Why I Want To Go To Thailand and Escape! #ThailandEscape Thursday 19 January, 2017

Hello! New Year and its new traveling plans for 2017, and I have something special I want to share with you all. I have applied for a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Thailand! DreamJobbing has organized a casting to selected five millennials from all over the country to go to Thailand on a digital detox. Basically travel like its 1999 again. No phone. No social media. No hashtagging. No travel selfies in real time. No going LIVE. Nada.

I am a stereotypical millennial. I am beyond addicted and I need an escape from it. Phones are addictive. I can admit I am addicted to my phone. I have been conditioned for years to have my phone and depend on it. Well I need a break – and I would love this break in amazing Thailand! Notification Free!


You all know I love to travel, and I kid you not Thailand has been on my travel bucketlist for the past two years {its on my visionboard}. I love Asian culture, but Thailand would be an amazing experience and my first Asian country I have visited if I am selected. Check out below my video application.



  1. Rehab from Phone Dependency – I’ve been addicted to my phone my whole adult life. Literally 1999 was probably the last time I didn’t have a cell phone. AOL dial-up days man…yup that’s when I didn’t have a cell phone. Do you see the problem though? My whole adult life I have been addicted to my phone. I don’t know any better. As I got older in my teen and into my adulthood, phones and technology only improved. I honestly don’t know what it is like to not have a phone. My phone is my crutch. I would love an experience where my phone is not a priority.
  2. I need a break from social media – This is obvious. I can admit I am a typical millennial addicted to my phone. It’s a crutch and honestly I dont know how I could remove myself from it with my currently lifestyle. I am a blogger/influencer so not only is social media what I do in my free-time, its apart of my profession. My profession blends in with my personal life, and social media doesn’t turn off. I need to turn it off.
  3. I need a real vacation – Truth be told, I need a vacation. Majority of the tripa I have been blessed to go on over the last 2 years were work related. I am blessed I can say that traveling is added to my job decription, and of course social media is apart of it. So while I am having fun on my work press trips, I am still working. I am not away from my phone. My phone is apart of my job. Uploading in real time on my experiences on what I am doing, where I am staying, what I am eating, it is part of the influencer/blogger social part of my job. Even if I have my own vacation and not doing anything blog related, MY FRIENDS are also indulged in social media. People can’t even go on vacation anymore without hashtagging and taking pictures online. We are sharing our experience live and sometimes forgetting to live in the moment of the vacation.
  4. Learning to live in the moment – I am almost forgetting what it is like to live in the moment. The internet is always around me. I find myself constantly checking my phone even if I am not uploading. I am checking emails, checking my text, laughing at a meme online, Googling things, and forgetting my surroundings. I try my best now to put my phone down in certain situations, but honestly when something “cool” happens social media will know! Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc…I am live documenting it. I need to detach more and BE in the moment.
  5. Cultural Appreciation – Thailand is on my vision board and bucketlist of travels. I love Asian culture and Thailand has peaked my interest over the last few years. I heard so many great things, so many cool festivals, the food, the beaches, markets, temples, monuments and more! I want to soak that all in am come back more cultured than ever and really get to know Thailand for what it is.
  6. Travel Journaling – Well since I can’t be on social media for the trip, I will have a very big travel journal. I love scrapbooking and planning, but travel journaling is something I haven’t been doing as often as I should. Blame social media. I want to have a physical book of my memories, photos and little mementos of my experience in Thailand. I can document manually everyday, what it was like and actually build my travel journal day-by-day with no excuses. I would love to go back to the basics of documenting my life and have physical memories and proof of my experience. It will mean more anyways.
  7. 2 week Escape – I don’t remember the last time I had a 2 week escape from anything. I never enjoyed a two week vacation before, I never had to be away from America for more than two weeks at a time so this is definitely going to be my longest break ever. I need to detach, not worry about working or doing something for someone else here. This will be a break from my American culture of doing things, completely away from what I am used to and embrace my new experience and forget what I have going on in America. When was the last time any of us done that honestly? A true temporary escape, I need this.
  8. Abroad Experience – I traveled to difference countries, but by far this will be my farthest country I have ever been. I am excited about that, but also this will be my own mini abroad experience. I never got a chance to do a study abroad program in college. I had to work in college and I needed my job, so in essence this can be my study abroad story. Or also the start of a future expat experience, I am toying with the idea of becoming a digital nomad in the future.
  9. Unforgettable Memories – This experience with the Thailand Tourism Board + DreamJobbing is a once in a lifetime experience. I have no idea what is exactly in store but I am ready to make some amazing memories with new people. I am a social person, I love to explore and do things I can share with others later. I am sure the memories and experiences I make in Thailand will be great for me to share with my friends and platform when I return. If selected, I will be one in five millennials who got a chance to go to Thailand completely unplugged. How many people can say they were apart of something like this? I hope I can.

This is just a few reasons why I would love to go. But can I do it? Can I live without my phone?

Um yeah! Please take my phone from me! I need this excuse and to be quiet honest, I think this particular opportunity would be the only way I could do it without freaking out or mixing my work and lifestyles together. Once again social media is apart of most millennials lifestyle and its integrated heavily in my professional endeavors weekly. So even if I took a personal break, my profession depends on it. So this digital detox will take me from my personal + professional life for a week. I need the break badly.


Me, everyday on my phone. Dusk til Dawn.

Also this opportunity reminds me of some modern millennial version of THE REAL WORLD [no phone edition]. I can do it! I may be a typical phone addicted millennial but I was still apart of the generation that didn’t have cell phones either at one point. Phones for many of us are apart of our lives, it multi-usage but it also keep you too connected digitally but not enough realistically. We text our friends, but sometimes can’t make time to see them. We are online, but can’t seem to be in touch offline. That is an issue.


“Dude, get off your phone”

When I think this Thailand Digital Detox will mean for me is not just a vacation, but a way for me to get back in tune with reality. I live in America we are busy and consuming things all the time. Highly distracted. I want to focus. I want to live the moment. I want to have a travel abroad experience and social media doesn’t have to be there every step of the way. If this is my top bucketlist place to visit, then I would be honored to do so with my full attention un-distracted by a device!


Please click photo & watch my submission video and see how I would love to be apart of this amazing experience. If you think I should be apart of this opportunity I would really appreciate some great energy and a comment under my video sending me well wishes for me to go to Thailand here


Thanks so much for reading why I need this digital detox to Thailand. Please send some positive energy for me and I am trying to manifest a trip of a lifetime and ditch the digital for 12 days!

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