13 Pulse-Pounding Reasons Netherworld Haunted House in Georgia Will Haunt Your Dreams Friday 13 October, 2023

Prepare for an eerily fortunate (or unfortunate) year as Friday the 13th falls in the chilling month of October, making this season even spookier.

Step into the realm of pure terror at NETHERWORLD Haunted House in Georgia, where the most bone-chilling time of the year has arrived! With Halloween creeping closer, fear enthusiasts have an extra reason to embrace the frightful festivities: the arrival of Friday the 13th. To honor this hair-raising occasion, brace yourself for these 13 haunting facts about Atlanta’s most iconic haunted attraction.

1. NETHERWORLD moved to its Stone Mountain facility in 2018. The property is 10 acres of land and has approximately 70,000 square feet of interior space for attractions, fabrication, operations, and storage, which is nearly double the space of its previous location of 20 years.

2. NETHERWORLD is a massive, haunted attraction! Walking through the two haunts is the same distance as 7.5 football fields. It is packed to the brim with intricate sets, over-the-top special effects, and intense scare actors, filling every moment for guests with sensory overload!

3. NETHERWORLD has created over 4,000 seasonal jobs since it began in 1997.

Netherworld has been a personal tradition of mine since I was in high school. I am an adult woman I’ve been going for over 15 years!

4. Customers from all 50 states and around the world visit NETHERWORLD’s haunts every season!

5. The haunted houses and escape room games at NETHERWORLD feature over 500 animatronics and special effects. Plus, over 3,000 costumes and masks fill the backstage of NETHERWORLD, and more are created each year to accommodate the ever-growing storylines and characters that make up the mythology behind the attraction.

6. High-profile celebrity appearances have become commonplace at NETHERWORLD. Familiar faces such as Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence, Usher, Slash, Woody Harrelson, “The Walking Dead” cast, Iggy Azalea, Ludacris, and many, many more have visited.

7. The owners of NETHERWORLD are some of the cornerstones of the haunt industry and have founded and served on multiple industry associations, written numerous articles, taught dozens of seminars, and helped train generations of haunted attraction owners and operators.

8. NETHERWORLD has close ties to the film and television industry, as many of its core staff members come from the entertainment field. In addition, items from the haunts are often rented to productions, and many of NETHERWORLD’s amazing sets and props have come from some of your favorite films, including “The Hunger Games,” “American Made,” “Goosebumps,” “Passengers,” “Zombieland” to name a few!

9. In addition to the haunts, NETHERWORLD has 5 highly acclaimed escape rooms each with a different theme, including the latest, Alien Terror: Doom of the Dark Horizon, and a Monster Museum which are open all year long!

10. NETHERWORLD has a year-round staff dedicated to creating special effects, sets, props, and monsters for its haunted houses and escape games.

11. Media outlets from all over the world have sought out NETHERWORLD for expert information on Halloween, haunted houses, themed attractions, and what it takes to scare people, including “The Today Show,” The Travel Channel, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNN Headline News, Time Magazine and more!

12. “The Collector,” one of NETHERWORLD’s most iconic monsters, is based loosely on Dooley, the unofficial mascot of Emory University, where co-creator Ben Armstrong spent his undergrad years.

13. Did you know 2023 marks the 27th anniversary of NETHERWORLD Haunted House? There’s no better time to experience one of the most famous, terrifying, and high-quality haunted attractions on Earth!

Visit www.fearworld.com for more information on the legendary attraction’s 27th Season of Screams!

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