What to Put in You’re Going to Be Ok,Period! #CycleSurvival Box Tuesday 02 June, 2015

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It’s that time of the month, again. Ever month. You get a friendly visitor from Aunt Flo (excuse me, who said this was my aunt? We related). Anywho women across the global have to experience this mothernature phenomeon happening to our uteruses and to think we still have to live a normal life at the same time? How…just how do we do it ladies? With a smile on our face?? Pretending nothing is going on down yonder, when indeed it can be a tsunami. That takes strength…but we survive…every single month (well unless we get pregnant).

::Cue Donna Summers:: So every month women are literally at war with their ovaries. We are in survival mode while going to work, hanging with friends, watching our kids, doing yoga…and yes even while we are still interacting with the opposite sex. It’s amazing how we cope with our monthly cycles. Barely. True story, last month 1st day of my cycle approaching within an hour I was balled up on my bed almost crying. No ibeprofen, no heating pad, no chocolate…just pain! My cramps were kicking my butt…you would think by now my body would give me a break but no…Aunt Flo didnt knock on my door gently…she barged right on in my uterus while kicking the door (my ovaries) down! I literally wanted to cry (I think I did shed a tear). I didn’t know if I was gonna survive…this one was one of the most painful cramps I have had in a very long time. I wasn’t prepared. At all. Ran out of pills and didn’t know it…so I suffered until I could muster the strength to head to the store. I wanted to pass out…it was that bad.

So with that, I said NEVER AGAIN, will I be unprepared for Aunt Flo to come by. Most of the time she is sweet, but you never know when she will come with a bad attitude! I was not ok…but then I was ok. I had to remember this too shall pass…and it did.


This month I am overly prepared because I decided to make a “You’re Going To Be Ok,Period!” Box. This box is made specifically for #CycleSurvival so you can go at war with your insides fully loaded! Below is what’s in it!


This is a box I created to put in my room/bathroom so I will be prepared for each monthly cycle. I got my cute little box from Ross for under $5, which snaps magnetically closed and pretty structure so that no one would know what is in it at first glace. I believe all young women and ladies with their monthly cycle should keep a little box of goodies so you can survive efficently each month. I found some really great items to put in my box so check it out! cycle-survival-period-kotex-box-blog-panty-liners
1, Small book/journal – This is for the time you need to jot your thoughts down/vent/express when you feel like your hormones are getting the best of you. It’s always good to write out your feelings and go back and reflect on them. Also as an alternative have a small book, full of positivity to read to enlighten and lift your spirits. Reading always make me feel better during my cycle.

2.Facial Mask – These will be effiencent for those pesky breakouts. Teen acne turns into adult acne because I get them sometimes and it isnt pretty during this time of the month. Battle them with a facial treatment and just another excuse to pamper yourself.

3.Lip Balm – I am the type of person that sometimes when I get in one of my “mood” makeup is not on my mind. I am stereotypically I just wanna wear some sweatpants and a comfy shirt. Makeup isnt something I am interested in but lip balm is still neccessary. Just because I don’t feel like getting dolled up doesn’t mean my lips have to be chapped.

4.Sunglasses – This is in the same situation as the lip balm. For days I don’t feel like putting on my face…I just wear glasses. It also help me to stay a little incognito because sometimes you just don’t feel like being sociable. These are considered “lay-low” glasses lol.

5.Ibeprofen – for obvious reasons. Cramps are no joke…These are always great to have handy. I especially like to utilitze these pills two days before my expected period. Trust me, it helps a lot!

6.Chocolate – This is so cliche but I am sorry it’s necessary! I have no idea why chocolate levels skyrocket around the time of my cycle but man when the craving kicks in…I like to keep these on hand! These instantly put me in a much better mood!

7. Tissue – For multi-usage. You know things can get “messy” this time of the month so always good to have these on hand. Also great for moments when you see a commerical for something as simple as yogurt that makes you break out in tears. Darn PMS emotions!

8.Heating Pad – This also help reduce cramps. In case you run out of pills or they haven’t kicked in yet, pop this in the microwave for a few seconds for a resuable sensation to kick cramps in the butt.

9. Nail Polish (s) – I may not feel like doing my makeup, but something is theraputic about doing my nail around this time of the month. I switch out colors each month and make sure my mani is done, so when I am feeling a certain way I can look at my fingertips and see that I put some kind of effort to keep up my beauty regiemn. Don’t slack all the way…

10. Mini Drink (Bailey’s) – Ok this is in the chocolate family and the cramp situation. Sometimes you need to get something to relax you and have a tasty treat to make you feel better. A little liqour/wine doesnt hurt and can lift your mood. If you are making this for someone under 21, please put in their a juice box (lol).

11. Feminine Products – The star of the #CycleSurvival box. Put in here your choice or multiple feminine products. This is your stash of tampons, pads and liners. I put Kotex Lightdays Liners in my box because I sometimes forget to stock up on these when I need it for the end of my cycle. Now I am loaded up!

12.Feminine Product Pouch – To put your feminine products in to transfer in your purse. Great little item for quick trips to the bathroom without having the world know your buisness.

cycle-survival-period-kotex-box-blog-panty-liners-7 I found this uber cute pouch that is so cute, decorative and descrete for feminine product transportation purposes!

cycle-survival-period-kotex-box-blog-panty-liners-8 This is in the pouch, but definitely fits perfectly in any purse to transport for bathroom visits. I love the colorful cheetah spot design that convienently fits the Lightdays liners.

U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners-Walgreens-blog-cycle-survival Speaking of these new U by Kotex® Lightdays Liners, I found these at Walgreens. Let’s be real ladies sometimes we don’t have a super or even regular cycle day…these Lightday Liners were perfect for the end of the cycle. I am glad I stocked up on these and I utilized the Ibotta Rebate Smartphone App to get $0.75 off liners.



Click to get this free printable!

Do you like the little card that goes inside the box? You can print and create your own with this FREE PRINTABLE. Just print, cut and paste on cardstock and you have your own friendly Friendly Period Postcard.

cycle-survival-period-kotex-box-blog-panty-liners-10 I also put it on the inside of the top of this box so I can see it when I open it up.You can print this out and do what you wish actually, make it a card insert , the #CycleSurvival Box Decor, cover your own period journal or even give these to friends to remind them it’s going to be ok, period! Print out this cute saying here.

cycle-survival-period-kotex-box-blog-panty-liners-6 Kotex is a brand that I love, they are always revamping their products and I love these new Lightdays liners. They are tiny and a lot can go into my “You’re Going To Be Ok,Period!” box. Seriously this box is a life saver, and I wish I would of made one sooner. Having a menstrual cycle doesnt have to be so cut and dry. You don’t have to just store your feminine products solely under your cabinents and rumage for snacks when you have a craving. You can have all your #CycleSurvival neccesities in one spot! Replenish as you get low, but keep it in a place you can get to it so you wont have to make unneccesary trips to the store for anything! I am well prepared with my Cycle Survival Box and I hope I could inspired you to create your own!

How Do You Survive Your Cycles?




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