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You ever just have a late night craving but you don’t know where to go? I am not someone who makes it a habit to eat out late a night nor am I out too late anymore like in my younger days, but there are times where I do want a little snack but a lot of my favorite places are closed. I did discover some cool information about Wendy’s lately, that they open later than usual and they have a broader menu to make it a late night foodie option. 

Took my autistic brother, Jerrel to Wendy’s (this is his favorite fast food restaurant) for the new Wendy’s $4 for 4 deal. For just $4, you can choose from 8 entrees, such as the Crispy Chicken Sandwich or Spicy Chicken Wrap, paired with a 4-piece nuggets, small fries, and a small drink!

Read more on our brother/sister weeknight date here.

Took my 10 year old niece, Jordan, on a cookie date to Wendy’sWendy’s has three different varieties of soft cookies baked in-house – Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Sugar Cookie!

Read more about our special cookie date here.

So the last time I came to Wendy’s with Jordan, her and I hung out for a bit in this little chill lounge area. I knew I would want to come back and hang out on my next visit. My dad and I was riding around recently picking up something from the store, it was pretty late but I remembered Wendy’s was still open and asked him to lets pick up and get some food there. Since I was here and my Daddy was pretty hungry I treated him to a full meal.

Spicy Asiago Club combo + Chocolate Chip homemade cookie + Apple Kiwi Honest Tea

My dad no longer eats red meat, so I was happy to share that they have a variety of chicken options now! He decided to order the Spicy Asiago Club combo! Wendy’s also has a variety of juicy and delicious Chicken items such as the Buffalo Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Homestyle Chicken Sandwich, Crispy Chicken BLT, Nuggets, Tenders and more!

Now I wouldn’t call this a Daddy/Daughter date like I did with my brother and niece. We didn’t get a chance to stay long and hang out. We did stay long enough to indulge in my cookie craving and we chatting for a little bit. My dad didn’t want to be pictured this day, sorry I would show you all my father – but I felt it would of also too from our time of chatting and he was not in the mood for my photo shenanigans anyways. You know sometimes when you’re hungry you aren’t in the mood to do certain things until you’re full again? This was one of those moments.

I came really because I was craving cookies!Yes cookies and I just wanted regular chocolate chip cookies since last time I got the double chocolate chip. So I ate the cookie and got the Apple Kiwi Honest Tea as well.

After I got my cookie craving fix and my days Spicy Asiago Club sandwich fix, we both were satisfied and admired how comfy Wendy’s has overall delevoped into over the years. We really love the bistro style and accommodations and just happy we could get some food when it was later than expected.

Wendy’s is open until midnight or later to satisfy any of those late night cravings.

Overall Wendy’s has surprised me lately with their variety of  their Value, New Chicken Offerings, and Dessert options here. Wendy’s has proven they are a fast-food brand that is continuing to go beyond the ordinary and provide new ways of enjoying a quick meal.

Do you indulge in late night fast food cravings from time to time?

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