Tom Cruise Three Decade Sequel Cruises Into The Danger Zone with Top Gun Maverick Tuesday 31 May, 2022



Welcome back to the danger zone. One of the most iconic ’80s movie ever, Top Gun: Maverick is the sequel we waited three decades for. Jetting into theaters now, Top Gun 2 reboots the original film’s heart-pounding aerial action, infectiously cheesy character drama and don’t-think-too-hard-about-it military fetishism in a winning spectacle of cinematic escapism.

It’s been more than 35 years since the release of the original Top Gun, in which Tom Cruise employed his widest grin as a US Navy aviator with a point to prove and a childlike delight in playing with high-speed toys

Cruise reportedly resisted a sequel for decades, but it turns out if you wait long enough, a story presents itself. He returns to the cockpit as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, still feeling the need for speed no matter what the top brass says. And now, enough time has passed since his co-pilot Goose’s death in the original film for Goose’s son to be a fully grown man.

Played by Miles Teller, the son is a chip off the old chock, flying with the Navy under the callsign Rooster. When Maverick is called in to train the next generation of cocky kids for a Dambusters-meets-Death-Star suicide mission, the pair are locked onto an intercept course. “And we’re off,” one character wryly observes of Maverick’s anti-authoritarian antics, but he could be talking about the full-tilt re-creation of the original film’s glossy thrills.

 Top Gun Maverick is in theaters Memorial Day Weekend #TopGun

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