Cookie Date with My Niece Jordan at Wendy’s Monday 17 September, 2018

This post was sponsored by Wendy’s as part of an Ambassador Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Ok summer is out but I just finally met up with my favorite little 10 year old Jordan! I haven’t literally seen her all summer. I was in Mexico for most of my summer, and when I came back to the states, she was in New Jersey for the summer with family! So I decided we needed to have a girls day together to catch up.

Meet Jordan. She is the sweetest little 10 year old ever. She is my best friend’s daughter and she always loves to hang out with her Aunt Kiwi. She said the cutest thing, she told me I need to adopt her as her step mom, so she can have two moms! She was serious too, so serious she told her mom can we go to an office and get the paperwork done to make me her official step mom! That is the cutest thing, we told her it was impossible but I am still her aunt. She said she wanted me to be a closer relative! She always says sweet things like this. She is very attached to me like I am here mom. I love her and I love our quality time together so we had to make up for months of lost time!

I don’t have kids but I am a big kid and every time I have something fun kid related to do, she is the first kid I love to have with me. I think that is why I am the cool Aunt, because I am willing to take her to kid friendly things and do fun stuff. Well her mother and I wanted to see an adult movie together, A Simple Favor, and she was with us but I wanted to treat her to a cookie date at Wendy’s! It was something short and simple right before we headed to the movies with her. I said “Lets have a cookie date, my treat”! I know kids are always used to ice cream dates, but cookie date can be cute too.

She didnt even know they had cookie at Wendy’s. I kind of just discovered myself. I learned about the cookie options at Wendy’s when I took my brother on our date here last month. I ordered both of us a Double Chocolate Chip cookie and we sat in the bistro lounge area of Wendy’s.

Look first I took my brother to Wendy’s for a date, and now Jordan here for one. I know it sounds weird to take someone on a “date” to a fast food place but Wendy’s have upgraded. Check out this cute lounge area with a faux fire place for the set up. I thought it was cute. And they even have plugs and wi-fi here. So you could actually forget your dining at a fast food place here.

Double Chocolate Chip cookie at Wendys

Wendy’s has three different varieties of soft cookies baked in-house – Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Sugar Cookie!

I also ordered some food to go as well as the cookie so I did opt to get A Grilled Chicken Wrap for Jordan and a Apple Kiwi Fruit Tea! Just wanted to add Wendy’s has a variety of juicy and delicious Chicken items such as the Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Homestyle Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Asiago Club, Crispy Chicken BLT, Nuggets, Tenders and more!

Jordan was happy for our little cookie date. She is really a simple kid. I felt bad for her that we were dragging her to the movies to see something that wasn’t a kid movie per say, but I compromise. Don’t tell her, but we are making it up to her this week by surprising her with a media screening of the upcoming SMALLFOOT movie. She has no clue!

I think I will be having more cookie dates more often with Jordan. I will also be bringing my brother back here next month for another brother sister date! I have a surprise for him again so stay tuned for that. I urge you all to have cookie dates at Wendy’s with your kids too! They will love it

Have you ever took your kids on a cookie date?


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