Marvel movies. It was so exciting going into the theater knowing I was going to see so many of my favorite characters. But it ended up being so much more emotional than I thought it would be.

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