Core Workouts + Cocktails at Exhale Avalon feat. Cynthia Bailey Friday 26 June, 2015

So it’s summertime and you know what that means? It means everyone is hitting the gym and working out for their summer bodies…yet somehow I don’t get the memo. See I am not a real athletic person, I don’t like working out…but I seriously need to. 


I was invited to do a complimentary workout class at Exhale Atlanta Avalon, a women’s workout studio that features barre + yoga in the Avalon shopping community of Alpharetta,GA.I attended a Express Core Fusion Barre Class, and let me tell you it was definitely an intense experience!


After our Barres workout class at Haven Collective Yoga at Avalon

So what is Barres you may ask? I never heard of it prior to my invitation but it basically a workout class that is a combo of yoga + ballet. The “barres” is a handrail placed at hip height, used by a dancer to maintain balanceduring practice. So basically we incorporate barres in our workout routine…and lets just say I am no ballerina! It’s pretty intense but it’s a different way to workout.



The workout instructor was a beast. Don’t let that smile fool you. She will kick.your.butt! My hour workout with her almost made me leave in tear…but she is amazing actually. She make it looks so easy (and it probably is for her) and she is a great coach too. During my short tenture with her these little workouts did get a little extreme but she was empowering at the same time. I think two more classes with her I would appreciate it better…I’m just a little painsy right now because I don’t work out at all.


Doing some streches before my Barres workout


Getting some assistance with my warms-ups

The assistant was nice in helping me get into formation and helping with my warm ups! I bet her and the instructor were shaking their heads at me…little did they know I probably haven’t seriously worked out in a year. Bad Kiwi…super bad. Look at me stretching…stretching muscles I haven’t felt in a long time. Oh but I did feel them two days later. You all know what post-workout pains feel like. Yeah…it’s time for me to find a workout routine soon!

Cythnia Bailey, Real Housewives of Atlanta star + model, actually hosted this workout session at Exhale Avalon. That was cute of her to participate with some local fitnessitas in the area and mingle! She was here to host the cocktail mixer afterwards!


Clearly they are yoga pros!


Our workout sessions we followed by a refreshment / cocktail hour, with delicious summer drinks by Solbeso. Core Workout + Cocktail…who knew those could go together but they did! I had this refreshing light cocktail made with Solbeso, a distilled spirit made from cacao fruit.


We were also given these new energy drinks to try called Celsius, created by mega mogul Russel Simmons. An energy that helps you actually burn calories while you drink it. Thanks innovative!


Cynthia Bailey with the new Celisus energy drink after our workouts.


Cythnia Bailey is the brand ambassador for the drink Celsius created by Russell Simmons


I’ve met Cynthia Bailey before but she was very plesant and took pictures with everyone post-workout!


This wasn’t a moment for me to be cute…although I tried…I just got finished working out. Let alone the intense Barres Class. I felt the burn!! 

After I worked out, I immediately went to the wash room where there are showers, tolietries and other items to help freshen up after working out at Exhale. I was very impressed with the set up because it felt like a luxury bathroom and not just a locker room type set up. There were multiple showers, plenty of towels, shampoo, moisturizers, shaving razors, lotions and even tampons for all the things you need to feel refreshed and cleaned afterwards.


All of the products in the bathroom was from Exhale Spa collection personally branded by this studio.


Exhale Avalon features Haven Collective Yoga store, a feminine apperal brand of athetic gear and accessories built into their workout studio. It connects Fashion and Function, High design with Eco sustainable fabrics and, in the spirit of NY style, should be worn from studio to street.Very cute and chic reminds me a lot of SoHo NY.

Doing this Barres workout session taught me a very important lesson. I need to workout more. I am out of shape…slim doesnt mean in shape. At all. So with that said I am inspired to try to workout more and maybe take Exhale’s yoga class in the future.

5192 Avalon Blvd
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Will You Be Working Out More This Summer? What Kind of Classes Do You Take if You Are Working Out?


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