Why Every Blogger Needs To Attend a Blogger Conference Monday 07 November, 2016

Hi! I am still on a high from attending my first Blogger Conference this weekend. I attending Blogalicious here in my town of Atlanta for 3 day straight and I have so much to share with you all. As I said in my previous post, I got sponsored to attend and even shared how you can get Sponsored for a Blogger Conference, but now I would like to state why you should attend.



1. Blogger Conferences are the schooling you never got a chance to attend in college to become a professional. The blogging world is constantly evolving, but its one of the the industries you still cant go to school for to get a degree in. Many of us bloggers are constantly learning through trial and error or even though other bloggers, but we all need to seek professional information. Blogger conferences are a great way to get loads of notes, information and inside information that will help you grow as the professional you need to be within a few days. Valuable information that will save you hours of googling or asking around, the plethora of knowledge is here with the variety of speakers, workshops, seminars and panel discussions elevate your education in the blogging industry.

2. Meeting your blogger friend IRL (In Real Life). Many bloggers have friends and a community they have built over time via either the same niche platforms or being in several blogger groups. You can go from knowing someone for years via blogs and social media, to meeting them in real life. It is a great feeling to meet with likeminded people, especially the people you been communicating for years face to face and have a true personal relationship with them. Going to a Blogger Conference will definitely help you meet many of your blogger-friends-in-your-head in one place. Make sure to take lots of selfies and exchange personal information. You might become true friends outside of blogging as well.

3. Network with Brands Face-to-Face. Many conferences have brand vendors and sponsors who will be attending the event specially so that you can network with them like never before. You no longer have to scrub the internet looking for a brand contact/PR, they are right there in the conference waiting to talk to bloggers and connect. Although brands are known by their household name of a product/service, they are humans behind the name, You get to personally meet them face-to-face and one on one for a potential partnership, ask questions you have always wanted to ask them but most importantly get on their radar. Sure sending an email is effective, but it is 10x more effective if the brand representative knows your face, have met you in person to really start building a future working relationship. This is blogging gold and this is one of the best reasons to attend. Make those personal connections.

4 Experiencing Fun Interactive Brand Activations. Not only do you get a chance to meet the brands, but some of the brands on-site go out of their ways to impress bloggers with fun activations. So they make sure you want to connect with them as well by having fun areas such as a fun photobooth placement, Beauty Suites, or other creative way to get a bloggers attention. Its a win-win situation because who wants to just go to a conference just to here seminars all days or network only. I think blogging conferences can turn into fun mini conventions to learn about brands and just bring out excitement to the event. The blogging world is definitely not a boring one, so going to blogging conferences makes sure to up the fun and brands know the more we have fun with them, the more a blogger can put them on their own radar.

5. Attending The Blogger Conference Parties! Yes blogger conferences have brand activations, but some of these brands even through full blown parties for the attendees. It might be the form of a cocktail hour, a themed party, some off-site party and the final party usually goes out with a bang! Make sure if you attend a blogger conference to brings lots of fun attire for parties, you never know how many you will attend. You spend all day learning, networking and absorbing information but it doesn’t mean you cant have fun and even get a little loose. Blogger conferences want you to have fun too!

6. Swag. You will leave a conference full of lots of swag items before you return home. Majority of the brands who you interact with at the conference want you to go home with a memento for stopping by. You will leave with trinkets of their product, shirts, cups, stickers, jumpdrives and more with the brand logo and things to remember them by. Who doesn’t love swag? You might even need to bring a second suitcase for you might have that much stuff.

7. Plenty of Contacts. As I stated before, you will be networking with your blogger friend and brands here. By the end of the conference, one should have a stack full of business cards. Make sure you follow up with each contact by the following week of the conference, for it could turn into a major connection later. I repeat follow up and do not sit on these contacts. The sooner the better as it will be fresh and you can start fostering these relationships and you can be in the forefront of the contact’s mind. One should definitely go to a conference and meet ALL of the brands and make as many new blogger friends as they can. Its who you know in this industry meeting people and building contact will help you excel more in this industry. This isnt the time to be shy and timid, its the time to definitely exchange as much information and follow up right after.


I have been blogging for years, and this was my first one. I hope that makes you realize not matter how long you been blogging, whether a few months or a decade, you should attend. Bloggers should always want to grow in their field, because this is an industry of hustle and resource but going to a conference can help you get to those sources better. To be in a room full of like-minded people who understand blogging is more than a hobby and truly get the benefits of our craft. Blogalicous was an amazing first time blogger conference experience and I will be attending more in my future. I think I even want to be a speaker!

If you are a blogger and never been to a conference please consider going one soon. Its more than an investment to your career, it can be that next step in taking yout platform to the next level. As new as this industry is and continue to grow, there is definitely more all of us can learn no matter what level. I fill fulfilled and I will be attending another conference and returning to Blogalicious. I made lots of connections, learn so much and memories I will never forget. I hope this post helped you some and inspire you to attend a BC (Blogger Conference) in the near future.

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