Tyler Perry’s Have & Have Nots + Love Thy Neighbor Summer Season Return! Wednesday 01 July, 2015

Can I just share with you all I love being media in Atlanta? It was a special press day as OWN Network highlighted Tyler Perry’s two successful shows, The Have and the Have Nots + Love Thy Neighbor with the return of these show summer seasons. I love that Tyler makes sure his hometown city always gets a special press luncheon to welcome each season. I am greatful to always be invited as myself and other Atlanta media outlets get an opportunity to meet some of the stars of each shows and speak on the new seasons!



Maggianos Buckhead catering for the press luncheon


Press Luncheon served by Maggianos Buckhead

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Myself + fellow Atlanta media outleft for the OWN Network luncheon for HAHN + Love Thy Neighbor

The OWN NETWORK + Tyler Perry have notice that the Atlana area has always provided so much love and press coverage they make sure to give the city press extra attention, as they also shoot these shows here. 

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Dont mind this candid…probably showing people how to Periscope the event live!

The cast of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network’s, “The Haves and the Have Nots,” and “Love Thy Neighbor,” held a private press reception at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA to present seasons 2b of their respective shows. Angela RobinsonCrystal Fox and Gavin Houston from “The Haves and the Have Nots” and Patrice LovelyKendra C. Johnson and Palmer Williams from “Love Thy Neighbor” gave members of the press an exclusive sneak peek of their shows and conducted a Q&A following the previews.


The cast of the shows The Have and Have Nots + Love Thy Neighbor enter the press luncheon


Gavin Houston from The Have and the Have Nots


Angela Robinson, Crystal Fox and Gavin Houston from “The Haves and the Have Nots” and Patrice Lovely, Kendra C. Johnson and Palmer Williams from “Love Thy Neighbor” in ATL

Tyler Perry sure knows how to create television shows (and movies). Both of these shows are polar opposites, The Have and the Have Nots are the shocking tele-drama series that will always have you at the edge of your seat, while Love Thy Neighbor is a funny sitcom with lite drama but a fun laugh track. Both of the shows are a big hit on the OWN Network, and have return for the summer to continue where they left off on their respective series.


The cast of both shows are very close amongst each other and have a family-like vibe. Even across the show platform, the actors for both shows are network buddies and very light hearted and humble. They all each answered the questions from the press with laughter and realitability as they are celebrating their continuious success on another season.


Crystal Fox + Angela Robinson have a tight bond even off set


I love this shot because it geniunely shows how close the castmates really are. Although Crystal Fox + Angela Robinson are foes on their show, in reality they have became really great friends and work buddies. They all geuninely enjoy working with each other!



uncQtXgqA683xCkpBpxYIrCSDLKW2AYdZHE8fpQf15AThe cas of Love Thy Neighbor are also close like family as well and stress the fact that they are happy to be a highly rated sitcom series.


Onscreen mother + son Crystal Fox and Gavin Houston


Angela Robinson, Crystal Fox and Gavin Houston

FYI The Have and The Have Nots is OWN Network’s #1 rated scripted television show series on the channel!


The Castmates of both Own’s Tyler Perry’s Have + Have Nots & Love Thy Neighbor show

OWN’s “Love Thy Neighbor” moves to Friday nights at 9pm ET/PT beginning June 26, and “The Haves and the Have Nots,” kicks off Tuesday, June 30 with an explosive season premiere.

Love Thy Neighbor Summer Season Trailer


Season Premiere of Love Thy Neighbor Friday, June 24th 9/8c

Have & Have Nots Summer Season Trailer


Season Premiere of The Have and Have Nots Tuesday, June 30th 9/8c





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