Travel Itinerary | A Day in Macon,Georgia Tuesday 13 June, 2017

I had a staycation in Atlanta, but now I was ready to take a daytrip outside of the city. I have never been to Macon,Ga (which is an 1 1/2 outside of Atlanta) so my friend and I thought it would be cool to spend a full day and learn more about the town. As I said in a previous blog, I am getting ready to go out the country for a couple of weeks, but I was really curious to explore the historical town of Macon,GA.

Its a quick road trip and surprisingly lots of places to explore, eat and relax. The tagline of Macon is “Where Soul Lives” home of many rhymn and blues & rock and rolls musicians. I really felt this town was a landmark of many historical events and the energy of vintage preservation of African American heritage, Musical heritage, Sports and Recreation Highlights, College and University activities, a thriving downtown area and more!

Hilton Garden Inn Suites Macon-Mercer University

Macon-Bibb County Convention & Visitors Bureau

The MBCCVB is the non-profit destination marketing organization for Macon-Bibb County. The CVB was created in 1982 exclusively to market Macon-Bibb County regionally, domestically, and internationally, to convention groups, sports events, tour groups and leisure visitors in order to enhance the local economy and increase employment.

Macon lies on the site of the Ocmulgee Old Fields, where the historic Creek Indians lived in the 18th century. Their prehistoric predecessors, the Mississippian culture, built a powerful chiefdom (950–1100 AD) based on an agricultural village and constructed earthwork mounds for ceremonial, burial and religious purposes. The areas along the rivers in the Southeast had been inhabited by varying cultures of indigenous peoples for 13,000 years before Europeans arrived.

Tubman Museum

I did visit the Tubman Museum while I was out here. I was so excited as I had no idea too much prior to my trip that this museum exsisted. As a person who is always seeking more knowledge of my African American history this was a must-visit on my Macon trip and I will actually do a seperate post on this. Plenty of history, art and of course a tribute area to the iconic Harriet Tubman.

The Rookery

During an era that saw Jimmy carter ascend to the White House and Macon’s own Capricorn Records release hit after hit making music history, the Rookery was just being born. The Rookery’s dining area, outside patio, and renowned bar are always bustling with satisfied patrons. Other noteworthy features are the onion rings, hand-cut fries, milkshakes, and extensive craft beer list. Dovetail is right upstairs that serve more upscale but creative dishes as well. Must return to try the sister restaurant.

OUTKASTS’S STANKONIA Fried chicken, Mrs. Griffin’s hot bbq sauce, swiss cheese, collard greens, crisp country ham

So being an Atlanta Native, aka an ATLien its easy to be a hardcore Outkast fan. So imagine my excitement as I seen the Outkast Stankonia sandwich. I didnt even blink twice before I knew this was going to be order. Its was amazing soul food in a sandwich form. Big Boi and Dre would be proud!

Cherry St. Scoops

H&H Soul Food

I had to get some authentic soul food while I was in Macon and H&H Soul Food was the place. Founded in 1959 by Inez Hill and Louise Hudson, H&H Restaurant is a Macon institution – woven into the fabric of Macon’s history. H&H has kept Macon’s most diverse clientele well-fed with delicious, stick-to-ya-ribs soul food and is most famous for its founders’ unique friendship with the Allman Brothers Band. This friendship took Mama Louise on quite a ride that included a seat on the tour bus in 1972 and lifelong friendships with Gregg and the rest of the band, as well as most all of the figures (large and small) of Macon’s southern rock explosion.

H&H was closed for a little while after Mama Hill passed on, but on August 13, 2014, the Moonhanger Group reopened the historic restaurant in cooperation with Mama Louise.

I had to go for brunch and I got the fried chicken and waffles with deviled eggs, jalepeno hush puppies and mac and cheese as the sides.

Find out why a trip to Macon, Georgia is good for your soul!

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  • Stacie says:

    Ahhh! Nothing is better than chicken and waffles. Unless it’s chicken and waffles on this trip. It sounds like it was a great time.

  • Vera Sweeney says:

    I would love to visit Macon one day. Atlanta gets all the love when people talk about Georgia, but I have some friends who’ve visited Macon,and they said it’s amazing down there.

  • Eileen says:

    Looks like you had a busy day in Macon. I’ve never been , but would love to visit one day!

  • Jennifer Van Huss says:

    What a fabulous place to visit! I have never been to Georgia, but after this post I want to!

  • candy says:

    We don’t live anywhere near Macon, Georgia so won’t be enjoying all it has to offer. Looks like there is so much to do and enjoy and something for everyone.

  • Heather says:

    I have only passed through Georgia on I95. Looks like a great place to visit.

  • Jeni says:

    This looks like such a great place to visit. I love that ice cream shop as well, sort of like 31 flavors, only more local.

  • Mary Edwards says:

    I just added all of this to our trip itinerary! We are heading to Atlanta in July and want to make side trips-this is perfect

  • Dogvills says:

    I’ve never been to Georgia, but I heard it’s such a gorgeous place. I would love to go one day.

  • Vivtoria Heckstall says:

    What a fun and amazing exoerience you had! Georgia is really beautiful place and I will make sure to go soon.

  • Robin rue says:

    That sounds like such a fun place to hang out for a day. I would love to visit the Rookery!!

  • Tomi C says:

    I’ve driven thru Macon but never stopped. Thanks for the introduction to the Tubman Museum. As a museum lover, I am adding this to my next trip to Georgia and a stop to try that Outkast Stankonia sandwich is definitely on the itinerary.

  • Alli Smith says:

    My hometown is only an hour south of Macon and I grew up shopping in Macon when I didn’t have time to go to Atlanta. I haven’t been in years! I need to visit next time I’m in my hometown. All of the food looks scrumptious.

  • LaShawn says:

    You know it really is a shame that I live right here in Atlanta and have never been to Macon! I keep meaning to get down there! Maybe this summer we will make it a day trip!

  • There is nothing like good food and plenty of culture! This sounds like a wonderful itinerary! You were able to maximize your time there!

  • Jennifer G says:

    I have never been here before! The food looked delicious. I think I would love to visit the rookery! Time to book a trip.

  • RaNesha says:

    My family is planning a reunion in Macon I’m glad I came across your post we could really use a lot of the information you shared during planning. Thanks for sharing.

  • There is a lot of interesting history there that I had no idea about. I would love to visit and explore the area!

  • Jeanette says:

    You always go to such fun spots. I used to live outside of Atlanta and I have never been to any of the places you have. I need to go down and explore.

  • Terri says:

    Where do I even begin! Everything you did seems like a must see. You definitely sold me on the soul food and tubman museum.

  • That ice cream looks so good right now! Every day is getting hotter here, even in the office, and I need a treat to cool down.

  • Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh wow what an amazing place to visit, I would love to go to the museum and that ice cream, I would totally grab one of those.

  • I didn’t get to spend much time touring Atlanta the last time I was there because I was there for a conference and couldn’t tack on any extra time, but I definitely want to go back. I HAVE to try that “OUTKASTS’S STANKONIA Fried chicken, Mrs. Griffin’s hot bbq sauce, swiss cheese, collard greens, crisp country ham” YES and YAS to that!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  • Eva says:

    I lived in or around Georgia for a large portion of my life and never spend any time in Macon. Seems like a cool place to visit!

  • I can’t wait to visit Macon! I’ve never been interested, but now I’VE GOTTA GO!

  • lisa says:

    It looks like there’s so much to do in Macon! I would love to go and check out all the things to do.

  • E H says:

    What a fun trip you have had! All of the places I would love to visit if I were going to Macon. Love GA and its Southern hospitality! Can’t wait to visit now some day we are in the area!

  • Macon is awesome! A lot of great places to eat and great people make it worth the drive.

  • Pam Wattenbarger says:

    H&H Soul Food looks like it is a great place to eat. I actually don’t live too far from Macon, Georgia, myself.

  • I would love to try the waffles with chicken. Looks like a fun travel with lots of food to taste and things to do.

  • My weakness is a delicious vanilla ice cream. Those rainbow sprinkles make that cone look so yummy. I think I’ll prepare a treat like this later today!

  • Sarah Honey says:

    Great information! Sharing this with my SIL she may move up there for school!

  • Tiffany H. says:

    I have heard of Macon, Georgia but I have never been there. This was a great list as I love to go to historical museums, see local sights and eat good food. Will def check out these places if I ever end up in Macon, Georgia.

  • Maurene Cab says:

    I’ve seen Hilton Garden Inn when I was in Georgia. I should have checked the place. Your photos look amazing.

  • It sounds like you had an awesome trip to Georgia! I would love to visit there someday!

  • I had no idea Macon was such a cool spot. I never hear of it in terms of travel and tourism. This is a great review. I’d love to check out the Tubman Museum. Thanks for sharing this!

  • adriana says:

    It looks like such a fun time! I’ve been to ATL but never here, I definitely have to check it out next time I’m there.

  • I am really so blown away by the history of that area. I had no idea about all of the music that happened here, such an inspiring and fun to learn history lesson right there.

  • Tami says:

    I think hubby and I will be making some vacation destination changes. Macon wasn’t on the list until now. The food looks delicious, as well as all Macon has to offer.

  • Emily says:

    I have to confess I have never heard of macon. I assume it is a very small place, but, it seems to have a lot of history and culture. I would defiitely be paying a visit to the history museum. And I would devour the burger you ate. This looks like my kinda place: great culture and delicious food!

  • roch says:

    The fried chicken and waffles with deviled eggs, jalapeno hush puppies and mac and cheese as the sides looked delicious. Did you plan your visit to H&H Soul Food? I think I’d also want to try their dishes. I never knew about the African American heritage, culture, or music.

  • Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is a great itinerary for Macon Ga. indeed. It seems like there is so much to see there and we would love to visit all of these places for sure. The Ocmulgee Old Field sounds really interesting to us for sure. Thanks for sharing these awesome sights to see.

  • Adeola says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

    I really love your dress and the food pictures got me salivating!

  • Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Oh my goodness. My husband would love to visit that place. He’s so into history and a trip to Macon would be a dream come true for him! So much history and so much food. Fantastic Macon!

  • My Teen Guide says:

    The Tubmann Museum is a great place to visit while in Georgia. However, the best part of visiting Macon or any other city in Georgia is the food! Oh my goodness. The food is so mouth watering!

  • Jenn says:

    Now this is my kind of vacation itinerary. I am all about the interesting and the food. That ice cream looks amazing. I have never been to Georgia, but I have heard from other people that it is a great place to visit. maybe one day.

  • Daria says:

    I have a cousin that’s moving up there with her family in July. I will be sure to share this with her. We are also going to visit there for Christmas. Will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  • I usually don’t like staying in inns but this one looks better than what I thought. Great pick.

  • You always take us to all of these unique and different places throughout Atlanta. And you show us some amazing experiences along the way. I didn’t have Atlanta on my bucket list of cities to visit before, but I will definitely have to add it now with all of the amazing places here. That chicken and waffles looked to die for.

  • Kim says:

    You did a lot during your trip. I swear you always eat the best food. Everything looked good.

  • I’ve yet to get down to visit GA. Thanks for the recommendations.

  • What an amazing trip. The Tubman Museum, scoops, and H7H soul food, overall a great trip and thanks for sharing ideas for my next trip.

  • Echo says:

    What an amazing day! That hotel looks great too! I have always wanted to visit Georgia! There is so much to do and so many great foods to try!

  • I have never been to Georgia for a visit, but it looks like Macon is a fun place. I want some of that soul food. Give me mac n cheese any day.

  • It sounds like you had an awesome trip to Georgia! Georgia is really a beautiful place! Can’t wait to visit here one day.

  • Sara says:

    I have a tripto Georgia coming up so I will definitely try to stay here.

  • Elle CleverlyChanging says:

    I love history, museums, and artifacts. I wold love to visit and take my husband as well. It looks like you have a great time.

  • Tyra says:

    Macon looks amazing. I love all of the Civil Rights information. And that piano is beautiful!

  • Lisa Favre says:

    That fried chicken sandwich just goes above and beyond my expectations for any type of burger/sandwich! Yum, yum – totally would eat that in a second. Love the foodie pics you posted!

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