What A Smart Car! Reviewing the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Friday 11 November, 2016

2017-ford-fusion-energi-review-1   All week long I you all have have read about my Blogalicious conference experience, but let me tell you the ride I got there in. Ford was kind enough to sponsor me a car to get to Blogalicious for the 3-day conference. While the conference was here in Atlanta where I reside, hey that was a lot of back and forth driving daily from my home to the venue…so might as well travel in style right? Ford presented me to test-drive the brand new 2017 Ford Fusion Energi. 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-10   I have to tell you, this was one of the most technologically advanced rides I have ever drive. It was a cute sporty sedan and I had a lot of fun riding this around. So many fun features and this car really fit my personality. It’s the perfect car if you are into social media and your phone. 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-15 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-16


I had so much fun driving this to Blogalicious



The clutch is a dial. I never drove a car where the gears are a dial. That was new!


Electric and Gas are used in this car.

So one of the perks of this car is the fuel efficiency! The Ford Fusion Energi gets it’s “energy” literally two ways using gas and electric. So its like a hybrid but more. I love this because it saves so much on gas alone, but if you do run out of gas you can still drive the car via the battery charge. Another perk? The car charges at every stop sign or light. So when your foot is on the break it charges up. So even if it one doesn’t use the electric charge, it will charge as it’s on the road.


Speaking of charge, her is the separate gauge is in the front of the car if you want to plug it up to charge it.


Ford Pass is the app that is used to connect your phone to your car.

Another one of my favorite things about the Ford Fusion Energi is that is turns your car into a smart phone. No seriously it does. You download the FordPass app and it will CarPlay sync from the phone to the car when you plug it into the USB. When I saw the screen on the car dash my face lit up. It looked exactly like my iphone! It doesn’t show all of your apps, but the important ones such as the Music, Text Messages, Maps, Podcast, Phone, and even Pandora.


The Apps that showed up on the dash after you link the FordPass app from the phone to the car.

This works for both IOS/Andriod. Isn’t this amazing? Car of the future! 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-6 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-8 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-7 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-9 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-11 2017-ford-fusion-energi-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-12 I really and truly loved this car. It wasn’t too sporty but enough style to almost feel like luxury car. The technological part of the car is a must in today’s society. It helps you not look at your phone much when the car turns into the phone! Less distractions this way! Most importantly again, I had this car for a week and I drove around the city a lot and I was still at a quarter tank, and even more battery – so literally it would take maybe 2 weeks to run out of fuel. That is my favorite part the gas saver! Learn more about the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi here. #GoFurther #SeeEnergi

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