4 Dated Pre-Paid Phones Myths That Are No Longer True Friday 13 February, 2015

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When we think of pre-paid cell phone I know some people cringe and think of something as prehistoric as rotary phones. Do people still use phone booth…are there any of those still around? Cell phones are one of the most face-paced and growing pieces of technology and is very imperative to all of our everyday lives.  As old-school as pre-paid phones sound like, they are still around unlike the rotary phones, phone booths, beepers, two-way phones, and flip phones. If you see anyone with a flip-phone right now can you please take a picture of that for me? That is really an antique at this point! What would we do without a touchscreen?  pre-paid-phone-nokia-old-school

Do you turn your nose up to pre-paid phones? Let me be honest with you all. I haven’t had a pre-paid phone since I was in high school. I remember the kind of phone I had an everything. It was a Nokia-2270 – this was before the gadget options Andriod or iPhone exsisted (Im dating myself). So having a Nokia-2270 wasn’t the most glamorous and kids/teens these days would spazz if they ever had to use this phone! Remember when we had to count our minutes and texts? Yup I lived in that era, also how fun is it to live in an app-less world where the only “game” on your phone was SNAKE! Do anyone remember SNAKE raise your hand! Oh times were so simple then how did we survive??! Anywho, I wasn’t allowed to get a contract phone in my name (because of credit reason and such)  and had to wait until college and so from then I have’nt had pre-paid. Pre-paid phones of ten-years ago had their challenges, but technology has advanced and migrated in a better direction since then. I’ve learned that the pre-paid cell phone I used to have as a teen are not the kind of phones people are using today! 

It’s a lot more advanced and more options! Dont believe me? Let me help you debunk some of the dated pre-paid cell phone myths that are no longer true in our modern society.

4 Dated Pre-Paid Phone Myths simply-pre-paid-t-mobile-kiwi-the-beauty-pre-paid-cell-phone-myths1 Myth #1 Prepaid phones have horrible signals.

Debunked! It has  known in the past that pre-paid phones were known to drop call or not hold strong signals due to the limited towers linked to the carriers. Now you can get a carrier that is associated with major cell-phone company that use the same signal strengths as you would with a contract phone.

Myth #2: Prepaid plans offer limited data options.

Debunked! Data options are readily available with prepaid carriers. It’s all about what kind of budget you have and how much data you want, it’s not limited to one set rate or plan like it was back in the day.

Myth 3: Prepaid carriers offer outdated cell phone models.

Debunked! Absolutely not true! The new age of pre-paid phones you are able to choose from pretty much a wide range of smartphones that are modern and tech savvy! Save bye-bye to those unattractive and bland cellphones you can now enjoy options of choosing many smartphones that are on the market equip with camera phones and other hi-tech features.

Myth 4: Prepaid phones have limited features and lack technology options.

Debunked! Maybe a decade ago, prepaid phones were limited with their features of caller id, call waiting, voicemail and texting. Pretty much most pre-paid carrier you can now enjoy all of the features as you would a contract phone. So download all the apps you want!

So as you can see modern pre-paid phones aren’t as unsexy as you think! No longer are the days you can tell if someone has a pre-paid phone based on the model or lack of features. They are almost indistinguishable! 

So what’s a good pre-paid carrier if you are considering purchasing a phone? I would like to introducing the Simply Prepaid™ plan from T-Mobile! With this plan you get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text for just $40 a month! My cell phone carrier is actually from T-Mobile and I have been a loyal customer for years because of their amazing customer service, affordable data plans and of course cell phone models. These phones are now available at Walmart tmobile-simply-pre-paid-walmart1

I went to Walmart and purchased the new Samsung Galaxy Avant available on the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ plan. I was actually shocked at all the smartphones available for the new T-Mobile Simply Prepaid™ and to get a Samsung Galaxy Avant with the plan was amazing! tmobile-simply-pre-paid-walmart2


A video on how T-mobile Simply Pre-paid works for everyday lifestyles.

 I activated the phone so right now I am thinking of playing with the idea of keep this phone as my business phone or giving it to my grandma in a few months. She has an old-school pre-paid phone because she is scared of technology. She likes her simple and basic phone at the moment, but I am sure if I give her this phone she would like it. If not, I will just keep it for my business transactions! pre-paid-cell-phone-t-mobile-simply-pre-paid2

Did This Information Help You Think of Pre-paid phones in a new light? kiwithebeauty-signature1

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