Blind Man is Back in Sequel Don’t Breathe 2 Thursday 12 August, 2021

In 2016, Don’t Breathe introduced the world to the terrifying world of the Blind Man. Played by Stephen Lang, the violent vet turned his murderous survival instincts on a trio of burglars after they broke into his house in the hope of finding the money they needed to escape their depressing lives. As if his near-supernatural strength and ability to destroy flesh and bone weren’t enough, the final act of the movie revealed a grotesque secret. The only recurring character in the sequel is Norman Nordstrom, played to grisly grandpa perfection by Broadway veteran Stephen Lang aka “Blind Man”.


Eight years after the events of the first film, the continuation of the Blind Man’s story now sees him taking care of a young girl named Phoenix (played by Madelyn Grace), which opens up another dimension of his personality. A blind veteran must use his military training to save a young orphan from a group of kidnappers.

I will be brief but no spoilers. This movie is very intense. A thriller that gives strength to the contrast of young energy and older military intelligence. A young girl and her survival skills vs. a military vet who is also blind but sharp. A big twist and flip from the first film is switching viewers from the side of the intruders to the side of those being intruded upon. Yes its Blind Man that is now ironically the victim. Emotions will be all over the place if you did watch the original Don’t Breathe.

The fight of rooting for the child and even at times Blind Man, the entire film is about the fight for family and protection. This movie is a thriller and it has some shocking gruesome movies that can compete with man horror films, in which you could categorize this as a horror. A chilling movie that comes out right in time for Friday the 13th. Blind Man might actually blindly shock you even until the end of this sequel!

Don’t Breathe 2 is in theaters August 13th #DontBreathe2

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