Car Review | The Blues Arent Bad Riding the 2016 Mitsubitshi Outlander Wednesday 18 May, 2016


It’s another car review and I kinda had the blue riding it. Who said you gotta be down when you have the blues? Who made that rule up seriously? Blue is actually my favorite color so when the new 2016 Mitsubitshi Outlander pulled up to my place in their original Metallic Octane Blue Color I actually lit up!  S pretty and eye catching. I don’t know if you all remember the pretty Kiwi Green one I drove last year but Mitsubishi is really making their marks on the roads for definitely having the best colors in the line up of cars lately.  I called this car “Blues Clues”.


I didn’t mind having the blues driving this car SUV. I have told you all numerous times I am not a SUV type of girl. I think it’s because I learned to drive as a teen in my Dad’s big bulky SUV from the early 2000 and I couldn’t stand it. I always felt like I was driving and dragging so much weight on a the vehicle – so when I got my own sedan I never looked back to owning an SUV. I will say driving this one I didn’t feel like I was driving an SUV at all. It felt like a sedan I am serious. Very smooth ride…didn’t feel bulky and I have no problem navigating this sporty car.


Like I told you all before, I had the blue’s driving it but it took a whole new meaning. I drove this car all the way up until I went on my trips to Panama City,Panama + Miami. I was exciting about my venture into solo traveling and mini Spring Break. I am literally always on the go in Atlanta, and I am wishing I could of drove this car with me to Miami but I couldn’t. This is definitely a great road trip SUV, and if I had the time I would of. You guys already know I am due for a road trip soon so I am plotting. Roadtrip post are coming real soon…trust me but where?


This 2016 Mitsubitshi Outlander size is impressive as it’s a 4 door and  7‐passenger seater, which makes it the only vehicle in its class to be this spacious. The second row has split seats, and the third row has 50/50 seats. Lots of room and space definitely. Leg room is not an issue at all. One of my favorite features in this SUV also was the panoramic sunroof. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it…but it was great. Especially at night it lights up on the sides to give it more personality in the evening and enjoy it as a comfortable moon roof screening.


This is an awesome SUV to riding around town and Blue’s Clues got a lot of attention just by the appearance.  This 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander is spacious and fun I would also highly recommend this for a small family or a great intimate road trip. Having the blues in this case was a great thing. Although I will be honest, me being a single woman without a family of my own I won’t be needing this as my daily car – but roadtrips sure! I think Blues Clues and I look good together don’t you think?

Learn more about the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander at #DriveMitsubishi 

I need Roadtrip Ideas Do you Have Any For Me?

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