Where to Get A Burger in Atlanta | Shake Shack Saturday 04 February, 2017

Kiwi the Food is back and here to do a burger food joint review of the famous Shake Shack. Shake Shack has only been briefly in Atlanta for a few years and they finally opened a second location in the Dunwoody area located at Perimeter Mall.


This is originally a  New York-based chain’s with a regular menu of burgers, fries, and ice cream concoctions. I am a huge fan of Shake Shack, so I am so happy its such a hit here in Atlanta they’ve already quickly expanding. If you never had Shake Shack before its a fun, modern burger franchise that is definitely an All American foodie favorite.


Shake Shack Perimeter Mall location in Atlanta


Smoke Shack, ‘Shroom Burger and Shack Burger


Shack Burger with Crinkle Fries


Smoke Shack Burger


‘Shroom Burger


Shack-cago Dog

Fun fact: Did you know Shake Shack was originally a hotdog franchise? It wasn’t known for their burgers like they are now, it was hot dogs the original concept. Shake Shack started off as a street hotdog cart. I didn’t know that prior, but that is pretty interesting. I always thought it was a major burger joint. This Shack-cago (yes like Chicago) Dog was pretty good described as being dragged through the garden w/ Rick’s picks of Shacks relish, onions, cucumbers, pickles, tomatos, sports pepper, celery salt and mustard.


Concrete Flavors of Peach Twist + Shark Attack (seasonal)

Perimeter Mall will be introducing an exclusive frozen dessert, The Peach Twist Concrete at this location only. The Peach Twist Concrete will combine vanilla custard, preserving place hot peach and ginger jam, and H&F Bread Co. cinnamon sugar twist. Five percent of sales from the dessert will benefit Kate’s Club, a nonprofit “dedicated to empowering children and teens facing life after the death of a parent or sibling.” Seems like the GA Peach thing to do!


Fresh Lemonade + Mango Lemonade (seasonal)


Famous Shake Shack milkshakes: Salted Caramel and Black & White

You can order drinks here of fresh squeezed lemonade and even seasonal flavors, but you can’t leave Shake Shack without a shake! It would be complete blasphemy if you did get a famous shake! They have so many shake options and seasonal ones as well. The ones pictured are the Salted Caramel and Black & White.

If you want more adult options you can get that here as well. Beer list includes local selections from Jekyll Brewing, Monday Night Brewing, Red Hare Brewing, SweetWater Brewing Company, and Wild Heaven Craft Beers. Shake Shack also serves wine.

Overall Shake Shack is a great burger experience. Two locations in Atlanta (Dunwoody + Buckhead) but this chain is definitely nationwide.

Have You Ever Tried Shake Shack? What’s Your Favorite Item?


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