DIY Dinner At Your Door by Hello Fresh Tuesday 15 November, 2016

Hello! Special Delivery and it’s coming in the form of food! I know you guys can tell on the blog that I am always ripping and running and basically steadfast on the go. I know you all have wondered when does this girl have time to cook? Barely ever, but the times I do – sometimes I am legit frustrated. I do get used to (spoiled) on eating out, doing food reviews going to restaurants that by the time I do have a chance to cook for myself…what do I make? What can I make that is in my house that will be good and healthy and doesn’t take up too much time?


Well I was recently introduced to Hello Fresh, a new food subscription box company that basically delivers groceries to you door. No it’s not just groceries so you can try to sort out and make your own concocted meals, these are pre-selected ingredients for different recipes that are selected off the Hello Fresh website for the week. I got the 3-meals weekly plan in which I pick what I wanted to make that week per their options. You can choose between vegetarian, low-calorie diet or looking for something quick and easy (like me) from a great selection of recipes. Each week is a new selection so you wont get bored or run out of ideas. 


I look at it as an interactive cook-book. You pick your recipes and then you get delivered the exact ingredients from the meals you want to recreate. Fresh ingredients and everything you need comes in this box! Everything…well except your cooking utensils. In this box I was given an apron, and 3 boxes which help the three separate meals. My life was about to be made some much easier for the week! I was too excited!


The ingredients come in these slim boxes that neatly fitted all of the meals I was going to recreate for the week and labeled.


Very fresh groceries from the boxes with everything I need to prep and cook each of the three meals.

When I opened the box it was neatly packed filled with the ingredients I need for all 3 meals seperately. I loved this because sometimes when I look for meals to cook on my own, I can get super frustrated because it always that one ingredient in my house that I might of forgot to get or restock and now I have to think of something else to make. This make life easier and accessible to make the meals you need. The best part, everything was fresh as Hello Fresh promotes and honors. The meals I selected to be honest were all meals  I would of NEVER thought to make or put together on my own and was very intrigued on how these new flavors would blend together as I made them for the first time. All of the recipes are listing in The Fresh Life recipe book that is personally created for the week of the meals your selected or didn’t for the week. All of the recipes were super easy to follow, some with photo tutorials on how to make each meal simply. I love trying new things and also upping my cooking skills. Below are the 3 DIY Dinner meals I made for the week with Hello Fresh.



Yogurt Marinaded Chicken with Rice Pilaf, Roasted Zucchini and Cilantro

This is an upgrade from your normal chicken dinner meal. The Hello Fresh chefs combined berbere (an Ethiopian spice blend of garlic, red pepper, cardamom, coriander, and feungreek) with garlic and yogurt for a tangy marinade. I enjoyed this meal, I never had chicken like this bored but I definitely enjoyed the new Ethiopian flavor of it mixed with the yogurt. The Rice topped with cilantro was amazing but my favorite was absolutely the roasted zucchini. I normally dont bake my zucchini and now this will be a staple in my cooking dishes going forward .


Trick-or-Thyme Roasted Chicken with Spinach Guts and Crispy Potatoes

This was one of the quicker meals as well it only took 30 mins to make this entire dish. The chicken thighs and potatoes just had to be baked together on cooking sheets and the spinach saute for 5 mins on the stove. I am a spinach fanatic anyways but for some reason I wouldn’t of thought to recreate this meals on my own this way. The roasted potatoes with the red onions was  an amazing blend and the chicken thighs coated with thyme with fresh lemon juice squeeze on tops was a new flavor for me.


Southwestern Stuffed Peppers with Beef, Quinoa and Monterey Jack Cheese

This is hands down my favorite meal of the week. I have made stuffed peppers before but not quite like this. This is stuffed with a mix of ground beef and quinoa. This was so delicious I ate it all in one sitting. I couldn’t get enough the quinoa was such a good mix with the beef for the filling. It took less than an hour to make this and it was so simple! I know when I want to make a quick easy meal going forward this will be my new Go-To option.


I really enjoyed my first box delivery of Hello Fresh. It was really nice to get a box full of groceries to make 3 seperate new meals I never made before. I enjoyed all of the meals and my cooking experience was fun and easy with these new recipes by them. I would definitely recommend it for people who have trouble coming up with new interesting dishes, don’t have time to go to the grocery store as often as they like or just too busy to think about what exactly they will make for the week. So what’s for dinner? Why don’t you ask Hello Fresh.

Check out to learn more about the dinner subscription box service and make your own DIY Dinners for the week. Use my promo code KIWITHEBEAUTY35 to get $35 off your first box! 

Would You Be Interested In A Dinner Subscription Box?

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