13 Reasons Why You Should Binge Watch Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Monday 24 April, 2017


I found my new favorite series at it is Netflix’s Original Series called 13 Reasons Why. If you haven’t heard of this show, please after this post go watch the 1st episode and get your binge one. I seriously was so blown away by this show I had to do a post on this. I am so tired of reality tv, so I  appreciate a great scripted series and I haven’t been this impressed with a suspenseful show like this in a long time. It streams on Netflix and all 13 episodes are available and people are talking up a storm about it! Now I will warn you, this show is about a controversial topic of teenage suicide, but with a powerful message. Check out the trailer & synopsis below.


Story Synopsis: Clay Jensen, a shy high school student, returns home from school one day to find that he has received a mysterious package in the mail. It contains seven double-sided cassette tapes used by Hannah Baker, a classmate who has recently committed suicide. Each tape details a reason that she killed herself.


13 Reasons Why You Should Binge On Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

1. Storyline – .This storyline is so mind blowing. It’s not morbid as you think if you are basing it off the synopsis. Yes it is about a deceased teenage girl speaking to her peers through cassette tapes but its so much more than that. It’s her creatively sharing her story and how each person has affected her to make this decision that cause her fate. Each episode you see the world through Hannah’s eyes but also simultaneously though Clay’s flashbacks. It’s literally two worlds merging into one in a sense to really give perspective on what happen and what was thought to have happened. It’s truly a case of everyone has a story, but how many are told through the actual voice of the person from the other side?

2. Retro – It’s 2017 and this world is super technology and smart everything! There is nothing the internet or some wifi are not apart of in this society. Which can make many of us detached or too consumed in the matrix of the internet. So Hannah came up with a creative retro way to get her message across which I thought was brilliant. When was the last time you listen to a cassette tape? Exactly! So it takes you back to a time when things where simpler and even slowed down and you have to focus. No skipping over quickly, no video, no internet connection. Just that person, a walkman/boombox and headphones. This method of listening really was a tool used to get us to see how we connected to Hannah in a way that we could appreciate and get back to the basic while also learning the issue at hand. Also these tapes are passed on from person to person by hand or mail – so no email fwding, AirDropping or other technical means to get this message across.

3. Diversity – This show is full of diversity. Usually when we see a high school show, lets be honest. Its upper-middle class suburban white kids most of the time. Although some of those characters are like this in this show, its a plethora of races and backgrounds in the school of Clermont and who was connected to Hannah. I loved seeing Hannah being connected to so many different backgrounds and it was just beautiful to see. this represented on a show in modern times.

4. Butterfly Effect – The most important aspect of this show is the Butterfly Effect. How every action is a domino effect and even connected to everyone who has ever had an interaction with Hannah. It gets really deep. From each dedicated tape, we can all witness how an action turned into another action that rippled affected into Hannah’s life. Everything was woven together and it makes us all reflect how we can all impact each others lives in the real world big or small. So be careful! You never know one move could be the fate and the hands of someone else.

5. Real Teen Issues – I am a girl who grew up on high school teen show. The 90s was amazing for it such show like Step By Step, Blossom, Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Full House, Save By the Bell that showed teen lifestyles and lessons. From that era there was always some dramatic lesson to learn but at the end of each episode there was a great happen ending from that message which I don’t think will be effect in today’s world. In the real world you may not get a happy ending and this is what makes this show great. In the 90s, most of the time the kids all they had to worry about was sneaking off to a high school unsupervised party and get drunk off the spiked punch bowl (ha ha). In today’s world we are dealing with a lot more such as slut shaming, LGBT issues, drunk driving, rape and of course teen suicide. This show brings up all of these issues in a realistic light to not make it look like this happens only on tv/movies. This show is a warning of actual events happening now in high schools for teens and parents to make sure to pay attention to and this show really demonstrates in great visuals what happens emotionally and physically in each scenario through Hannah’s eyes. No sugarcoating like in the 90s.

6. Bullying – We hear about bullying all the time but another important message of this show it shows different variations of it. It is beyond the popular beating up the unpopular narrative we have seen repetitively in movies and in tv shows the same way. This really dives into cyber bullying, gossiping, photo exploitation, and more. Ironically Hannah wasn’t considered unpopular at all. She was actually made popular for the wrong reasons, but it shows another dynamic of bullying in the modern times. It shows how we as a society and in school need to take these different versions of bullying more seriously over just physical bullying.

7. Unstereotypical High School Connection – Hannah’s tape actually did something amazing for this show. It brought all of the “types” of high school students together like we never seen before. Usually every student is segregated based on certain stereotypical traits we have seen in high school shots millions of times such as the nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, class presidents, yearbook club and outcast; but this time they are united. Its cool to see ALL the teens come together in the name of Hannah (but not how you think, you have to watch the show to find out more). Again another great representation of bridging the gap between customary brainwashed high school narratives. Everyone should come together!

8. Parents – I loved how they showcased the parents involvement in the show. Usually in teen shows, the parents are just the disciplinarians and the kids are always trying to get out of trouble. Parents are seen as one dimensional and detached from the teens completely. Because of the severity of what happened to Hannah, the parents are not just there to make sure the kids do their homework and stay out of trouble, but to monitor their behaviors to make sure they aren’t suicidal or be more involved in their kids lives. In real life man parents are disconnected with their children and have no clue what their kid is going through. Maybe this show is a great eye-opener to really look at teens than more than just children going to school or getting in trouble. Get to know them before it’s too late.

9. Teachers – The teachers on this show have a similar dynamic like the parents do. They are more than just teachers who hand kids test and homework and then forget about them. Now because of Hannah’s situation, many of the teachers are concerned about the students and paying more attention to little details. They are also trying to keep their job, I won’t ruin why, but they are also responsible for why Hannah is deceased. I love how they make the school responsible, not just the teens, because teachers are just as involved in the lives of teens as parents and students.

10. Unlikely Love Story – So there is a love story that I rarely seen on tv before. Its moreso to do with love that was never spoken. How people are in love, but yet are too afraid to tell that person. We hear about teen crushes all the time, but this goes beyond it. Unspoken love is a subliminal theme in this show as well, as the protagonist learns through each tape how this affects him the most. This love story is deep and I think we have all loved without saying a word and then missed opportunity.

11. Cineamotography – I am a film/show nerd so I notice stuff like how this show display Clay’s character in two worlds at once in the present and in the past. You never really can distinguish between the two sometimes but the dead giveaway is Clay is only in the present day if his facial scars are showing (it will make sense once you watch the show). The show was beautifully done in a way that could only be done on the Netflix platform. Its visuals were so strong and emotionally triggering that it could not be handled on the small screen. Yes as emotionally disturbing as some of the cinematographic images were, they were amazing. I have never seen some of these dramatic scenes played out like it did. It was almost too realistic and made my heart stop in a few episodes. A prime time television show couldn’t capture it this way so I am glad Netflix could host these visuals on this platform.

12. Beyond Suicide – This show is initially about Hannah’ suicide, no I am not ruining the show for you. This is the basis of the show, but again it’s deeper than that. Moral of the entire series is how could everyone involved have helped Hannah to NOT commit suicide? What does someone who is suicidal look like? Do people pay attention to these type of signs? This show will make you think about the human connection a lot more, not just for high school teens who are “hormonal” but anyone. This show brings out how we need to get back to human empathy and not be so busy or dismissive to feelings and watch your own actions. You never know who you are affecting (#3).

13. Makes You Binge – So the cool thing about the show is that you literally feel like you are listening to these tapes along with Clay the protagonist. This is the most bingeworthy show I have ever seen in my life and it’s incorporated into the genius that makes the Netflix platform popular. If Clay listens to the the tapes slow, so are you. If you listen to them quickly, so is Clay. The speed of the show is only going at the speed you are binge or not binging it. Its almost like you are in the world with them listening to the tapes, not just watching the show from which ever technology device you are streaming it. We are all essentially Clay. I loved that!

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This show is thrilling but its real. As you can see through my own 13 Reason Why, I promise this a show worthy binging for. It’s not just some regular teenage typical high school show. These are real life lessons we can all learn from right now. This show has a deep powerful message and we can all take away a few pointers from watching this. It took me a while to binge ( 2 1/2 days) but when I was done I was mind blown, sad and excited that there might even be a Season 2! This show is buzzing for a reason and I would high recommend you allot some time to watch this. Play the tape (I mean stream the show) and get hooked and learned what happened to Hannah!

If you binged on this show already I would love to know your thoughts in the comments. Let’s talk about this! #13ReasonsWhy

Have You Binged On 13 Reason Why Yet?

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  • Mars says:

    I’m totally checking this out. I’m a netflix fan and can’t wait to binge watch this. Interesting plots and storyline. I love suspense and thriller shows.

  • Robin rue says:

    I keep hearing all the buzz about this, but it’s honestly not something I am interested in right now. Maybe someday, but I am going to stick with Schitt’s Creek right now 😉

  • Alli Smith says:

    I’ve never watched this and now I have 13 reasons to binge watch! I’ve been looking for a new show to watch and I’ll have to check this one out.

  • Chris Lewis says:

    With an almost 13 year old in the house I really want to watch this and we are planning on having this on our to watch list for the summer! I have heard people say that all parents of pre-teens and teens MUST watch this.

  • candy says:

    Haven’t heard of this new series. Sounds like something all teenagers would enjoy watching and learning from. That goes for adults as well. Teen issue should be addressed.

  • Tim B. says:

    I hadn’t heard of this series on Netflix. I’ll keep it on my radar if I’m browsing for something new to view.

  • Chelsea says:

    This has been such a controversial series in the DMV. Some schools in Maryland are warning parents and their children about this series and advising them not to watch it. I’ll have to check this out. I too, am tired of watching reality TV shows.

  • Doria says:

    We watched it over the course of a week and we’ve seen a lot of people really love it! I can see why people feel it’s so important for young teens especially to see it.

  • Jennifer G says:

    I have seen this and as much as I loved it, the final episode has horrified me. The fact that they show so much really surprised me.

  • NYC Single Mom says:

    my teen daughter binge watched this Sunday it came out. It is intense and graphic but for anyone with a tween/teen its must see watching. It was hard to watch togther but it gave us time to pause and discuss. Totally agree with you on the parents. My daughter kept saying OMG that is so you. So recommend it.

  • Stacie says:

    I’ve heard about this movie and that it doesn’t depict suicide in the right light. Something about glorifying suicide and memorializing the victim which can actually encourage people to commit suicide. They did finally contact the experts and put a list of resource on their site so that’s helpful.

  • Debbie Mc says:

    I haven’t binge watched this one YET but it is on our list and after reading this I am moving it up to the top!! It’ll be our next binge watched show for sure!!

  • Cheryl says:

    I was so curious about this show. At first I thought it was going to be a depressing teen drama, but this sounds really interesting. Plus I should learn to trust Netflix a bit more. They did put out Stranger Things 🙂

  • Kita says:

    I have not watched this show but I have heard great things about it. I love your breakdown of reasons to watch it. I will definitely add this to my watch this.

  • I have never seen this show, but I have heard great things about this one. I will totally keep this show in mind for a future Netflix binge.

  • Bella says:

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about this show but it’s definitely one I want to watch! It’s on my to-watch list!

  • Ali Rost says:

    My husband and I haven’t binge watched a series in such a long time. (I’m thinking back to the days of Dexter). This one has peeked my interest though .. the story line sounds really interesting. While it might be for teens .. it sounds like the issues discussed could really relate to anyone.

  • Marcie W. says:

    I have heard a lot of buzz about this show, along with plenty of positive and negative aspects. I plan to give it a go!

  • lisalisa says:

    OMGoodness this was a great show to watch. I even had my oldest daughter watch it with me, there is diffidently a lesson in this show and I sure hope everyone watches it!

  • Pam says:

    I haven’t seen this show but I keep hearing about it. It seems like everyone has watched it but me.

  • Tiara Wilson says:

    I’ve heard both good and bad about this show. I have not personally watched it yet, but I have heard to not watch it if you’re not emotionally stable and have had the feeling of suicide. All of the talk about it on social media, has me wanting to watch it!

  • Maurene Cab says:

    I’ve seen this on YouTube. I got interested in it since I also have a friend whose name is Hannah Baker.

  • Jacqui S says:

    OMG. I had this show watched in two days. I was absolutely riveted by it and couldn’t stop watching. I almost passed my son and his girlfriend who had been watching it for a couple days prior to me starting it. I also loved how they showcased the parents and teachers. Not just as disciplinarians, but people teens felt comfortable talking to. I plan on watching this again to see if I missed anything!

  • Roch says:

    My sister has shared to me the video files of 13 Reasons Why on my external hard drive. I just can’t find time yet to watch those. Now that I’ve read the storyline, I’m more excited! 🙂

  • I have heard a lot of interesting things about the show. I have definitely heard that it’s intense. I know that it’s a well regarded book by teens so I can only imagine how the show is.

  • My Teen Guide says:

    I have read a lot of positive reviews about this show but I haven’t gotten to watch it yet. My 19 year old niece is all over it and she won’t stop saying how good it is. I need to find time to watch 13 Reasons Why

  • Jaime Nicole says:

    It’s a good show (I binged it), but I won’t let me teenager watch it. It’s too graphic and I think it glamorizes suicide. We have a lot of talks about not becoming a victim and mental health awareness in my house though.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I love this show. The topic is rather sensitive but speaks of reality. We cannot deny that there are teen suicides and this show gives viewers something to think about.

  • Sarah Bailey says:

    I’ve heard so much about this show and I am sure I would love it but I’m not sure I would cope with it. When I am feeling strong in myself I will definitely give it a try.

  • Shannon Graham says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this show. My sister just started watching it. I love binge-wrothy shows.

  • I haven’t seen this show yet. I have seen a number of people chatting about it online and the general concensus was that it ranged from illuminating to saddening.

  • adriana says:

    My sister watched this and she said it was great. I haven’t had a chance to binge it yet, but I’m definitely considering it! So many people are loving it, it seems very eye opening.

  • Elle (CleverlyChanging) says:

    Yesterday, I was searching on Netflix and came across this show. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about it on the internet. I will hopefully have time to watch it this summer.

  • Kim says:

    I keep hearing about this Netflix series, most recently at my daughter’s dance school and on Heart&Soul on Sirius. People want it off because they said it’s setting a bad example. I have to watch to see of myself.

  • Roch says:

    With all these mentioned reasons, my excitement in starting to watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix has just been heightened. My sister definitely recommends this show. I like the storyline.

  • Emerald says:

    Hey Kiwi! Let me tell you, you honestly hooked me with the summary you gave on this series. I just got through watching both seasons of Narcos and I was looking for another series to watch. Thank you for the recommendation and I’m sure that there are many lessons to be learned about how to treat others.

  • My wife and I don’t have Netflix yet. It’s due to where we live and no availability of unlimited data usage on our wi-fi. I have heard great things about 13 Reasons why, and from what you wrote, it sounds like it’s going to be well-received by a lot of people! If we are to gt Netflix, we will watch it.

  • Tamara says:

    This is a compelling list of reasons why to watch it. I have heard reasons not to watch it, but I didn’t fully agree with them. I’m not a teen, and I don’t have teens (yet) so I don’t think it would be harmful. I have heard it’s an eye-opening show and people are glued to it!

  • Kemkem says:

    Never heard of this show but l love my Netflix. I will go and search for it as it sounds interesting. I love these Netflix originals :-).

  • Ugh!! OK, I’ll watch. I’ve been avoiding this like the plague, but I know sticking my head in the sand won’t make it go away. I’ll try to watch it this weekend with my two teen girls. Thanks for this list. IT puts it all in perspective.

  • Evelyn Reese says:

    I am not a netflix subscriber, but both my daughters can’t live without it. I will have to see if they have watched this.

  • I’ve heard a lot of controversy about this Netflix series and add this post, now I’m really curious to watch it! I really love the way that you summarized it too. Now I’m itching to try it! You got me convinced!

  • Jay Colby says:

    Sounds like a great show. I’ve been meaning to watch this show.

  • I had never heard of this show, before today. Your descriptions make it seem so interesting. I will definitely be adding it into my queue. Thank you for sharing.

  • I saw this in Netflix but thought it was for teens. I will check it our.

  • Adeola says:

    I really don’t like the serie but I can see why people enjoy iy!

  • Initially I wasn’t sure about this show. Now I have 13 reasons to watch.

  • So…I binged this last weekend and am glad that I did. Not only did it allow me to see what the hype was about, but it also gave an opportunity for dialogue with my teenaged bonus kids. The show was picked up for another season – did you hear that? Whoo Hooo!

  • Lauren says:

    I’ve heard very mixed reactions to it. I actually didn’t realize it was done as a series. I’ll probably go ahead and give it a watch so I can see for myself.

  • I’ve heard so many people talking about this series, but I’m just not sure if I’m ready to watch it. But it does sound so intriguing and I hope that it will help people be more mindful to those around them who many be struggling with suicidal thoughts.

  • Ramona says:

    I’ve heard about this show. I didn’t really know much of the details. Your post explained things beautifully. Now I want to watch it. I’m adding it to my list. Thanks for sharing.

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