{Car Review} Crusin’ & Color w/2015 Mitsubishi Mirage (Kiwi Green) Friday 17 April, 2015

::Disclaimer:: I wanted to put this out before I begin my car review for Mitsubishi. This is important that I put this out because it effected me largely. I don’t know if you noticed but I have not been putting up post as frequently over the past 2 weeks. This post is a week last due to a certain instant. I reviewed this car 2 weeks ago…and it was delayed due to a death in the family. I don’t want to make this a morbid post, its actually a fun post, but I just want to share with you all it has been a very hard last 2 weeks since hearing the news. I love to blog, but I realize I cannot blog when I am severely stressed and upset but I am feeling a little better. Please send some positivity vibes my way and towards my family in this time. This is a fun post though so let me tell you about this amazing car I got to review…

I got another opportunity to review a car two weeks ago and it was a car that was pretty much my fate. I got to test drive for a week the new Mitsubishi Mirage and the cute color came in KIWI GREEN. That’s right, it came in my namesake color so this car and I were clearly meant to be! 
mitsubitshi-mirage-2015-car-kiwi-1 This beauty pulled up to my house in its vibrant Kiwi Green Color! I had to give this cutie a name…and naturally I named it Kiwi the Car. Get it Kiwi the Beauty + Kiwi The Car…PERF! I’ve never drove a car so vibrant in my life! I couldnt wait to take it for a spin!


So one of the features is that it has this cute little trunk. It may look small back there but it actually has a lot of room. You can fold up the back seat chairs and make additional room for more items to fit back there. I didn’t have anything major to put back there while I was driving, but I am sure this would of been convenient for moving or other purposes!


I know most update cars have the push/start and stop button but my current car doesnt so this was fun to use! As long as your key is near you, it starts and stops as long as you have a foot on the break.  mitsubitshi-mirage-2015-car-kiwi-5 This is the smart nagivation device, which is way more than a GPS. It has a rear-view camera for backing up, you can plug your mobile phone and bluetooth sync it to the car to answer and make calls, play your own musics from phone (connects to an extension USB cord), and of course your high-tech navigation and FM/AM selections. The A/C + Heat options below were also high tech to easily manipulate your temperature. This is definitely a smart car! 
mitsubitshi-mirage-2015-car-kiwi-6 mitsubitshi-mirage-2015-car-kiwi-7

This may seem minor to you but this was great for me as I have drove in cars before with the stop/start key fob but didnt know where to put it. This is the key holder station that fits your key perfectly in place while you drive. I loved this little creation. It would be hard to lose your keys in the car with this in place.


I couldn’t wait to take this car out and man did I get attention in it. I would pull up to events and drive through and everyone would instantly compliment me on my car. My friends saw me post on social media…and Kiwi The Car got the straight celebrity treatment. Everyone wanted to take a photo with her. She is such a diva…all the paparazzi and snaps! I hope she didnt let it get to her automobile head lol. This is actually the only time where it’s acceptable to be Green with Envy lol. mitsubishi-mirage-kiwi-2015-car-review-blog2 I am not going to lie…I used Kiwi The Car as an additional fashion accessory everywhere I went too. Who knew a car could be a mini fashion statement! This look I dressed up pretty for Easter…but my car gave me a pop of color!

mitsubishi-mirage-kiwi-2015-car-review-blog1 I had to take a shoefie with Kiwi The Car! My shoes and car was too cute not to! Shoes by the way if you are interested these are Shoe Dazzle pumps in Sheila.  2015-mitsubishi-mirage-kiwi-the-beauty-shoe-dazzle-2

So I had a girl’s day and decided to wear my Bright Green heels to match my car. I was also inspired to paint my toes the same color! Lots of Kiwi Green car, toes, shoe, human (me). I started to fall in the love with this color! Spring is here and Summer is coming!  2015-mitsubishi-mirage-kiwi-the-beauty-shoe-dazzle

Another Shoefie by the car! It’s a must…oh and if you are inquiring about the Shoes it’s ShoeDazzle in Mavis.  mitsubitshi-mirage-1

Overall I loved my bright Kiwi colored car. My favorite part, besides the color of course was the gas! I literally put pennies (ok not pennies maybe one time like $5) and it was almost halfway full! This car would be perfect for a roadtrip if I were to take one because it would be excellent on gas mileage! I miss Kiwi The Car already. I never drove a Mistubishi before…and for my first time I was highly impressed.

mitsubishi-mirage-kiwi-2015-car-review-blog3 The new 2015 Mitsubitshi Mirage subcompact car  series do come in bright colors such as this Kiwi Green, Sapphire Blue, Infared and Plasma Purple. This is definitely the cutest car I ever drove in my life! Everyone said this fit my bubbly personality…sigh…I miss her!

The 2015 Mitsubitshi Mirage starts off at $12,995 to purchase. Super affordable!


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