{Car Review} Moving in the 2016 Mazda CX-5 | Spontaneous Roadtrips + More! Wednesday 01 July, 2015

I had a super busy last week. You guys know me I am always out and about, but thank goodness I was able to drive the new 2016 Mazda CX-5! Let me just tell you this was one of the best cars I’ve ever driven. I am not exaggerating or saying this! I had a ball driving this car around town and out…This new Madza came to me in a cool shade of Blue Reflex…what a pretty shade of metallic blue. LOVE!



So when I got the car I had two press conferences in the same day! I blogged about both and very grateful both Magic Mike XXL + OWN Tyler Perry Summer Season series events were near each other. It’s ok sometimes going to dual events in the same day can be stressful, but it was fun because I got to tote my new baby round for the events.  I also couldnt stop posing by it!




What a cute pretty and cute car! Don;t we look good together!  madza-cx5-2016-blogger-car-review-kiwi-6

So the features inside included a push button start, a high-tech electronic smart screen system for nagivation, music, phone calls,rearview backup camera and more. If you look down by the clutch there is a nob. I loved this knob feature because it help nagivate the smart screen system with you hands while driving. So it’s not a lot of hand manipulation and movements to prevent disctrations while driving. Also another cool feature is that if your car veers off it will make a minor noise alert you to get back in between the lines, it has blindside notifications in the side mirrors and it also has accident protection. Accident protecion is basically if your car gets to close to the vehicle in front of you..your car will automatically break to prevent a potential accident. I didn’t or wouln’t even attempt to see if that works…but thats an awesome feature for safety!  madza-cx5-2016-blogger-car-review-kiwi7 The backseat of the car was very spacious! It can let down the backseats for even more room, but as you can see the trunk itself is pretty spacious. It held a lot of my belongings especially when I went on the weekend roadtrip with my friend Nia. 
Nia + I took a random sponatenous trip to Jacksonville,Fl…I elaborated more on the reasons why here on this post…but we had a ball just the two of us driving the car down there from Atlanta.

madza-cx5-2016-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog2 Excited because we finally made it to Flordia. Yes we did pull the Madza over to take pictures by the sign!


We got to Jacksonville Beach immediately after we went to the hotel. We needed an instant Beach Break!



Roadtrip signage in the sand! Yeah!


Funny enough after the beach we went to this amazing place called TacoLu Baja Mexicana! Let me tell you we found out with the new social media app Periscope…a stranger recommended us to go…so being the spontaneous duo that we are…we instantly went! It was a really great decision!


Sorry if I look a little tired…we did drive 5 hours straight no breaks, went to the beach and then ate. Kind of hungry at this point lol.


Our Sangaritas! Sangria + Maragrita



My al la carta Mexican tacos with shrimp and shredded chicken. My side was Mexican street corn…omg nom!!!


Nia order an al la carta steak tacos! She raved about these a lot!


The next day, which was actually the day we were headed back home we went to another beach. We went to Atantic Beach…hey why not…Two beach and two days! More reasons to drive the 2016 Madza CX-5 around and get as much beach time as possible!  madza-cx5-2016-car-review-kiwi-the-beauty-blog13

Enjoying the last of the beach until we had to head back home. Sad face…no beach in Atlanta.

Nia + I gased up after the beach and headed back to Atlanta. We had such a wonderful time with our weekend getaway…and speaking of gas it was amazing for this mini SUV! Seriously we filled up for $30 going down and $35 returning…and it go us back to Atlanta! So seriously the best feature…beside it just being the smoothiest ride in life is the gas! An SUV that preserves your gas usage. Always a plus!

I highly recommend the new 2016 Madza CX-5. This is seriously the best car I ever driven. I am not an SUV at all…I love little sedans but I think I changed my mind with this. I didn’t want to give this back. This is such a sporty and chic car, and if I had a family this would be my perfect car. Without a family its a perfect car because I would just go on more random roadtrips! Why not!


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