Tips For Enjoying Life More By Planning Short Travel Trips Wednesday 11 October, 2017

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Seems as of lately people are getting bit with the travel bug. We all want to travel to a fun country, be by a beach, explore a new culture and take some social media worthy photos. I do think with the increase of wanderlust people are becoming sad when traveling isn’t including putting stamps on passports and sipping on cocktails by the ocean. Do not let people paint that travel narrative for you. Traveling is way bigger than that. Life is meant to be enjoyed in so many different ways and there are plenty of ways to travel, even if you don’t go outside the country.

As an avid traveler, I am here to tell you that you can enjoy your life way more if you look for travel opportunities in different forms. Everyone may not have the time or money to do the exotic traveling, so opt for more practical travel alternative. If you are not sure, I have a few ideas on Enjoying Life More By Planning Short Travel Trips. Check out some actual sample trips, many that I actually have organized for a quick adventure and hopefully it inspires you to take some of your own!

1. Travel Trip to Go Fruit Picking (Seasonal)

I think fruit picking is a great idea to get up and travel for a purpose for produce. We live in a world where we are used to getting our fruits from the grocery store, but it would be fun to pick you own items and fill up a basket. In the Spring/Summer it is known for strawberry, blackberry and peaches picking season. In the Fall it is well known it is apple picking season.

Pumpkin isn’t a fruit nor does it get picked, but this is also very popular in the Fall to visit pumpkin patches and getting pumpkins for Fall decor, food prep, pumpkin carving and even just festive photo shoots. Usually to do these pickings you have to travel outside a city to go to these farms so it would make for a fun festive travel trip.

2. Travel Foodie Trip for Brunch

Brunch trip to Macon,GA

Brunch is a girls favorite meal. Its easy to find brunch in your own city, but when was the last time you and your friends went scouting for a brunch spot outside of your own town. You don’t have to travel too far, but away enough where its definitely not in the normal spot you would pick a brunch location. Use Google to find cool brunch spots in different counties, cities or even statewide! See who has the best Brunch reviews in that town and take a trip! You can also just do a random foodie trip for any meal of your choice (I just personal love brunch).

3. Travel Trip To A Winery

Wine tastings are cool locally, but it doesn’t beat going to a winery! Often the best wineries are in the outskirts of a city so will make for a fun day travel experience.

Chateau Elan Winery Trip in Braselton,GA

4. Travel Trip To A Festival

Festivals are eveywhere and going on all the time. Its fun to attend a music festival in your town, but research in your State all of the festivals going on for the year. Find a fun foodie fest, beer or wine fest, art, cultural, or other fun themed festival and get your tickets and travel there. You will be surprised what kind of festivals are going on in your state. Some may even be free so check something out and go enjoy a good fest!

5. Travel Trip To A Cabin/Lodge/Resort

I know staycations are cool, where you can have a weekend trip within your own city and stay at a hotel. How about stepping outside of a hotel stay and try a cabin trip or lodge/resort trip instead. These types of trips are fun because you don’t even have to leave the area you are staying in. You stay on the premises of that cabin or resort and enjoy those amenities. Resorts are different from the ones you may be used to internationally, but are fun as they are usually by water and have great amenities to indulge in on location. Cabin/Lodge trips are especially popular during the Fall and Winter to bundle in and escape in nature.

6. Travel Trip for a Daycation (Day Trip)

Sometimes you can get away for an entire weekend getaway or full vacation. If you are just looking for something with a real quick turn around opt for a daycation. Its a fun vacation activity that you can participate in but its only for a day. This can be statewide or even traveling to a neighboring city but agreeing to return home. Lots of options as you can leave early in the morning and be back home by night. You could save lots of money because you won’t have to spend money overnight staying in a hotel. You can add daycation ideas with fruitpicking options, foodie brunch trip, winery trips, festivals and other activities. Be creative, bring a friend(s) and have fun!

7. Travel Trip for a Statecation (Vacation Within Your State)

This is one of the most underrated trips. Roadtrips don’t have to be in other states. This is similar to staycations but instead of staying in your own town in a hotel, you go to a different city to stay for the weekend within your state. Your state has plenty of counties and cities you probably heard of but yet to explore. Pick one you deem interested in and stay for a weekend. Book a hotel and start exploring the fun things to do in that area. You might be surprised all the cool things to do and places to eat that is going on in that town. If you like this town enough, you can return in the future for possible Daycations in the future!

Statecation trip in Augusta,GA

With all of these traveling ideas there are times you are in the car and want something to snack on. I’m not the type of person who wants to pull over to gas station for their snacks because most of the time its junk food. I keep with me in my travel tote mostly water, fresh fruit and the new Shredded Wheat Cereal Frosted Mixed Berry flavor.

I like to keep my Frosted Mixed Berry cereal in a Tupperware container as I travel but you can easily put it in a Ziploc bag too.

Its something quick and easy to snack on! This is cereal, but don’t be afraid to indulge in these without pouring them in a bowl. I love this combo with the strawberries.

I got the new Shredded Wheat Frosted Mixed Berry in Walmart. You can find it easily down the cereal aisle. You can also save big on this product with the ibotta coupon here.

I challenge you to fuel your travel adventures by stepping outside the box and do short trips. While you fuel your travel fuel your energy with Shredded Wheat Cereals and their new flavors in Frosted Mixed Berry, Cinnamon Roll, S’mores Bites.

Are you fueled up to take more short travel trips?

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