Womenetics Global Women’s Initiative | Are There Still Issues in the Modern Workplace with Women? Friday 17 October, 2014


I recently attended the 5th Annual Womenetics Global Women’s Initiative at the Georgia Aquarium which helps in the redefinition the 21st century workplace practices for women. Womenetics (Women + kinetics) is very important conference to attend because it’s addresses the elephant in the room at work kept silence for women on the job. In this country unfortunately. there is still a divide between the treatment of women and their role in corporate America. This series tackled so many issues, that even I wasn’t cognitive of them until they were address and I am so happy to share the knowledge presented with a great panel.

Womenetics vision strives to be the leading global resource that helps business prosper by advancing women in the workplace. Womenetics provides high caliber content, programs and services to accelerate business by advancing women leaders. Basically it’s an organization to help women get the recognition they deserve in the workplace, and us women do deserve it! 



It’s sad to say, but I have to admit women still play second fiddle to men in the workforce. We still have to work twice as hard, sometimes diminish our womanly qualities to impress the higher ups who participate in boys club mentalities. The other elephant in the room that make these men in higher roles look down on females in the workplace is the simple fact that we have children. Once a women show signs of expanding her family, it silently lessens her value drastically. Corporate America, it still has not evolved to create financial opportunities that support working families. Affordable child care is not available & we’re still tip-toeing around equal pay issues. It’s very difficult for women to return back to their careers after they’ve taken a break to raise their children.  If companies offer flexibility on the workplace it will allow women to choose more higher responsibility jobs.

There was a program introduced that is a more modernized way to work that is  win-win for everyone which is called ROWE. ROWE = Results Only Work Environment. ROWE is should definitely be the wave of the future for all jobs across the country because it encourages results and more of a work/life balance that we all deserve. It proves that the more flexibility a company offer it’s employees the longer they will stay. Working a 9-to-5 is not always a great working structure for most families, so the ROWE structure would be a more effective alternative to a happier work environment for women and men alike. Modern technology would allow a lot of jobs the option to work from home a few days a week, which would make it easier for working mothers to efficiently work and still raise children.


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Fellow Blogger Ashley of MommyWeek.com + I at the Womenetics conference

The Womenetics Global Initiative was a lot to take in. I absorbed so much information and was enlightened on the fact that women in the workforce has only slightly improved since the turn of the century. I don’t have any children, but that was an important topic to bring up for my future. 3 out of every 4 women will decide to have children, and that definitely includes myself. This country shouldn’t penalize a women because she will one day give birth, and even do it multiple times. Her worth should not be devalued against her male counterparts because she has to take a leave of absence of maternity. Women are more competent and educated than ever to obtain upper management roles and even CEO positions. There just need to be more open discussions, HR training, gender diversity programs and even mentorship programs for women in the workforce to enhance their career abilities in this modern society. I absorbed all of this information and ready to continue to excel with my own career goals as a woman – even if it is still considered a male dominated society.

Do you think there is still a gender discrimination in the workforce? Have you been personally affected as a women in the work world, and/or did anything change after you had kids?


About Womenetics Womenetics was founded in 2009 with the strong belief that women are an untapped and underutilized resource in business. Veteran businesswoman, Elisabeth Marchant shaped Womenetics to be a company that inspires a community of ambitious women to connect online and at live events. Over the past five years, Womenetics has become a globally recognized destination for a unique genders lens perspective on topics pertaining to leadership and business. Womenetics has been recognized by entities such as Forbes magazine’s Top 100 Websites for Women. www.womenetics.com

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