A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies Is the Gen Z Thriller of the Year Monday 15 August, 2022

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a new A24 thriller which turns a murder mystery game into a chilling reality! When I was growing up, rich teen rom-com was a big thing in the 90s and 2000s so I think we were overdue for a rich kid tale. I’m glad they made this into a thriller, because what’s more thrilling than seeing rich kids having to fight for their lives?? It’s thrilling because privilege hits different when your life is on the line.


When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a party game goes awry in this fresh and funny look at backstabbing, fake friends, and one party gone very, very wrong.


My Review

First let me say I am bias and I love anything A24 puts out. Their cinematography is unmatched, especially with their thriller/horror genres. I have to tell you this is a thriller and it’s gonna give anxiety, which is definitely the point.

So the game “Bodies Bodies Bodies” is a spin on a game I love to play on my Disney Media trips call “Werewolf”. Werewolf is a fun game where you do a raffle on who is the “werewolf” and who are village people and it’s a game of clue on who kills the village people. Everyone pick  random piece of paper and it says “werewolf” or “village” and it get chaotic from there as with each session, you open your eyes and close them and people are killed off one by one in reality and it’s no longer a game. Who out of the friend group is killing everyone?

Bodies Bodies Bodies have a similar premise of who is the murder of the group, except instead of your eyes opening and closing who is “supposed” to be dead…the friends are truly dying off one by one randomly in the middle of a hurricane. Majority of the film, the power is out and the only light source is everyone’s cell phone light. I thought that was genius as we are all so connected to our phones, that of course our phones are our flashlight – but pointless to make calls as power lines and signals are out.

Im a millennial and I will tell you right now this movie is 100% Gen Z. That’s scary in itself (just kidding). There are certain stereotypes that comes with that generation that plays out such as heighten Men­tal health chal­lenges, compare & despair traits, highly competitive spirits, extremely private due to technological advances, increased lev­els of stress, most polit­i­cal­ly pro­gres­sive gen­er­a­tion,tech addicts and growing up fearing for their safety in this world.

All of these themes are brought up in this film. A true culmination of Gen Z weakest traits and mashed it up into this film. It was very interesting to watch it play out. I enjoyed it as the ending was a serious plot twist. I definitely didn’t see it coming and I am sure you won’t. A very interesting turn of events. A seemingly innocent game to play when social media and technology aren’t a factor and the game turns into murder mystery! I enjoyed it as it expressed a mostly female cast, two black female leads (in a thriller – that’s almost unheard of), and inclusive cast and a little Tik Tok!  Keep your phones charged enough to use as a flashlight at all times, you never know when that’s all your phone will be good for when there is an outage.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is in theaters August 12th


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