{Travel by Kiwi} Kia Sorento Ride to Jekyll Island Hotel Club Thursday 10 September, 2015

I was back on the road again, getting all of my summer roadtrips out and I went to Jekyll Island. I was invited by my close blogger friend, Milla of HappilyEating.com on this two-day press trip to the island tucked away in South Georgia. I have actually been to Jekyll Island as a child, but many people who live in Atlanta never heard of it and they just assume that the coast in the state is of Savannah.


jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-2 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-3

I was so happy around the time of this press trip I was able to ride in style and review this cute 2016 Kia Sorento. Milla and I loved driving this down to Jekyll Island and exploring in this. Such a smooth ride and enjoyed every bit of it!


Excited for the Press Trip to Jekyll Island


Roadtrip Blogger Buddy with Milla of HappilyEating.com

jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-7 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-8 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-9 Jekyll Island is a historic area that still gives off that old school vintage flair of upscale southern Georgia. When Milla and I arrived, we felt like we stepped in a time warp. Although the place is renovated, the property still kept it’s flair of the resort from when it was first established.


Greeted to our room with hotel cookies!

jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-12 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-13

I will say my stay here was extremely comfy! This is definitely a great quiet, peaceful and relaxing getaway with a friend, family or your loved one! This was literally a getaway I needed to relax my mind and sometimes get away from the busy city of Atlanta.

Charity Truffle Wine Dinner

jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-14 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-15 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-16

Milla and I main reason for being invited to the resort was for this charity Truffle Wine Dinner. We got a full five course upscale meal on the resort in honor of a great cause. All of the meals were made with the key ingredient, truffle oil of course each pair with a unique wine to go with each dish.

jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-17 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-18

Milla and I were able to get a preview of what was going on in the actual kitchen for the first course. I love the presentation…didn’t know what it was yet but it looked pretty!


Roasted Chicken Consomme with Chicken and Summer Truffle Quenelles w/Dusted Gold Leaf

So the preview of the presentation I just showed you in the kitchen was this dish which was the First Course! I never had Consomme before, but from what the Chef + Milla was telling me its a very intricate soup dish, not easy to make but taste amazing and rich. You know you have a great consomme when you can see through the soup broth clearly. Also the Dusted Golf Leaf was an amazing touch to the first course…edible gold that is a new one for me! This set the bar high and mood for the following dishes!


Tangerine Glace Sea Bass with Roasted Tomato and Jicama Slaw with Pecan Truffle Chips

My favorite! I don’t think I ever had Sea Bass before but this would be my new favorite fish dish. This was so delicious and the crunchy texture of the pecan truffle chips with the tangerine glaze was amazing!  I wanted a second round of this!


Pan Seared Wagyu Beef Filet


Pan Seared Wagyu Beef Filet


Black Truffle Semifreddo

I will not lie, this was not my favorite at all. This Black Truffle Semifreddo was like an ice cream but in mushroom flavor. Quite interesting right? If you are a mushroom fan you might actually like this, but me I not a mushroom fan at all. People at the table had mix review, but it was too much of an acquired taste for me! 


Assorted Desserts

I am so happy there were other dessert options after the Black Truffle Semifreddo, these were great! Chocolate Lemon Parfaits, Macaroons and Cake Bites sealed the Truffle Wine Dinner. Yum! 


Milla + I with the mother of Alexa (Katie) in which the Truffle Wine Dinner was dedicated to.

During the Truffle Wine Dinner, we realized after small talk and conversation through bites that we were sitting next to Alexa mother Katie, in which this event was in honor of the little girl. Alexa was a young girl, age 6 who died of cancer a few years ago. This dinner was in honor of the memory of Alexa and her family and all of the proceeds went to her legacy and current foundation. I will be honest, I knew I was going to a charity dinner – but not a dinner that was for the memory of Alexa. Her mother Katie (pictured here) is actually so strong and kept up great spirits during the event. She said Alexa was such a happy-go-lucky girl even when she was fighting for her life and hopes this can be an annual event in honor of her daughter’s memory. Milla and I was so grateful we were able to sit at a table with Katie and family and get to know a little of the background story and we will definitely be keeping in touch with her! So humbled that not only that I got to enjoy a great full course exquisite dinner but to enjoy it for a beautiful cause!

Exploring Jekyll Island


Milla + I on Jekyll Island Beach

jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-29 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-30

Milla & I on the second day just took a moment to explose the Island of Jekyll. We hit up two beaches Jekyll Island Beach + Driftwood Beach. You all know I love a good beach…remember Curly Mermaid!


Me at Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach was our next beach visit and I can say I never been to a beach like this before. Something happened on this beach where the trees surrounding the area uprooted from the ground…and I mean completely from the roots and made its mark all over the beach. There were trees all over, but it was beautiful! I literally never seen anything like it. It’s definitely a place to visit for photo purposes for you may never see anything like this ever again!

jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-32 jekyll-island-truffle-dinner-kia-sorento-blog-review-kiwi-the-beauty-33

J ust to give a clearview, these are just some of many of the trees that were all over Driftwood Beach. Amazing!


The 2016 Kia Sorento was definitely the perfect getaway vehicle!

I had fun driving around in this new and modern Kia Sorento. Kia’s over the last few years have really understood the consumers and innovation with their vehicles. I actually owned two Kia’s in the past (which were a 98′ Kia Sephia + ’02 Kia Optima respectively) and I totally see the difference on how the brand has evolved. Milla + I rode in style and equip will all the high-tech functionality a new 2016 car provides! Learn more about the new 2016 Kia Sorento here (http://kia.com)

So much to learn, explore and of course fun I had with Milla for these two days on Jekyll Island. I definitely would like to return again as I’ve learn there is always something interesting going on this island. Learn more about Jekyll Island Hotel Club at jekyllclub.com

Have You Done Anymore Roadtrip Before The Summer is Over?


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