Tiffany Young is a vibrant and bubbly party planning extraordinaire being the owner of unique event locations. Based in Atlanta,Ga, she is always putting kid friendly magical spot for children to have the best parties and she is the super host of them all. Her previous party spot, Pink Pastry Parlor, gained so much attention that Oprah Winfrey gave her a show called Party at Tiffany’s in 2011.

I even did a photoshoot at the Pink Pastry Parlor back in 2013 in which you can see my cute birthday shoot here.  Although Pink Pastry Parlor is no longer, their has been a change and upgrade and now she is the innovator of The Pink Hotel. Probably the only hotel in Georgia that you can go to exclusive hotel like experience designed especially for kids and now she has expanded the hotel to something more!

When was the last time your kids had a ball somewhere? What about a literal ball(oon) at this new funky party shop called The Air Affair. Its more than just party balloons, as it is an extension of the famous The Pink Hotel. The Pink Hotel is a children’s dream of 10,000 sqft kiddie hotel featuring  Sleepover Suites, Salon & Spa, Arcade, Dance Club, Library, Fitness Center, Ballroom, Movie Theatre, Craftroom , Test Kitchen, Event Hall and more!

The Air Affair is a unique Balloon Bar experience and showcases the latest trend in balloons!! Its not just regular balloons here at The Air Affair, its exotic balloons and the kids have fun at the 4 glamorous selfie stations for kids to take for the Gram, celebration photo shoots and more!

I brought my fun 10 year old niece, Jordan, who loves to take photos like her auntie and she explored the fun balloon bar and selfie stations for herself!


The Air Affair Glitzy Backdrop

So when you walk in, the first selfie station that will catch your eye will be this Glitzy The Air Affair Backdrop. Its is such a cute area for kids to take photos as they can put on wigs, play with props and even wear some high heel shoes to take an amazing glamorous selfie.

Tea with the Unicorn Bride

This selfie station is the tea set up with the Unicorn Bride. Super cute and unique way to have a tea party!

Balloon Bathub Prop Station

This bathtub is a lot of fun. Kids can get inside and literally have a ball! Bubblebaths never been more girly and the photos inside of one are not to be missed. I even got inside!

Dream Bed Prop Station

The last selfie station area is the Dream Bed. Every girl has dreams and why not take photos of the place where a girl should always get her beauty rest.

The place has so many cute set ups in the room to take cute photo opps. Get selfie ready or just have a little fun.  Its so cute and very pre-teen/teen friendly! A  girly wonderland!


Cant leave without checking out all of the full balloons at The Air Affair!

Now it’s not called The Air Affair for nothing. Its a balloon emporium! You can get all type of balloons here. Different sizes, colors, shapes and for any mood and theme. You can even add glitter inside your balloon!


Jordan hosting the DIY Slime Class! Popular Party idea for kids at The Air Affair

Jordan was too excited when she learned there was a slime session this day. She was so enthusiastic she even lead the classes. She did so well leading the first class of kids that she hosted the second class too! She taught the kids how to make the perfect slime blob. I had no idea how popular slime was, but they all had a ball and they all listened to Jordan on how to make theirs perfect. Jordan might be back in the future to teach another class or more classes!

You can also buy all the cutesy candy and make your own goodies too if you have a sweet tooth!

Jordan fell in love with this spot, and the owner Tiffany Young said she is hired! She might have a kiddie ambassadorship in the works so stay tuned to see what Jordan does next here!

If your preteen or teen wants to have a unique party + celebration experience The Air Affair is a good stop. If you want to really go all out then go next door and have  full memorable mind-blowing party experience and sleepover The Pink Hotel is next door!

Learn more about The Air Affair located at The Pink Hotel at

Do you think your kid would have a ball here?

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