Winter Wellness Must Haves with BabbleBoxx Tuesday 10 November, 2020

This product is sponsored by Babbleboxx and their partner. All opinions are my own.

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter, well sort of. I live in Atlanta,GA so the weather doesn’t get as cold as other states, but the breeze is here. The weather is changing and that means some of my beauty and wellness products are changing too. I have partnered with Babbleboxx who sent me this Winter Wellness Box full of products to prep for the winter.

I have products that will help my skin, my lips, my nails and feet and some great tea that will soothe my soul this season. Great products I know you will enjoy as well for your well-being.

Witch Hazel Soothe with Rose Toner & Witch Hazel Recharge with Grapefruit Toner from Humphreys

Winter wellness priority number one is always my skin! When the seasons change up and get a little cooler, my skin definitely switches up and gets dry. Humphrey® has Witch Hazel Toner for your skin needs to soothe and recharge at the same time. Humphrey® commitment to natural beauty starts with their use of certified organic witch hazel, sustainably harvested in the wild and distilled to capture the purest therapeutic essence of the plant. This organic product is alcohol-free, vegan & cruelty-free; as well as free from dyes, sulfates, parabens, phthalates and gluten.

The Humphreys® Witch Hazel Soothe with Rose helps hydrate, for the clean, calm, conditioned skin. Soothing, Alcohol Free Rose formula enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Rosewater and Organic Aloe help to hydrate, soften and moisturize skin.

The Humphreys® Witch Hazel Recharge with Grapefruit helps reduce excess oil and clear your complexion for the clean, calm, conditioned skin. Recharging, Alcohol Free Grapefruit formula enriched with Grapefruit, Tea Tree and Vitamin B3 to help reduce excess oil, prevent blemishes and clear skin. This is dermatologist tested; gentle and non-drying for even sensitive skin care.

I use their witch hazel products daily. My absolute favorite of the two is the Humphreys® Witch Hazel Recharge with Grapefruit. It definitely recharges my senses and my skin at the same time! Humphreys’ commitment to natural beauty starts with our use of certified organic witch hazel, sustainably harvested in the wild and distilled to capture the purest therapeutic essence of the plant.

Organic Rooibos Tea Bags with Collectible Tin from BOS

A unique tea with superfood powers : . These rooibos from South Africa are the only place on the planet where rooibos grows and the centre of our universe.

The next thing I prepare for the winter for my well-being is warm drinks. I really enjoy drinking warm tea during this season and I love BOS Organic Rooibos Tea Bags. Their rooibos are derived from the spectacular wilderness of the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa.

Their rooibos is 100% organic, packed with antioxidants and essential minerals. Best part, their teas are naturally caffeine free!

BOS Organic Rooibos Tea Bags Code: BABBLE20 – Valid from October 1, 2020, to December 1, 2020.

Herpecin L

Lets talk about lips. I cant stand chapped and dry lips around this season. Herpecin L is the answer to dry, chapped lips, cold sores, sun & fever blisters. Helps treat, protect and relieve – cold sores, sun & fever blisters, chapped lips. Enriched with Lysine, Vitamins B6, C & E, Lemon Balm with added SPF 30 protection.  It’s not waxy, making it easy to apply.

Herpecin L are for adults and children 12 years or over. If you are someone who suffer from seasonal cold sores, apply to affected area on lips at first sign of cold sore. This is a great product to have on hand!

Intensive Foot Repair and Multi-Purpose Nail Repair from Kerasal

Lips are not the only thing on my body that gets dry and chapped. Lets talk about our feet and nails! This is not the season to neglect those areas of our bodies. I discovered using Kerasal products help both of my feet and nails stay moisturized and not dry and disheveled.

Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair does more than a basic moisturizing cream. It loosens and removes the dry skin, so it’s skin softening and moisturizing ingredients can penetrate deeply and visibly help restore healthy skin with results IN JUST 1 DAY. Powerful results!

Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repairs can improve the appearance of nails that are damaged by nail fungus, nail psoriasis, gel manicures, or aging. After 8 weeks, over 90% of both nail fungus and nail psoriasis sufferers see an improvement in their nail appearance. For the winter season it does a really great job at hydrating Brittle Nails.

I adore all of these products and definitely got me prepped for cozy season. Getting my sweaters ready for this weather and these products for my wellness.

Which one of these products would you try for the winter?

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